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The company SCHUETZ MESSTECHNIK GMBH was founded 1973 with the primary goal to develop high precision digital volt­meters. This under-­taking successfully con­cluded with 5-1/2 digit high resolution and high accuracy instruments which were delivered among other institutes and companies to the PTB Braunschweig (Germany) for very special analyses. A special version achieved more than 5000 measure­ments per second and re­presented the current state of technology at that time. It was used on Analog Computers by Telefunken Konstanz for analyzing the results. These volt­meters were re­presented on the Hannover Trade Fair under the Label Telefunken.

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  • Multi-Purpose Digital Ohmmeter

    MR 501 - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The MR501 milli-ohmmeter is a universal digital ohmmeter, which is used in general resistance measurement applications. This includes the resistance measurement of small transformers and motors, coil resistances of contactors, relays and lifting magnets, contact resistances (also available with 20 mV limitation), testing of fuses, etc. Its robust design, small size and the possibility of battery operation also allow a mobile use.

  • Micro-Ohmmeter

    MR 300 C-A - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The MR300C-A micro-ohmmeter enables you to perform highly accurate resistance measurements at objects with an extremely low resistance such as cables, contacts, fuses, power connections, graphite, carbon and metal samples. In the lowest measuring range of 100 µΩ the resolution is 10 nΩ.

  • Material Surface Metal & Sheet Tester

    MRP 29 HY - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The MRP29HY consists of a micro-ohmmeter and a hydraulic press, the engineering principle is based on the ‘DEUTSCHEN VERBANDES FÜR SCHWEISSTECHNIK e.V.’ data sheet for quality evaluation on sheet metal. It is important for every application where the reliability is dependent from the surface quality. On top priority is welding of sheet metal (e.g. after etching, and brushing) in the automotive and aircraft industry, but also surface treatment as for example lacquer and splicing. You can measure the contact resistance on single sheet metal or overlap sheet metal e.g. aluminum or corresponding alloy. But it is also possible to measure other material.

  • Highly Inductive Resistance Meter

    MR 8050 - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    With the MR 8050 resistances highly inductive Resistance Meters windings of transformers, motors and reactors can be measured. (range 100 µΩ with 0.01µΩ resolution up to 6 kΩ). The performance of the test objects can be up to 800 MVA or even more. The magnetic loading of a transformer is performed quickly using a high loading voltage (60V). This is important for time critical measurements (cooling curves). The unloading of the transformers core is very fast, very safe, as the energy is total destroyed in the MR 8050.

  • 3-Phase Ratiometer

    PWR1-3B - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The RATIOMETER PWR1-3B is constructed to measure the transformation ratio, phase error and magnetizing current of power- and distribution- transformers for all three-phases simultaneously. Voltage and current transformers are single phase, power transformers normally three-phase. Due to the bad quality on industrial lines (phase jitter and shifting, voltage differences between the three phases) all measurements normally are done single phase, even on three phase ratiometers.

  • Robust Stability Meter

    MR 1012 S - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    Owing to its high measuring rate, its compact and robust design, ist accuracy and long-term stability, the digital ohmmeter MR1012S can be used in applications with high requirements concerning the measuring stability and reliability. This is guaranteed by the integrating measuring method according to the quotient principle, the compensation of all thermoelectric forces and other offset voltages, as well as the suppression of interference voltages in the measuring and data lines induced e.g. by HF.

  • Transformer Loss Measuring Bridge

    MLS 7100 - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The MLS 7100 transformer loss measuring bridge was especially designed to greatly simplify the determination of transformer core and copper losses – an ideal choice when working on site. The measuring bridge features open circuit as well as short circuit measuring. Many transformers can be directly connected to the MLS 7100 without needing further transducers.

  • Surface Resistance Tester

    MR – 1 - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The different specific resistances are specified by selecting one of the pre-programmed materials, or by measuring the specific resistance of unknown materials and entering the result. Preferably the coat thickness is displayed, but the measurement and display of the actual resistance, the square resistance and the specific resistance is possible, too. All measured values can be transmitted into a PC via a serial interface. Controlling the MR-1 on the other hand is not possible.

  • Carbon Strips Quality Tester

    MR12SPX - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The MR12SPX and its measuring probe are used for inspection and quality control of carbon strips of current collectors used by electrical powered trains, electric trams, trolley buses and similar vehicles. Here the current collectors are preferably roof mounted. Due to the often pairwise mounting of the carbon strips, there is little space between the lowered collectors. Therefore the measuring probe itself is very small. The design can be modified for your needs.

  • Battery-Powered Bounding Tester

    MRC 100S–BD-3 - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The MRC 100S-BD-3 Bounding Tester is a battery-powered portable digital ohmmeter, which can be used, for example, for testing the ground connection in any section of an aircraft using different measuring currents (up to 10A). This high current ensures that any uncertain connections are recognised.

  • Electric Resistance Tester

    MR5-200C MICRO-OHMMETER - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The MICRO-OHMMETER MR5-200C is used to determine electric resistances on very low – resistance objects (e. g. bus bars, any connectors) while using a very high, continous flowing measurement current. The MR5-200C is able to generate a stable maximum current up to 200 A.

  • Fully Automated High Precision Transformer

    PWR3A- (CVT) - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    In most cases the required parameters must be looked up in tables on the basis of the vector group and the code number of the transformer to be measured, and set up at the instru-ment by means of rotary switches or keys. This often results in a wrong set-up or uncertainty regarding the set-up since some of the tables are confusing.

  • Cable Electric Resistance Tester

    MR 270 C-A - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The MR270C-A is specially designed for electric resistance measurements in cable industry applications and inductive loads (transformers, motors). It is perfectly fit both for measuring the meter resistance in connection with a corresponding resistance measurement holding device or for final acceptance control of power cable reels. In the case of cable reels, which often have a cable length of several kilometers, both the compensation of the inductive component and the ability to perform measurements in the presence of high noise levels are important. This also applies to the winding resistance of transformers and motors.