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dominant expanse of a planet's liquid geography.

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  • Ocean Surveyor

    Teledyne RD Instruments

    For decades, Teledyne RD Instruments has been the preeminent supplier of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling (ADCP) instrumentation for open ocean applications. Teledyne RDI’s vessel-mounted Ocean Surveyor family of ADCPs continues to raise the bar, collecting detailed maps of the distribution of water currents and suspended materials through the water column and along the ship’s path - at depths and resolutions previously considered unattainable. In real time, the ADCP is also used to aid in situ decision-making, to adapt field operations, and to understand current regime characteristics.

  • Ocean Observer

    Teledyne RD Instruments

    Teledyne RD Instruments dominates current measurement for the offshore oil and gas sector with the OO, a field-proven instrument designed to facilitate exploration drilling, field development, and production.

  • Remote Ocean Sensing

    WERA - Helzel Messtechnik GmbH

    The shore-based WERA provides reliable data of ocean surface currents and significant wave height and direction over long distances (> 200 km) with outstanding spatial and temporal resolution for VTS, SAR and environmental protection applications.

  • Integrated Ocean Data System

    Spotter - Spoondrift Technologies Inc.

    Spotter is a web-integrated solution for collecting ocean wave and surface current data, designed from the ground up to be easy to use, intuitive, and extremely low cost. The Spotter Device is a compact, solar-powered, surface-follower, which measures surface waves and currents. Through our online Dashboard you can remotely configure your Spotters, access your data in real time, visualize wave data and position tracks. Your Spotter is already connected, so all you do is turn it on and focus on collecting the data you need.

  • Ocean Bottom Seismometers

    OBS - Güralp Systems Ltd

    Our range of OBS housings have been designed to perform at different depths via the most appropriate deployment method. Each can be combined with the sensor or sensors that will give you the dynamic range you require.

  • Ocean and River Instruments

    RINKO EC (ARO-EC) - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    Aquatic eddy covariance method is a powerful technique to measure benthic fluxes. The robust RINKO EC (model name: ARO-EC), as a new member of the RINKO series, is designed for aquatic eddy covariance measurements. The RINKO series is based on the optical (phosphorescence) principle which is now widely known as a remarkably fast response oxygen sensor with high accuracy. The response time of the RINKO EC oxygen sensing foil is less than 0.5 s (90%, from air to water at 25 °C). The foil life-time is more than 200 h, which enables at least 1 week of continuous measurements of dissolved oxygen. Moreover, the foil can be replaced easily by the user. Berg et al. (2016)*, after a detailed evaluation, concluded that RINKO EC is a reliable alternative for aquatic eddy covariance measurements of oxygen fluxes and its high data quality allows for new opportunities for eddy covariance flux studies, including long-term deployments in rivers, streams, and marine environments.

  • Ocean and River Instruments

    RINKO W - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    Rinko W is an autonomously deployable data logger for long-term DO measurements. In order to protect the sensing foil against accumulating bio-fouling, the instrument has a mechanical wiper to sweep the optical window. The optical sensor does not have a membrane neither electrolytes, thus, it need less maintenance than electrode or galvanic sensors.

  • Ocean and River Instruments

    COMPACT-LW ALW-CMP - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    COMPACT-LW is an autonomous deployable data logger for PAR (Photosynthetic Available Radiation: 400 to 700nm) measurements. The instrument has a wiper to inhibit biological growths on the optical window over the deployment period. It has a cosine collector as the PAR sensor. The cosine and filter characteristics of the sensor are ideal for PAR measurement.

  • Ocean and River Instruments

    RINKO-FT (ARO-FT) - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    The RINKO FT not only retains the fast response time identical to that of conventional RINKO series but also has greater accuracy and stability by incorporating high-quality multipoint calibration and improved sensing method. This instrument is primarily designed to target Argo float operations,however, its compact, lightweight, and commonly used communication protocol widen the choice of platforms for installation. The RINKO FT allows DO measurements with a high vertical resolution, which will contribute to the understanding new aspects of physical/biochemical processes.

  • Ocean and River Instruments

    RINKO III - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    Rinko III is an analog version with the fast optical DO sensor and a temperature sensor. With an external 12 DCV power, the instrument seamlessly outputs the analog data (0 to 5V) of the sensors. Rinko III can be easily integrated on various platforms with an Impulse cable. By the fast response, the instrument provides high accurate DO data without restricting profile speeds.

  • High Resolution Ocean Data Collection

    Saildrone Inc.

    We provide high resolution ocean data collected by a fleet of sailing drones. MET ocean data collection, fish stock analysis and environmental monitoring.

  • HF Radar Ocean Wave / Current Monitor

    SeaSonde® - CODAR Ocean Sensors

    For automated, real-time surface current mapping and wave monitoring. The SeaSonde HF radar system by CODAR Ocean Sensors is your solution for making continuous, wide-area ocean observations. The SeaSonde will provide you with years of real-time data over large coverage areas, with ranges up to 200 km.

  • Logger version 2-D electro-magnetic current meter for deep ocean

    INFINITY-Deep AEMD-USB - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    INFINITY-Deep is an autonomously deployable data logger for current speed measurements in the deep oceans. The currents in the deep oceans are very weak. It is too hard to accurately measure the deep water currents by some ADVs (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters) that detect the Doppler-effect by scatter with the suspended particles in the water, because the concentration is very low. INFINITY-Deep measures 2-D current data through a magnetic field according to Faraday's law. Therefore, even if the suspended particles do not exist around the sensor, it can provide the accurate current data. The depth rating is 6,000m. Compared to INFINITY-EM, the instrument has a depth and a tilt sensors to monitor mooring status. Also, the battery capacity doubles for long-term current velocity measurements.

  • Miniature Spectrometer

    Ocean HDX - Ocean Optics, Inc.

    Ocean HDX is anchored by High Definition Optics for high throughput, low stray light and great thermal stability. Its X-Platform Electronics include powerful onboard processing and communications including Gigabit Ethernet, SPI and Wi-Fi. The Ocean HDX is compact, robust and ideal for integrated, industrial and research applications.

  • Spectrometers

    OCEAN FX - Ocean Optics, Inc.

    The next innovation in miniature spectrometers from Ocean Optics — Ocean FX™ — offers high-sensitivity CMOS detector performance, acquisition speed up to 3,000 scans per second, and a robust communications module that accommodates Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The new spectrometer is ideal for UV-Vis applications in food and agriculture, where acquisition speed helps with food sorting and processing; biomedical sciences, especially for absorbance measurements requiring enhanced UV sensitivity; and security and authenticity, where added communication interfaces enable simpler point-of-use instruments. Also, the onboard buffering feature ensures data integrity during kinetics measurements.