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  • Handheld & Portable Raman Spectrometers

    B&W Tek, Inc.

    Our extensive knowledge and cutting edge technology in the field of Raman spectroscopy has allowed us to focus on solution-oriented products that are designed for non-specialists and provide easy, rapid measurements in a matter of minutes. Our family of best-in-class, fiber-coupled, portable laboratory Raman systems offers you unprecedented sampling utility, allowing you to do more with less.

  • Force Gauge

    MRC ltd.

    Tension & compression capability .* 5000 g, wide capacity, highresolution, high accuracy, highrepeatability.* 3 kind display unit, g/oz/Newton.* Separate sensor.* Peak hold ( Max. load ) measurement.* Positive or reverse display direction.* Hand held & stand mounting.* Microprocessor circuit & exclusiveload cell transducer.* Over load protection.* RS-232 computer interface.

  • 50 GHz Digital Setp Attenuator

    PE43508 - pSemi Corp.

    The PE43508 is a 50Ω, HaRP™ technology-enhanced, 6-bit RF digital step attenuator (DSA) that supports a wide frequency range from 9k to 50 GHz. It supports 1.8V control voltage and optional VSS_EXT bypass mode to improve spurious performance, making this device ideal for test and measurement, point-to-point communication systems, and very small aperture terminals (VSAT).

  • Compact Vibration Generator

    EMIC Corporation

    The compact vibration generator is used for calibration of a vibrometer, measurement of mechanical impedance, excitation source for modal analysis and reliability test of a small light specimen. In particular, EMIC uses the world's first ceramic armature for the 512-D and 513-D vibration generator,making it possible to excite up to high frequency of 30 kHz (513-D can excite up to 24 kHz).

  • Concrete Surface Resistivity

    Surf - Giatec Scientific Inc.

    Giatec Surf™ is a laboratory test device for rapid, easy and accurate measurement of the surface electrical resistivity of concrete based on the four-probe (Wenner-Array) technique. The Surf™ patented technology automatically measures resistivity around the concrete specimen using four channels of 4-probe array (located at 90° from each other). The PC software generates the required reports according to the standard specifications.

  • Motorized Constant Loader

    CLE-150 Series - Asker

    When we measure the hardness of rubber test specimen etc. with durometer, we have the possibility to make an error for the result of the measurement. To make solution for such an important factor fo the error, CLE-150 Series is employed the motor driving system for the descent speed control, and then we could realize to measure the hardness of constant speed and constant pressure that is precise and reproducible.

  • Wind Sensord

    FT722 - FT Technologies

    Specifically designed for wind turbine control, the FT722 reads wind speeds from 0-50m/s. Its inovative design incorperates a series of "turbulators" (patient pending) which condition the air flow. With updated software, and calibration in our new state-of-the-art wind tunnel, the FT722 delivers our highest levels of accuracy in wind speed, wind direction and accoustic temperature measurement.

  • 5530 Laser Calibration System

    Keysight Technologies

    For more than two decades, Keysight laser calibration systems have set the standard for laser-based metrology systems used to calibrate and verify machine tool and CMM accuracy. Users benefit from improved process control and efficiency that help to optimize shop operations and reduce overall production cost. And, the powerful measurement capability of Keysight's NIST traceable laser calibration system enables manufacturers to conform to key international standards.

  • Angular Optics Kit

    55281A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight 55281A Angular Optics Kit adds pitch and yaw measurement capability to the 5530 Laser Calibration System. Ideal for use in precision calibration applications, it includes the 10770A Angular Interferometer and the 10771A Angular Reflector. Together the high-accuracy plane mirror interferometer and the angular reflector measure pitch and yaw motions along each axis that a machine tool or measuring machine travels. Results are displayed directly in arc-seconds or in mm/mm (in/in).

  • In Situ Testing Machine

    IST Series - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    *Load meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E4, ISO7500-1, EN 10002-2, BS1610, DIN 51221. *Strain measurement meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM E83, ISO 9513, BS 3846, EN 10002-4. *Safety: This machine shall conform to all relevant European CE Health and Safety Directives EN 50081-1, 580081-1, 73/23/EEC, EN 61010-1.

  • Coordinate Measuring Machines

    VideoCheck® V-HA - Werth Inc.

    The most accurate multisensor coordinate measuring machine for tool measurement available in the world todayUsing 10 nm scalesAll axes are based on high precision low vibration air bearingsIntegration of additional sensor units to a multisensor system guarantees higher flexibility and measuring speedScan high precision gear profilesUse of high precision telecentric lenses in a second optical beam pathModular structure guarantees customized solutions for individual applicationsIntegrated high precision air bearing rotary

  • Laser Beam Alignment

    Duma Optronics LTD

    The alignment product line provides full solutions for applications such as: alignment of laser cavities, straightness measurement, machine alignment, wide-bed printers alignment and others. The AlignMeter system simultaneously measures incoming laser beam position (in µm) and angle (in µRad).It is a powerful compact device perfect for alignment monitoring, for testing the drift, centration and beam alignment relative to the outer housing or tube.

  • Pressure Gauges

    Kobold Instruments, Inc.

    Diaphragm pressure gauges feature stainless steel construction for superior chemical and corrosion resistance for your intermediate pressure measurement applications. Because of the protective diaphragm seal design, these pressure gauges are ideal for use with viscous as well as corrosive fluids. Optionally, these diaphragm pressure gauges may be ordered with glycerine filling to help dampen the effects of machine vibration and pulsation of the media.

  • Vision System

    Project X - Aberlink Ltd

    Project X is different. It utilises a totally new, patented technology XY scale, that records not only X and Y position but also any rotational movement of the camera system. In addition, this is an absolute scale system, which means as soon as you switch on the machine it knows exactly where it is - no need for referencing. The camera is free to glide around the measurement area mounted on a simple air bearing system, without any worry about constraining the mechanics to avoid losing accuracy.

  • Portable Oil Analyzer

    FluidScan Q1100 - Spectro Scientific

    The FluidScan® Q1100 provides direct quantitative measurement of a lubricant’s condition and plays an important role in Machine Condition Monitoring (MCM) for proactive and predictive maintenance in Reliability Management programs. It determines when oil needs to be serviced due to degradation of the oil chemistry or contamination by other fluids such as water or the wrong oil. The FluidScan now includes an innovative test methodology for both dissolved and free water, a practical alternative to more complex tests such as Karl Fischer titrations.