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Delta Ohm manufactures electronic instruments for the measuring of the following parameters: Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Pressure, Light, Acoustics, Vibration, pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Solar Radiation, Soil temperature, Weather Station, Rain Gauge, Rain Detector, UVA, UVB, UVC, CO2. The company manufactures portable instruments with associated probes, data–loggers and probes for use in metrological laboratory. Delta Ohm also manufactures current and voltage loop transmitters for all industrial applications, as covered by the portable instrumentation range. Also, it has available, devices suitable for environmental and meteorological applications.

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    HD 2303.0 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The HD2303.0 is a portable instrument with a large LCD display. It is designed for use in the fields of air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and environment comfort. It user hot wire or vane probes to measure air speed, flow rate, and temperature inside pipelines and vents. Temperature is only measured by immersion, penetration or air contact probes.


    HD 2103.1 - HD 2103.2 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The HD2103.1 and HD2103.2 are portable instruments with a large LCD display. They are designed for use in the fields of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and environmental comfort. They use hot-wire or vane probes to measure air speed, flow rate, and temperature inside pipelines and vents. Temperature only is measured by immersion, penetration or air contact probes. The temperature sensor used can be chosen from the Pt100, Pt1000 or Ni1000. The probes are fitted with the SICRAM module, with the factory calibration settings already being memorized inside.


    HD 2114P.0 - HD 2114P.2 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The HD2114P.0 and HD2114P.2, HD2134P.0 and HD2134P.2 are portable micromanometers using Pitot or Darcy tubes and a large LCD display. They are used to perform measurements in the fields of air conditioning, heating and ventilation. They measure the differential pressure detected by a Pitot or Darcy tube connected to the instrument inputs acquiring the wind speed and flow rate inside pipelines and vents. They also measure the temperature using a type K thermocouple sensor.

  • Conductivity Meters

    HD 2306.0 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The Conductivity meter – Thermometer Model HD2306.0 is a portable instrument, fitted with a large LCD display for excellent visualization of the measured data, that allows measurement of the following: • conductivity; • liquid resistivity; • total dissolved solids (TDS); with combined 4-ring or 2-ring conductivity/temperature probes. Temperature only is measured by Pt100 or Pt1000 immersion, penetration or contact probes. The probe calibration can be performed automatically in one or more of the 147μS, 1413μS, 12880μS or 111,800μS/cm conductivity calibration solutions (see chapter 4).

  • Conductivity Meters

    HD 2106.1 - HD 2106.2 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The HD2106.1 and HD2106.2 are portable instruments with a large LCD display. They measure conductivity, liquid resistivity, total dissolved solids (TDS) and salinity using combined 4-ring and 2-ring conductivity/temperature probes. Temperature only is measured by Pt100 or Pt1000 immersion, penetration or contact probes. The probe calibration can be performed automatically in one or more of the 147μS/cm, 1413μS/cm, 12880μS/cm or 111,800μS/cm conductivity calibration solutions. The temperature probes are fitted with an automatic detection module, with the factory calibration settings already being memorized inside.

  • Multifunction Portable Datalogger

    DO 9847 DeltaOHM - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    Is a multifunctional handheld board instrument and datalogger.It is provided with a 128x64 pixel (56x38 mm) graphic display and three independent inputs. Each input can be connected to one channel or two channel dual probes (ex. two thermocouples, relative humidity/temperature, etc.).The instrument automatically recognises SICRAM probes connected to the input (memory equipped and configurable intelligent probe).Functions: watch, hold, max., min., average, record, immediate or deferred start record logging, difference between the two inputs, relative measures, three input channel measurement and inside reference temperature display.Sampling time: one per second/input.Probe calibration through SICRAM module; calibration data permanent storage inside the probe.Storage capacity: 32.000 readings per input.Storage interval and printing can be configured between one second and 1 hour.RS232C serial output: from 300 up to 115.200 baud rate.Immediate or deferred print-out.Stored data can be displayed and stored data blocks can be deleted.Automatic shutout after 8 minutes can be disabled.Units of measurement can be selected according to the physical quantity of the connected probe.Firmware update through RS232C serial port. Different types of SICRAM modules or probes can be connected to the input: Platinum sensor temperature, thermocouple,relative humidity/temperature, Discomfort index, continuous voltage (20V), current (024mA), pressure, air speed and light.Technical data of the instrument do9847- Power supply: Battery: 4 1.5V AA alkaline batteries; operating time with high quality batteries: about 60 hours.Mains: through 9Vdc, 250mA external power supply, 2 pole connector.- Operating conditions: Working temperature: -10...+50C. Storage temperature: -25...+65C.Relative Humidity: 0...90%R.H., not condensating.- LCD display: 128x64 pixel (56x38 mm) graphic LCD.- Keyboard: 18 multifuction Keys and 3 function keys.- Recorded data safety: independently from batteries charging conditions.- Measured values storage: on 16 files divided into 16-sample pages.- Quantity: 32.000 samples per input channel.- Storage interval: 1 s...1 h. Time and date, real time. Accuracy: 1 minute/month maximum error margin.- Serial interface: RS232C type galvanically insulated SUB D 9 male connector. Baud rate: 300...115.200 baud. Data bit: 8.Parity: none. Stop bit: 1. Flow control: Xon/Xoff. RS232C cable max.length: 15 m.- immediate printing interval: 1 s...1 h.- Firmware can be updated through PC using the instrument serial port.- Probes connections: n 3 DIN45326 8 pole connectors- Dimensions and weight: 245x100x50 mm - 300 gr.- Case: ABS - Protection: rubber.

