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  • Thermo Hygrometer & Hygro Anemometer

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    This instrument is a portable easy use and compact digitalThermo-Hygrometer designed for simple one handoperation. It uses thermistor as temperature sensor, and adigitalized humidity sensor as the hygrometer sensor withexcellent long term stability

  • Analog & Digital Insulation Testers

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    High AccuracyRange Selection & Single Person Push Button OperationLCD Back Light Function with Indicator SwitchData Holding Function, Function Icons on DisplayMeasurement of AC Voltage upto 600VACMeasurement of Phase Sequence between (Phase-PhaseVoltage)with LED Indicator Auto Range (Insulation Test)LED Indicator for High VoltageInbuilt Protection Circuit to prevent the harm of reverse voltagesBattery Operated with AC Adaptor3 Ranges of Voltage & Insulation Resistance

  • Clamp-On / Precision / Split Core Current Transformer

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    Transformer Ratio (Arms) : 100A / 1AColours : Red, yellow, blueConnection : Safety Sockets for Banana Plugs ф 4mm Jaw Opening : Cable Dia 15mm max.

  • Electrosmog Meters

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    Frequency Range 10 MHz to 8.0 GHzTriaxial Isotropic Measurement of EMFNon-Directional (Isotropic) Measurement with Three - Channel Measurement SensorHigh Dynamic RangeConfigurable Alarm Threshold and Memory FunctionEasy & Safety to Use

  • Environment Testing Instruments

    Mini Series - Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    extremely high and low temperatureslarge, swift variations in temperatureblown and settling sand and dustsalt spray and salt fogvery high or low humiditywet environmentsfungusvibrations (airborne and structural)accelerationssolar radiationhigh and low pressures (especially for aeronautical and space equipment)operating at angles (especially for marine, aeronautical and space equipment)electromagnetic interference (EMI)

  • Power Line Transducers

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    Current Transducers measure AC Current and converts it to an industry standard output signal which is directly proportional to the measured input. These Transducers provide an output which is load independent and isolated from the input. The output can be connected to Controllers, Data-Loggers, PLC''''s, Analog / Digital Indicators, Recorders for display, analysis or control. They are ideal for SCADA, Energy Management, Telemetering for Remote, Local as well as Central Monitoring Systems.

  • LCR Meter

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    Basic measurement accuracy 0.1% & speed upto 10 meas / secLarge LCD display with bright white backlightUltra low power consumption, battery powered for 24hours of continuous useAutomatic identification function (Ai).Percentage display & 4 tolerance comparator : 1%, 5%, 10% & 20%9V battery & External power supplyAutomatic correction function with datahold, max. / min. / average recordingUtility function configuration & current setup recovery after power offStandard Mini-USB interface, SCPI compatibleAuto power OffConstant output impedance : 100 ohm

  • Dual Input Thermometer & Infrared Thermometer

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    We hereby certify that this product has been calibratedand found to be in accordance with the applicableSPECIFICATIONS and STANDARDS.Accuracies of the standard equipment used inthis calibration are traceable to the National Standards

  • Leakage Current Tester and Clamp-On Earth / Ground Resistance Tester

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    10µA Ultra High ResolutionLarge Conductor Diameter (30mm)AC Current in 5 Ranges (40mA, 400mA, 4A, 40A, 60A)Wide Frequency Response (40Hz-1KHz)ACA, ACV, Ω and ContinuityLarge 3¾ Digit LCD (4000 Count)40 Segment Fast Bargraph Display (20 times/sec.)Data Hold and Max / Min HoldRelative Measurement600 Vrms Overload Protection in Resistance Range

