Remote Monitor Management Information Base

For every control table in the MIB, create and delete rows with various combinations of SNMP requests (all variables in a single request throughall variables in individual requests).Determine which row of this table is modeling the ethernet interface connected to the agent (requires that we are using ethernet). Check that this is for the same interface discovered in the "interfaces" test. Check counters.Build a history control row pointing to the interface connected to the agent. Check validity and traffic reported.Test agent's ability to generate an alarm on an RMON variable, then on threshold condition. Test for support of alarms on failing events, and in the event of target variable vanishing.Set up agent to track hosts on the ethernet interface connected to the agent. Check that entry was added for Rmon device's own ethernet address.Generate various top N reports (hostTopN test) and check validity.Start a matrix capture and check that the src-dst and dst-src tables are in sync.Check a channel and check for event generation (filter test).Create a channel and start a capture. Test locking and wrapWhenFull operation.