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  • Sandwich Load Cells

    2525 Series - Instron

    Load cells are an integral part of the force measurement system of a testing machine. Their interchangeability along with transducer recognition and single point electrical calibration makes them easy to use. They maintain high alignment and are resistant to offset loading throughout the test, even with large sized specimens. Instron controls the design, manufacture and quality of all load cells, with customer applications in mind. They are certified in accordance with international standards for use in material testing machines only.

  • FC(Fuel Cell) Impedance Meter (up to 5A)

    KFM2005 - Kikusui Electronics Corp.

    The impedance meter KFM2005 is designed for testing of the fuel cell with the small current (5 A or less), and not only the current-voltage characteristic test, the KFM2005 can easily measure for the impedance of a fuel cell using the AC impedance method, and the Cole-Cole plot. Using the measurement data of the Cole-cole plot, it is possible to calculate the circuit constant of the approximate equivalent circuit of the fuel cell. The built-in DC load (60W) is capable to operate from 0 V, and it can perform the test for the fuel cell up to 20V and 5A.

  • Transducers

    Daytronic Corporation

    high-stability long- and short-stroke LVDT's for fast, reliable measurement of linear displacement in gaging, automatic inspection, and process control applicationsplus strain gage load cells for weight, torque, tension, and other mechanical forces; strain gage pressure transducers for gage, absolute, and differential pressure; a piezoelectric accelerometer for use in vibration testing; and a magnetic pickup for measuring the frequency of mechanical rotary motion.

  • PXI Strain/Bridge Input Module

    National Instruments

    PXI Strain/Bridge Input Modules feature up to eightchannels that support quarter-, half-, or full-bridge sensors at speeds up to 102.4kS/s. The modules provide increased accuracy, high data throughput, and a range of synchronization features. Optional features include remote sensing, internal bridge completion, and shunt calibration options per channel. PXI Strain/Bridge Input Modules are ideal for dynamic strain, load and pressure measurements, and test cell installations requiring accuracy and flexibility.

  • Tower Footing Resistance Meter

    TM25r - Scope T&M Pvt, Ltd.

    The transmission towers are electrically grounded by ground wires and due to the existence of this connection, any attempt to measure a tower ground resistance by any conventional earth tester leads to wrong results. To make this kind of test feasible, TM- 25R is the appropriate tool for a fast, safe and reliable grounding resistance measurement in each tower at charged transmission lines, without disconnecting the ground wire. The equipment only measures the ground resistance of the Surveyed Tower, including its base.

  • Frequency Synthesizers 50 MHz to 21 GHz

    Luxyn Model MLVS-0520 - Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

    Lyxyn synthesizers are ideal main local oscillators in Receiving Systems, Frequency Converters and Test & Measurement Equipment. MLVS-0520 is VCO-based and provides 0.001 Hz frequency resolution over the 50 MHz to 21 GHz frequency range. Output power level of +15 dBm is provided throughout the full frequency range. Full band switching speed is 50 μsec maximum. The MLVS-0520 is 4” x 3.6” x 0.94” high.

  • Universal Tester 10kN CT

    84-03 - Testing Machines, Inc.

    The 10kN is a twin-column Universal Materials tester that can be programmed with up to 100 different test methods. Testing capabilities include Tensile, Compression and Flexural based on the type of grip or fixture supplied for the required application. A selection of load cells are offered allowing force measurements from 1 gram to the maximum capacity of the test frame. These tests range from the most basic to the most sophisticated machine control, all with full graphics and statistical display. They are ideal solutions to testing problems where there is a need for precise, efficient and consistent performance.

  • Tensile Compression Force Tester

    ESM303 - Qualitest International Inc.

    The ESM303 is a highly configurable single-column force tester for tension and compression measurement applications up to 300 lbF [1.5 kN], with a rugged design suitable for laboratory and production environments. Sample setup and fine positioning are a breeze with available FollowMeTM force-based positioning - using your hand as your guide, push and pull on the force gauge or load cell to move the crosshead at a variable rate of speed.

  • Thermocouple Test Fixture Probes

    Smiths Interconnect

    Smiths Interconnect's thermocouple probe is an ungrounded, thermally conductive probe used for the measurement of variations in temperature. This probe is ideal for applications such as thermostat testing, or any application in which accurate local temperature local temperature data is needed. The thermocouple probe's unique design insures that the wires are internally fixed. This is done to prevent the two thermocouple wires from becoming dislodged from the plunger head cavity. This result is increased durability, which extends the service life of the probe.

  • spectrometers

    VERTEX 80/80v - Bruker Optics

    The VERTEX 80 and the VERTEX 80v vacuum FT-IR spectrometers are based on the actively aligned UltraScan™ interferometer, which provides PEAK spectral resolution. The precise linear air bearing scanner and PEAK quality optics guarantees the ultimate sensitivity and stability. The VERTEX 80v is an evacuated optics bench that can eliminate atmospheric moisture absorptions for ultimate sensitivity and stability; enabling demanding experiments such as high resolution, ultra fast rapidscan, step-scan, or UV spectral range measurements.

  • DC Power Supplies


    From benchtop supplies, modular power supplies to rack-mounted industrial power subsystems, AMETEK Programmable Power, is a leader in designing and manufacturing precision, programmable DC power supplies. Ranging from 30W to 150kW, Sorensen DC power supply products are used in R&D, test and measurement, process control, power bus simulation and power conditioning applications across a wide variety of industrial segments.

  • Harmonic Studies

    Electrical Testing Solutions

    Harmonic studies are performed to determine harmonic distortion levels and filtering requirements within a facility and to determine if harmonic voltages and currents are at acceptable levels. Field measurements and computer simulations are used to characterize adjustable-speed drives (ASDs) and other nonlinear loads and simulations are then performed to determine the filter specifications and effectiveness. The application of harmonic filters will significantly alter the frequency response of the power system. An evaluation of the harmonic voltage and current limits, (e.g., IEEE Std. 519) is completed to determine the effectiveness of the proposed filter installation.

  • LifeTest Software

    PEC N.V.

    In combination with the extended range of PEC test equipment, LifeTest supports the many specific functionalities required in battery testing labs. Drive cycle simulations (FUDS, DST…), thermal performance tests, high speed pulse tests (HPPT), life cycle tests, accelerated ageing tests and internal resistance measurement tests can be easily configured, scheduled, executed and reported from a single platform.

  • Photonic Networks and Systems

    Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications

    The Photonic Networks and Systems Division develops solutions for high-performance optical transmission systems for use in in-house, access, metro, long-distance and satellite communications networks. The researchers are focusing on increasing capacity as well as improving safety and energy efficiency. The department has the latest measurement technology, very well-equipped system laboratories, powerful simulation tools and the ability to carry out field tests.

  • Pyroelectric and Thermal Testing

    Radiant Technologies, Inc.

    The optional Chamber Task measures the Pulse Polarization response and Small Signal Capacitance of a Pyroelectric material that is being heated and/or cooled within a thermal chamber, on a hot chuck or in a furnace. From these measurements the Spontaneous Polarization Pr(q) and the Dielectric Constant er(q) are computed. These are then combined to determine the Electrical Displacement D(q) as a function of the temperature q.