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  • Ultrasonic Testing

    Pundit 250 Array - PASI srl

    The Pundit 250 Array brings a quantum leap in the ultrasonic pulse echo testing. A number of unique innovations make the Ultrasonic multi-channel instrument the best and fastest solution for thickness measurements, detecting defects and localizing objects which cannot be easily detected by any other technology. This includes the assessment of thick concrete elements such as tunnel linings as well as pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer.

  • Hybrid Placement & Insertion System

    QUBE Series - Mirae Corporation

    Machine definition- A hybrid machine which uses SMT Mounter tech- nology to the through hole type components- Assured quality by SMT level accuracy and dual inspection sources (Vision & Laser) Advantages- Component inspection with Vision Camera- Lead inspection with Laser Align Unit- Component height inspection with Z Height Measurement Device (ZHMD) after placement

  • Marshall Stability Tester

    SG-W16 - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    This instrument is suitable for determining the stability and flow rate of thermal stability and resistance to plastic deformation of asphalt mixtures. It provides accurate basis for the composition ratio design of asphalt mixture; the machine automatically loads and automatically draws the load and deformation of the test piece. The instrument has the characteristics of simple operation, high measurement accuracy and high degree of automation. Suitable for traffic engineering, universities and research departments.

  • Machine Vision Platform

    NeuralVision - Cyth Systems, Inc

    NeuralVision is a machine vision platform designed to allow an operator or supervisor with no previous experience to develop an inspection and measurement routine for their products. The operator need only provide as many examples of each type as possible for the system to scan. NeuralVision is the first such processing system to work with any type of camera or image including 2D gray-scale or color, plus 3D and infrared images.

  • RF High Frequency Probe > 20GHz

    CSP-30TS-011 - ECT

    high frequency probes for the PCBA test market. This next generation coaxial probe provides instrumentation-quality interface for broadband RF measurements exceeding 20GHz, delivering superior performance while seamlessly mating with pads, vias, and other board features. The CSP-30TS-011 RF probe combines several innovative features to provide a truly reliable and cost-effective testing solution.

  • VUV Spectroscopy Detector

    VUV Analytics, Inc.

    All gas phase molecules absorb strongly in the vacuum ultraviolet region (120 – 240 nm), yet application of VUV absorption technology to routine analytical detection and measurement has not been addressed…until now. The VGA-100 is the world’s first benchtop VUV spectrometer. It is a universal mass-sensitive gas chromatography detector that provides both qualitative and quantitative data. The strong absorption of gas phase molecules in the VUV spectrum provide excellent sensitivity, and the compound-specific absorption spectra provide unparalleled selectivity.

  • Detectors

    McPherson, Inc.

    Solar blind detector for operation in the 1 to 180 nanometer region. It is encased in a vacuum tight housing for vacuum operation. The Model 425 is ideal for measurements in the Extreme and Vacuum UV (EUV and VUV) where the solar blind feature eliminates potential interference from long wavelength ultraviolet and visible light. It may be operated in pulse-counting mode or DC. The CEM is also available with coatings like Cesium Iodide or Magnesium Fluoride to enhance response in different energy regions.

  • Universal Tester

    84-02 - Testing Machines, Inc.

    The 20kN is a single-column Universal Materials tester that can be programmed with up to 100 different test methods. Testing capabilities include Tensile, Compression and Flexural based on the type of grip or fixture supplied for the required application. A selection of load cells are offered allowing force measurements from 1 gram to the maximum capacity of the test frame. These tests range from the most basic to the most sophisticated machine control, all with full graphics and statistical display. They are ideal solutions to testing problems where there is a need for precise, efficient and consistent performance.

  • T8997 Air Leak Tester/Flow Tester ALL IN ONE

    ForTest Italia Srl

    A touch of innovationThe new T8997 leak tester was designed with the idea of combining two different types of measurement in a single instrument, making it suitable for leak tests and flow tests.The new video controller “ForTest MMI” brought a superior level of human-machine interaction, thanks to an innovative capacitive panel in tempered glass, around a splendid 6.2” colour display.Parameter programming is much faster thanks to the new numerical keyboard integrated in the menus, and the big display makes viewing even clearer of the test cycle.

  • Contact Pressure Drop Test Device

    JCY-1 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    This machine is designed according to relevant requirements of IEC60884-1, IEC60669-1, GB2099.1 and GB16915.1, used to test contact pressure drop of socket unthreaded terminal and non-removable plug after finish bending test.Specification: • Test current: AC 1~100A • The measurement range of pressure drop: 0~199.9±1mv • Working voltage: AC 220V 50HZ 5A

  • Coordinate Measuring Machines

    VideoCheck® UA - Werth Inc.

    Ultra Accurate multisensor coordinate measuring machine in fixed bridge designHighest accuracy due to use of low vibration precision air bearings and solid granite constructionThe VideoCheck® UA features scale resolution in the nanometer range and a special design that reduces measurement errorsCan be equipped with high-precision sensors including the high precision 3D Fiber Probe.Use of high precision telecentric lenses in a second optical beam pathModular structure guarantees customized solutions for individual applicationsIntegrated vibration isolation dampeners

  • Automotive Instrument Panel Final Inspection Test System

    Beijing Pansino Solutions Technology Co., Ltd.

    The automobile instrument panel final inspection test system is based on flexible test technology, combined with advanced test and measurement technology, machine vision technology and bus communication technology, to achieve the performance and appearance of the combined automobile instrument panel based on the CAN and VAN bus communication protocols. The system can be upgraded synchronously according to the instrument model, which fully reflects the scalability of the flexible test technology. The system can provide two types of structure: integrated and split.

  • Fluxmeter

    DX-201 - Dexing Magnet Tech. Co., Ltd

    DX-201 digital fluxmeter is a precise magnetic measuring instrument, adopted low drift electronic integrator design and production. The most important features are test response quick, without data lose in the testing process. In the process of test samples flux by the Czochralski method, fast pull and slow pull datas are consistent, fine features especially shows in repeated measurements and regression testing. It can measure magnetic flux or magnetic moment matched with different fixtures according to users’ requirements.

  • EMC Test System


    An electric product might cause the malfunction to other electric appliances by discharging the emission noise from it, or is oppositely caused the malfuction by the emission noise from other electric appliances. The former is checked by the EMI test and the latter is checked by the EMS test. The international standard like the CISPR standard is provided so that such an accident should not happen, and the manufacturer must declare by themselves beforehand that their product meets the standard. The generic name of the EMI test (Electro-Magnetic Interference) of the emission measurement and the EMS test (Electro-Magnetic Susceptibility) of the immunity

  • Mini Digital Output Pressure Sensor

    DLHR Series - All Sensors Corporation

    The DLHR Series Mini Digital Output Pressure Sensor is based on All Sensors' CoBeam2 TM Technology. This reduces package stress susceptibility, resulting in improved overall long term stability and vastly improves the position sensitivity. The digital interface option eases integration of the sensors into a wide range of process control and measurement systems, allowing direct connection to serial communications channels. 0.5 to 60 inH2O Pressure Ranges