  • Minidatalogger

    HD207/227/206/226 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    HD206…/HD226… and HD207…/HD227… series dataloggers are low-cost, rugged instruments for a long-term reliable monitoring of temperature and temperature/relative humidity measurements. They are available in different versions: with or without LCD display, with sensors either inside or outside the instrument housing, or with cable connection. The analysis of logged data is made using Delta Log2 software for Windows. The datalogger functions of Start, Stop, Configuration, Data Download and Setting of logging interval are selectable either from keyboard or from a computer. Through a computer, you can define a password to enable the access to configuration data. Typical applications are: monitoring of temperature/humidity during transportation, storage of fresh or frozen foods, fruit, vegetable products and flowers, pharmaceuticals, sensitive and photographic products, paper, explosives, as well as laboratory activities in general.

  • Albedometers

    LP PYRA 05 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The LP PYRA 05 albedometer measures the net global radiation, as well as the albedo of grounds (albedo is the ratio between diffuse radiation from a determined surface and the quantity of radiation that arrives on the surface). The LP PYRA 05 is manufactured mounting two LP PYRA 02 pyranometers in one housing only. The two pyranometers, one measuring the incident radiation striking the ground [ ↓ ] and the other one measuring the reflected radiation [ ↑ ] are combined in such a way to have the same sensitivity. The signals of the two pyranometers are obtained from the output cable. These signals can be processed to get the desired physical quantity.

  • Albedometers

    LP PYRA 06 DeltaOHM - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    LP PYRA 05 is constructed starting from two 1st class* pyranometers and theLP PYRA 06 starting from two 2nd class* pyranometers (* according to ISO 9060standards and to specifications published by the World Meteorological Organization).An albedometer basically consists of two pyranometers, mounted back-toback,one looking upward (sky) and one downward (earth). The upward pyrametermeasures the incident global radiation (direct radiation + diffuse radiation)striking the ground, while the downward one, measures the global radiationreflected from the ground. The outputs of the two pyranometers electric signals(the two pyranometers which made up of the LP PYRA 05 are couppled in orderto have the same sensitivity) can be directly sent to a data logger or to an automaticdata processor. Albedo is the fraction of solar radiation that is reflectedfrom the ground, with respect to incident radiation:ALBEDO =Reflected Global RadiationIncident Global RadiationBy using albedometers, we can calculate the net radiation obtainedthrough the difference between incident global radiation and reflectedglobal radiation.Delta Ohm albedometers operate within 0.3 μm ÷3 μm spectral range. No powersupply is needed, as the two pyranometers generate a voltage which is usuallyequal to:10mVkW • m-2Every pyranometer composing the albedometer is calibrated separately as perthe WRR (World Radiometric Reference) standard and is supplied with the relevantReport of Calibration.These are strong and reliable ground-based instruments, especially designedto be used under all weather conditions. They are suitable for installation of thefield.Recommended use: climatological research, weather stations, road weatherstations, agriculture stations, etc…

