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  • Wound Component EST Analyzer

    19036 - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    The industry’s first Wound Component Electrical Safety Test (EST) Analyzer that combines impulse winding (surge testing), AC/DC hipot, insulation resistance and DC resistance test measurement functions. Chroma’s 19036 Wound Component EST Analyzer has 5KVac/6KVdc high voltage output, 5KV insulation resistance, 6KV layer short impulse (surge) voltage, and 4-wire DC resistance measurement with a maximum output of up to 40 channels. Capable of outputting and measuring AC 100mA/DC 20mA, Chroma’s 19036 is suitable for testing to high power motor standards like UL 1004-1. Its 500VA design is also compliant with the output power requirements of EC/UL standards. Wound component applications include EV motors, servomotors, ascension motors, transformers, solenoid valves, and stator surge testing.

  • TDR Cable Analyzer

    CT100B - MOHR Test and Measurement llc

    The CT100B is special for two reasons: (1) It is the industry''s only high-resolution portable TDR providing step TDR impedance waveforms with resolution sufficient to show connector detail (~1 cm), and (2) it is the industry''s first portable TDR capable of making frequency domain S-parameter measurements including return loss (S11) and cable loss / insertion loss (S21). "High resolution TDR is extremely useful for detecting and localizing cable faults and characterizing cable and connector performance, but historically, portable TDRs have been unable to display OSL-calibrated S-parameter measurements," said Brandt Mohr, MOHR chief technologist. "The CT100B includes that capability, making it a very versatile instrument. If you can only carry one cable tester out into the field with you, it should be the CT100B."

  • Microplate Reader

    EKKO - Uniscan Instruments Ltd

    The EKKO™ CD microplate reader is the first well plate reader designed for circular dichroism measurements. It introduces a new fast and economic tool to meet today’s advanced pharmacopeia requirements. The EKKO™ operates like other well plate readers already on the market for absorbance and fluorescence. By eliminating the need to transfer samples to a cuvette, users significantly reduce the amount of time spent running large numbers of samples. The EKKO™ reads 96 well plates standard, and can accommodate 384 well plates as an option. The EKKO™can read 96 wells in less than two minutes. Thousands of measurements are possible per day, making circular dichroism a new high throughput and cost saving technique.The EKKO™ also saves lab space with a footprint one fourth of conventional CD instruments with autosamplers.

  • 260' Laser Distance Meter

    2282-20 - Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

    Milwaukee's Laser Distance Meter is a heavy duty distance measuring tool for professional, commercial and industrial applications. The 2282-20 can easily measure distance up to 260' with 1/16" accuracy. The simple user interface makes Laser Distance Meter easy to use. Smart Horizontal Mode provides the most accurate measurements by factoring in the angle the unit is being held. The end bracket allows for accurate measuring from corners and edges. Easily add and subtract values and use seven different functions to calculate length, area, volume, indirect measurements, stake out, timer and Smart Horizontal equations. The 2281-20 includes meter case, two (2) AAA batteries, quick reference guide, CD manual and is covered by the Milwaukee 5-Year Warranty.

  • Reverberation Chambers


    Reverberant Test Chambers for sound power level determination and building acoustics measurements

  • ±6 kV ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC HBM Test System

    HBM-TS10-A - High Power Pulse Instruments GmbH

    *±6 kV Human-Body-Model (HBM) tester according ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 standard with C = 100 pF, R = 1.5 kΩ discharge network*Wafer, package and system level HBM testing*True HBM: the classical discharge network of the HBM-S1-A according the standard ensures compliant waveforms for all load conditions*No trailing pulses*Integrated 10 kΩ charge removal resistor*Integrated DUT HBM current sensor for real time transient current monitoring with 1V/A output sensitivity into 50 Ω digital oscilloscope input*Integrated DUT HBM voltage sensor for real time transient voltage monitoring with 1/200V/V output sensitivity into 50 Ω digital oscilloscope input*Integrated overvoltage protection of the DUT voltage sensor, DUTcurrentsensor and DC test interface for efficient overload protection of the digital oscilloscope and SMU during high voltage HBM testing*Integrated DC test DUT switch with automatic switch control*Integrated 50 Ω precision hardware trigger output for high speed digital oscilloscopes*Fast HBM measurements, typically 0.5s per pulse including one-point DC measurement between pulses*Eficient sofware for system control and waveform data management (fully compatible with TLP measurement data)*The sofware can control automatic probers for fast measurements of complete wafers*Compact size 145 mm x 82.5 mm x 44 mm of the integrated HBM pulse generator probehead*System controller size 483 mm x 487 mm x 133 mm*High performance and high quality components*Optionally available hardware upgrades to all HPPI fully integrated HBM/HMM/TLP/VF-TLP test systems TLP-3010C, 4010C, 8010A, and 8010C

  • - Optical / RF Converter

    OPT 80 - Unaohm Start S.r.l.

