Digalog Development Elements

During our history we've created numerous libraries of custom software & hardware tools to help engineers adapt and extend the capabilities of their Digalog test systems. But we understand that many applications don't have the need -- or the budget -- for that level of complexity. With Development Elements you get to define and purchase exactly what you need for today's requirements, with the assurance that future expansion and re-configuration will be literally as simple as plug-and-play.

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  • LXI Switch Matrix

    DigESwitch - Digalog Development Elements

    DigESwitch is a family of versatile, low-cost Ethernet-controlled switching solutions suitable for a wide spectrum of test, control, and data acquisition applications. Over a dozen models are available, in both single-ended (matrix) and differential configurations. Housed in a space-saving 19" rack-mount chassis, DigESwitch excels at simplifying a systems switching requirements while minimizing the impact on other components.

  • Characterizing an electronic product

    DigELoad - Digalog Development Elements

    Characterizing an electronic product, in terms of its response to varying loads can be one of an engineer's more daunting tasks. The product has to remain stable and predict-able under all anticipated load conditions. If these conditions vary widely, then physical load samples may be difficult or impossible to obtain, presenting a significant impediment to the product's development process.DigELoad addresses this potential bottleneck in a unique and innovative way by letting you capture the target load's profile under operating conditions. The captured profile then becomes a driver to make DigELoad's internal programmable load emulate the actual load, eliminating the need to have the actual load available for the product development process. From the driving product's point of view it's identical to having the actual load connected.Once you capture the load's profile, you can export it in the form of a CSV or other text-based file and investigate "what if" scenarios by editing the data to simulate hypothetical load conditions such as production tolerance ranges and diverse faults. Then just save the file under a different name and upload it to DigELoad. When you run it, DigELoad will use your modified data to precisely create the corresponding load profile. With just a few keystrokes, you can simulate conditions that would be difficult or impossible to create with the actual load hardware!Each DigELoad that we build is customdesigned for your specific application, with features like the number of load channels and their exact characteristics being a precise match to your unique requirements. Contact Digalog today, and discover how DigELoad can help you to Fast-Track your Product Development!

  • Industrial-quality rack-mount aluminum enclosures

    ProtoBox - Digalog Development Elements

    ProtoBoxes fit standard 19" racks, in heights ranging from 2U to 6U (1U = 1.75") and depths from 3" to 18". An important feature for electronic applications is that when fully assembled, each ProtoBox maintains full electrical continuity among front, rear, top, bottom and side panels and the internal sub-plate, as well as bare-metal continuity to the mounting rack. This ensures positive grounding and optimum shielding performance for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) purposes.

  • Digalog Functional Tester

    Functional Tester - Digalog Development Elements

    The Digalog Functional Tester is your solution to production test requirements of nearly any scale. Based around a highly-configurable PXI-based instrumentation rack, it combines simple LXI-based switching through Digalog''''''''s popular DigESwitch with our Resource Gateway for versatile and inexpensive interfacing to your DUT. GPIB-controlled product power comes from a rack of up to eight independently-controllable power supplies of selectable voltage and current capacity, making it easy to specify exactly what your product needs with room for future expansion. The Resource Gateway not only brings system resources out to convenient ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connectors, it provides internal engineering workspace to accommodate your own application-specific circuitry. Modular construction and system self-diagnostic capability minimize downtime and keep your product rolling out the door to your customers. The Digalog Functional Tester brings all these resources together into one space-saving cabinet that helps to maximize utilization of precious production floor space. Click one of the blue buttons below to find out more about how Digalog can help you Fast-Track your ATE Development!

  • Relay Control System

    RC - Digalog Development Elements

    Switching is a core part of even the smallest automated test set-up. That's why Digalog Development Elements includes a growing family of relay switching boards that lets you quickly build, expand and modify your test system's switching functionality. These boards can be configured with a wide selection of relays and loads custom-tailored to your application. Each individual relay channel terminates to its own plug-in connector so initial wiring and subsequent changes are a snap. The boards themselves plug directly together to pass power and control signals, dramatically simplifying wiring and making hardware configuration changes literally a matter of seconds.

  • Remote Load Unit

    Digalog Development Elements

    This 3U ProtoBox solution in standard 19" rack-mount configuration integrates into any test system through its GPIB control interface, simple 12VDC power requirement, and up to four high-density ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connectors. The Remote Load Unit (RLU) improves test performance and cost by moving both switching functions and loads closer to the DUT, minimizing the parasitic effects that often come with long and expensive cables from the DUT fixture. Available in depths up to 30", the RLU carries up to 128 relays with contact ratings from 1A to 40A in groups of eight, including current sense functionality in configurable ranges from 5A to 36A. Even so, there''''''''s plenty of room to accommodate a flexible workspace for product-specific circuitry.The RLU can be custom-configured with literally thousands of different combinations of low, medium and high-power loads, able to be switched and their status read back in banks or individually by means of simple GPIB commands. Each individual relay channel has an LED which illuminates when the channel is active to facilitate troubleshooting and allow instant visual confirmation of the status of every relay in the box.