AM Tower Isocoupler

LBA Technology's CAMI series of new-concept broadband medium-power isocoupler permits other antennas to be mounted on "hot" AM towers. These systems offer a simple, economical solution to take full advantage of existing vertical real estate.CAMI microwave isocoupler systems are specifically targeted to isolate single auxiliary broadcast coaxial cables for STL's, FM translators, low power FM and television translators. Unlike old style isocouplers, one CAMI fits all of these applications. A CAMI isocoupler also has the advantage of passing AC or DC current to tower top amplifiers and are more resistant to weather and lightning.With pending FCC approval of translators for AM daytime stations, a CAMI isocoupler will provide a simple, cost effective way to mount the translator antenna on existing AM towers without major changes to the transmitting system. Typical CAMI Isocoupler System Specifications: Broadband transmission frequency: DC - 2500 MHz Broadband impedance: 50 ohms, VSWR < 1.2:1 Power (averages): 1500W @ 100 MHz 500W @ 1000 MHZ 250W @ 2500 MHZ Insertion loss: 1.2 dB @ 100 MHz, 2.6 dB @ 1000 MHz, 4.0 dB @ 2500 MHz DC power passing AM isolation frequency range: 500 - 2500 kHz AM working voltage: 3.5 kV peak (typical 10kW into 1/4 wave tower, other ratings on request) Lightweight, fast installation