  • 2 axes ultrasonic Anemometers HD 52.3D - multi sensor probe DeltaOHM

    HD 52.3D - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The instruments of the series HD52.3D… are 2 axes ultrasonic static anemometersfor measuring: ! Wind speed and direction, U-V Cartesian components of wind speed, ! Relative Humidity and Temperature (option, code "17"), ! Diffuse Solar Radiation (option, code "P"), ! Barometric pressure (option, code "4").All models are equipped with compass.RS232, RS485 and SDI-12 serial interfaces are available with NMEA, MODBUS-RTUand SDI-12 communication protocols.All versions have two analogical outputs, both for wind speed and for direction, fac-tory configurable among 4÷20mA (standard), 0÷1V, 0÷5V, 0÷10V (to be specifiedwhen ordering).The heater option prevents the accumulation of snow and ice from forming, allowingaccurate measurements in all environmental conditions.Optionally available, ILAC-MRA (ACCREDIA) traceable factory calibration.Advantages: ! The absence of moving parts minimizes maintenance; ! High sensitivity for detecting very low speeds, which are not detectable by tradi-tional methods; ! The low power of the instrument allows installation in remote sites, with powerfrom solar panel and battery; ! The heating option "R" prevents the accumulation of snow and ice from forming,allowing accurate measurements in all environmental conditions; ! Fast and easy installation (on 40mm diameter pole, optional installation kitHD2004.20), alignment facilitated by built-in compass; ! The available measurement options join together in one single, compact and light-weight instrument, the main variables of interest in weather stations; ! MODBUS RTU output allows instrument networking.Typical applications: ! Weather stations ! Environmental monitoring ! Agriculture ! Sports ! Marine and Harbour applications ! Airports ! HVAC ! Construction/Crane safety ! Renewable energy ! Building automation

  • Pyranometers

    LP PYRA 12 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The LP PYRA 12 pyranometer measures the irradiance on a plane surface (Watt/m2). Thanks to the shadow-ring, the LP PYRA 12 measure the diffuse solar radiation eliminating the contribution of direct irradiance, The LP PYRA 12 is equipped with a First Class pyranometer ( LP PYRA 02)in accordance with ISO 9060 standard and with the criteria of the WMO "Guide to Meteorological Instruments and Methods of Observation'", fifth edition (1983).

  • Pyranometers

    LP PYRA 03 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    Pyranometers LP PYRA 02 and 03 are well suited for the measurement of incoming global solar radiation.

  • Pyranometers

    LP PYRA 02 DeltaOHM - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    Pyranometers LP PYRA 02 and 03 are well suited for the measurDelta Ohm manufactures First Class LP PYRA 02 and LP PYRA 12 and Second Class LP PYRA 03 pyranometers which fully comply with ISO 9060 standards, and meet the requirements defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). These are strong and reliable ground-based instruments, especially designed to be used under all weather conditions. They are suitable for installation on the field.Recommended use: atmospheric research, weather stations, climatology, energy saving research, productive efficiency test of photovoltaic plants, etc…


    HD 2134P.0 - HD 2134P.2 DeltaOHM - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    These are portable instruments with a large LCD display. They measure absolute, relative and differential pressure, as well as temperature.Pressure is measured using an internal module which is differential with respect to the atmosphere with fixed full scale. With the PP471 module acting as an interface, the instrument can use all the TP704 and TP705 series Delta Ohm probes to perform the measurements. The HD2114B.0 and HD2114B.2 internal module measures the barometric pressure.The temperature is detected using immersion, penetration, contact or air probes, with SICRAM module or direct 4 wire probes. The sensor can be a Pt100 or Pt1000. Temperature probes are equipped with SICRAM module and factory calibration data are stored inside so that when the instrument is on it soon recognizes them.The HD2114.2, HD2134.2, HD2164.2 and HD2114B.2 instruments are dataloggers. They store up to 36,000 samples which can be transferred in to a PC via the multi-standard RS232C serial port and USB 2.0. The storing interval, printing, and baud rate can be configured using the menu. They are also fitted with an RS232C serial port and can transfer the acquired measurements to a PC or to a portable printer in real time.The Max, Min and Avg function calculates the maximum, minimum or average values. The Peak function can be activated with external probes connected to the module PP471 and detects the presence of pressure peaks. Other functions include: the relative measurementREL, the HOLD function, and the automatic turning off which can also be excluded.The instruments have IP67 protection degree.

  • Net Irradiance Meter

    LP NET 07 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    LP NET net radiometer is designed to measure the Net radiation passing through a surface, across the spectral range between the near ultraviolet and the far infrared. The Net radiation is defined as the difference between the radiation that strikes the top surface, and the radiation that strikes the bottom surface of the net radiometer. The upward facing surface measures direct and diffuse solar radiation plus longwave irradiance from the sky (clouds), while the downward facing surface measures the reflected solar radiation (Albedo) plus the terrestrial long-wave irradiance. LP NET is designed for continuous outdoor use, and is suitable for all weather conditions.