    Calibrated measurement of the optical power of satellite and terrestrial TV signals distributed in optical fiber Calculation of optical signal losses on distribution Measurement of digital parameters (BER - MER - NM etc.) of optical signals converted into RF Visualization of optical carriers in RF Field Metric Spectrum Analyzer Power Meter Optical Field Meter Display Optical RF Power Supply Line Link Meter (LNB power supply ) Optical LNB power supply 13V 500mA with short circuit and overload managementAcquisition of optical measurements using the field meter Data Logger Option: certification of the OPT80 calibration and optical power measurements

  • PC Controlled Bench Top Power Analyzer

    PA2100 - Powertek LLC

    The PA2100 is a PC controlled bench top power analyzer, allowing several electrical power measurements to be taken simultaneously during testing - from just one set of input connections. The PA2100's power measurement ability is a must in research and development, manufacturing and required for certification and traceability of manufactured goods. In addition to power measurements, apparent power (VA), harmonics, voltage, current, power factor can all be viewed and stored with ease. The PA2100 wattmeter simply connects between the ac supply and the load, various current transformer options allow measurement with any size of current from 10mA to 10000A. Typical watt meter applications include appliance testing; microwave ovens, electric stoves, heating, air conditioning, TVs, monitors, computers, electronic lighting, fans and motor controllers. Powertek wattmeters are equipped with 4mm/banana safety terminals along with optional "breakout" boxes and clamp current probes for fast and safe measurement.

  • Computer-Based Instruments

    GT210PXI - Guide Technology, Inc.

    GuideTech’s GT210PXI 3U form factor, meets industrial standard chassis with an expandable platform, achieving optimal test system with optimal cost. The ability to precisely resolve frequency and time yields both increased accuracy as well as reduced measurement time. For example, with the GT210PXI-1 you can determine any frequency to 0.01 part per million (eight digits) in just 1 mS, and resolve each time measurement to 8pS. Couple that with 2300 measurements per second, one of the fastest rates available and you can acquire more data in a single second than a typical GPIB counter can in one minute! Faster measurements and higher resolution, along with built-in statistics functions give you a more thorough analysis of your signal. Standard deviation, peak to peak jitter, or a graph of the measurements are available at the push of a button.​

  • FD-MIMO Multi-Channel, Reference Solution

    S5020A - Keysight Technologies

    As communications standards evolve, and architectures become increasingly complex, Keysight’s innovative test solutions are designed to get you quickly to meaningful insights of base-station system performance. Multi-channel measurement solutions based on traditional bench-top instrumentation are no longer practical or efficient and new methods are required to ensure reliable, repeatable characterization right to the measurement plane. Keysight provides cost effective scaling to the large port-count required for ever increasing antenna arrays, and the calibration techniques needed to improve measurement accuracy and repeatability. Test results are represented as 3D beam visualizations together with the ability to capture RF parametric measurements on or around the beam, or at each element. This solution is available now for FD-MIMO with 64 antenna elements. It is also adaptable for future evolution of wireless standards and the implications for measurement of new radio access technologies, with more bandwidth, at higher frequencies, and even more antenna elements.

  • Digital Multimeters


    * LCD display, Max.displayed value: 6000(frequency: 9999)* Measures the true-rms values of AC voltage and AC current.* Transfers the measurement readings of the meter to a computer through standard USB port * Data-hold mode * Analog bar graph(61 segments), reading unit indication and backlight * Automatic polarity indication* Manual range mode and autorange mode * Automatic/manual power-off * Relative value measurement * Max./Min. measurement* Overload protection, CAT III 1000V * Provides low battery indication

  • Earth Resistance and Resistivity Meters

    AMRU 120 - Amperis sl

    earthing resistance using auxiliary electrodes, earthing resistance using auxiliary electrodes and clamp (for measurements of multiple earthing) earthing resistance using double clamps (for measurement of earthing when it is impossible to use auxiliary electrodes), ground resistivity (Wenner method), measurement of continuity of equipotential bondings and protective conductors (meeting the requirements of IEC 60364-6-61:2000 section 6.12.2) with auto-zero function – with current 200mA.

  • Modulated Power Supply

    TS200 - Accel Instruments

    The TS200 Modulated Power Supply is a unique instrument for many bench test and measurement applications. It combines a four-quadrant power supply and a laboratory power amplifier. The TS200 is ideal for testing application such as LDO PSRR measurement, battery simulator, op amp CMRR measurement, signal generator amplifier, step response test, bipolar power supply, lab power amplifier and more.

  • Cable Electric Resistance Tester

    MR 270 C-A - Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

    The MR270C-A is specially designed for electric resistance measurements in cable industry applications and inductive loads (transformers, motors). It is perfectly fit both for measuring the meter resistance in connection with a corresponding resistance measurement holding device or for final acceptance control of power cable reels. In the case of cable reels, which often have a cable length of several kilometers, both the compensation of the inductive component and the ability to perform measurements in the presence of high noise levels are important. This also applies to the winding resistance of transformers and motors.

  • Directional Detectors

    KRYTAR, Inc.

    KRYTAR offers the industry's widest selection of Directional Detectors specifically designed for use in today's high-performance microwave instrumentation and systems. KRYTAR detectors are designed for such applications as power measurements, analyzing radar performance, leveling pulsed signal sources, AM noise measurements, system monitoring and pulsed RF measurements in ultra-broadband and mm-Wave applications. Complete engineering services for custom designs that meet or exceed critical performance and/or packaging specifications are available.