  • Portable Paperless Recorder

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    5.7” Colour TFT LCD (320 x 240) with Backlight8 Input Temperature Measurement / Logging (ºC/ºF )Colour Graphic Display of 8 Curves at the same timeDigital & Analog (bargraph) Data DisplaySelection of 11 Types of Thermocouple (K, J, E, T, R, S, N,..)Easy Socket for Thermocouple Mini ConnectorBasic Accuracy 0.05 % ± 1ºC (K Type)28 Hours Recording with Lithium Battery of 3400 mAHStatistics Data (Histogram) for easy AnalysisProgrammable Hi-Lo Alarm with TimerDisplay of Max & Min Values for each InputSampling Rate 8 Inputs / 1 SecondHide or Display Selected CurvesStandard 2G SD Memory Card (Stores 3.8 Year of Data)SD Card Directly Read by PCRead & Delete Data files DirectlyBuilt-in Calendar ClockAccept Analog Outputs from InstrumentsScreen Hardcopy for Easy Documentation Ready to Use Package ( Thermocouples, SD Card & Battery)

  • LUX Meter & RPM Meter

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    This instrument is a non-contact rotational speed meter.The meter measures the rotational speed in RPM(Revolutions Per Minute) and RPS (Revolu-tions PerSecond) with reflective markers stuck on the rotating objectto be measured.

  • Solar Analyzers

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    Max. solar system power (Pmax) search by Auto-scan: 1000V, 12A (12000W capability)The analyzer and the Remote Solar Detector is connected by Bluetooth wireless communication (Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Class 1)The Remote Solar Detector is moisture-proofIntelligent test logic with no personnel attendance required in the field Solar system analyzer waits and tests the system until appropriate sunlight irradiance is detectedMax. voltage (Vpm) at Pmax, Max. current (Ipm) at Pmax Voltage at open circuit (Voc), Current at short circuit (Isc)Efficiency (%) calculation of solar systemTemperature measurement of solar panelsIrradiance measurement of sun lightSeries resistance (Rs) calculation of solar panelsWith data logging/open function, the I-V curves of solar system can be analysed / recorded for a period of time (e.g. 60 min.)Conversion of I-V curve under OPC to data under standard test condition (STC) based upon IEC standardProvide Operating Condition (OPC) and Standard Test Condition (STC) test reports for verification of solar panel performance (OK or NO OK)Users can set up the parameters of solar panelsUsers can set up the series number of solar panels. Parameters of many solar panels can be measured in one measurementThe Irradiances and Temperatures of solar panels can be continuously measured, monitored and recordedContinuously measure/monitor/record the DC power output of solar system and the AC power output of inverter (1 phase or balanced 3 phases)Calculate the efficiency of DC to AC power conversion and the efficiency of the max.output power

  • Digital Clampmeters

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    AC Current 40A, 400A, 1000A AC Voltage 4V, 40V, 400V, 750V (Auto) (40-500Hz) DC Voltage 4V, 40V, 400V, 1000V (Auto) Resistance 400Ω, 4KΩ, 40KΩ, 400KΩ, 4MΩ, 40MΩ (Auto) Frequency 10.00 Hz, 50.00 Hz, 500.0 Hz, 5.000 KHz, 50.00KHz, 500.0 KHz(Auto) Sp. Functions Data Hold, Audible Continuity, Diode Test, APO Jaw Opening 43mm Max.

  • Battery Testers

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    Memory & Read FunctionRight Device to know the TRUE -LIFE of Battery Capacity (Resistive / Voltage) Simultaneously MeasureOn - Line Testing without shutting down batteryBuilt - in Comparator FunctionRates Conditions as PASS, WARNING or FAILDatalogging Memory FunctionCompact and lightweightRS-232 Interface & SoftwareAuto Power Off

  • Multifunction Meters

    Meco Instruments Pvt. Ltd.,

    Measures V, A, PF, Hz, KW, KVA, KVAr, Kwh, KVAh & KVArhTRMS MeasurementCan be used for Continuous MonitoringAuto / Manual Scroll Display (User Selectable)State of Art Microcontroller DesignPortable, Handy, Plug-n-Play and Easy-to-useLCD Display with BacklightRS-485 5KV Isolated Port (Optional) with MODBUS RTU Protocol (Optional)POWER MASTER Software for MIS Reports (Optional)