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sudden shift of earth formation which create seismic waves.

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  • Automated Earthquake Processor

    SMARTQuake® - Geotech Instruments, llc

    Local/distant event discrimination. Event location andmagnitude determination. Moment Tensor Inversion. Source parameters determination. Email notification

  • Soil Mechanics


    The LIQUITER program determines the safety factors pertaining to the liquefaction of incoherent saturated terrains subjected to earthquake phenomena.

  • Centrifuge Data Acquisition System

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    Geotechnical centrifuges are commonly used for modeling the response of materials and structures such as soil, dams, and foundations to natural and manmade hazards such as earthquakes, floods, and explosions.

  • Emergency Alternative EDFA system

    Amonics Ltd.

    Telecommunication systems are vitally important in our daily lives, even more so during the rescue and recovery processes upon natural disasters, such as the earthquake hitting the east-coast of Japan in 2011. The deadly earthquake rattled the nation coast before unleashing a deadly tsunami that swept away cars, homes and businesses as it touched land. The communication infrastructure was among the victims. Rapid rebuilding of the telecommunication system becomes an absolute priority.

  • Smartphone Seismic Network

    MyShake - UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

    MyShake is a free app for Android phones that has the ability to recognize earthquake shaking using the sensors in every smartphone. The app runs “silently” in the background on your phone using very little power – just like the step-tracking fitness apps. When the shaking fits the vibrational profile of an earthquake, the app sends the anonymous information to our central system that confirms the location and magnitude of the quake.

  • Seismic Triggers

    Kinemetrics, Inc.

    Is designed to shut down elevators, escalators, industrial equipment and other critical devices during a strong earthquake. Small, lightweight, and inexpensive, the MitiGator+ seismic switch offers a powerhouse of strong features.

  • Seismometers

    IMV Corporation

    SI value, the so called “velocity response spectrum”, is one of the standards to express an earthquake''s destructive power against structures. SW-74SI is an advanced model equipped with alarm output to 10-step and SI value output.

  • ULF / VLF Research Receiver

    Type RAS-1 - National RF, Inc

    Called the RAS-1, the receiver is designed for ultra low and very low frequency scientific research work, including the exploration of low frequency emissions due to seismic and earth-quake activity, study of atmospheric phenomenon such as "whistlers", and low frequency Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (SID) and electromagnetics phenomenon.

  • Search. Detect. Rescue.

    LifeLocator TRx - Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.

    The LifeLocator TRx locates live victims trapped at a disaster site for urban search and rescue. It uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to detect signs of life when disasters like earthquakes, floods, explosions or similar occurrences result in victims trapped under debris piles.

  • Accelerometer

    EMIC Corporation

    EMIC offers many kinds of accelerometers available for various vibration measurements. They are a ultra small light weight accelerometer for highly precise measurement, a special tri-axial accelerometer for simultaneously measuring a vibration in three orthogonal axes, a large output accelerometer for measuring an earthquake and a suitable accelerometer for measuring and analyzing a building structure.

  • Specialized Systems and Devices

    Kinemetrics, Inc.

    Is the most comprehensive earthquake monitoring solution for the power generation industry in general and nuclear plants in particular – including seismic-event data recording, analysis and notification via hardware alarms and reports – all in one system, delivering confidence in continuing safe operations after an event.

  • Seismic Sensor

    D7S - Omron Electronic Components

    Specifically designed for the growing number of autonomous IoT systems, the Omron D7S provides high precision measurement of spectral intensity, allowing it to reject impulse vibration noise and only respond to genuine seismic activity. Despite its compact size, D7S features its own internal memory and I2C interface, allowing it to be readily integrated into IoT devices. Potential applications include smart electricity and gas meters, wireless sensors, industrial control panels, electricity distribution panels, fire-prevention systems, home appliances such as heaters and gas stoves, chemical plants, expressways, bridges, tunnels, roads and many more. Commenting, Fabrizio Petris, Senior Business Development Manager of Omron Electronic Components Europe said, “Earthquakes are extremely common around the world. On average, 50 earthquakes strike each day, or about 20,000 a year. Many are weak enough to go unnoticed but some are catastrophic. We can’t always predict when a catastrophe will strike. Using the new sensor from Omron, designers can make systems safer and minimise the risk of secondary damage after earthquakes by safely shutting off and stopping hazardous devices. The sensor can also help determine damage by mapping seismic intensity and providing building collapse information.”

  • Servo type Accelerometer

    IMV Corporation

    A motion is sensed by a displacement detector, a current is fed to the coil to get back the pendulum mass to the original position. This current will be proportional to the acceleration, that is converted to an output voltage. The Servo type accelerometer is for the Earthquake Monitoring or measurements of micro tremor on the Civil Engineering Structures because of its higher sensitivity and stability or more accurate phase responses in the lower frequency range than those of other vibration transducers.

  • Radon Professional Monitoring

    Bertin Instruments

    Our dedicated range of products and accessories has been especially designed to fit these needs and to provide accuracy in the following application fields: Short and long-term monitoring of radon concentration indoor and outdoor, water and soil gas analysis Radon surveillance and mitigation at workplaces (according to valid radiation protection regulations) Geological survey, e.g. vulcano watching, earthquake surveillanceAlphaGUARD products reputation is worldwide recognized, as a reference device for calibration for active and passive radon detectors.

  • Seismic Testing Services

    Dayton T. Brown, Inc.

    The use of enclosures that have been through seismic testing is called for in areas where earthquake activity is possible. Seismic testing will determine if your equipment can withstand the effects of movement or vibrations in areas close to railways, airports, power plants and other areas subject to similar conditions. Our Vertical and Horizontal seismic testing facilities, manufactured by the Team Corporation, offer low frequency high displacement seismic vibration capabilities to meet the Bellcore GR-63 Zone 4 Seismic Testing requirements.