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  • Water Spray Tester

    K10640 - Chongqing Kailian Yongrun Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    To evaluate the ability of a lubricating grease to adhere to a metal surface when subjected to direct water spray under controlled conditions;Conforms to SH/T0643, ASTM D4094

  • Salt Water Spray Test Chamber

    CX-H60L - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    The salt water Spray Tester is used to create and maintain the salt spray (fog) test environment, and test the anti-corrosion quality of the materials surfaces, and is suitable for researching materials, light industry, electronic, instrumentation and other industries etc.

  • Spray Nozzle

    CX-IPX3/4 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    The Spray Tester IPX 3/4 is a hand-held test device to verify protection against spraying and splashing water. The water pressure can be adjusted using the flow control knob on the device to give the required flow rate. The pressure can be seen on the gauge which is convenient positioned by the Spray Tester IPX 3/4.The spray pattern of the nozzle is made to the specifications of IE60529. The removable shield feature make it easy to test without the interference of the shield .

  • Rain Test System

    CX-RIP3/4 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    For checking the protection against water with spray nozzle of 0,4 mm bore are used to prove the degrees of protection for the second characteristic numerals 3 and 4 “Protection against Spraying Water” resp. “Protection against splashing Water”.

  • Spray Rating Tester

    SG-F03 - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    The Spray Test is a simple method to determine the resistance of any fabric, which may or may not have been given a water-resistant or water-repellent finish, to surface wetting by water. It is not intended to predict waterproofness, since it does not measure the penetration of water through fabric. A specified volume of distilled water is sprayed centrally onto an inclined test specimen. Stringent quality control of the nozzle hole pattern, combined with accurate height setting above the specimen, ensure a consistent spray flow and formation, critical to the requirements of the International standards.

  • Rain Spray Test Environmental Chamber

    Guangdong Bell Experiment Equipment Co.,Ltd

    DGBell’s rain spray test environmental chamber is also known as rain spray test chamber, it is used to test the water resistance for electronic and electrical products, such as solar lights, garden lights, buried lights, tunnel lights, car lights, fountain lights, the display…etc. It can also provide references for product design and quality control.

  • Moisture Test Chamber

    Thermotron Industries

    The chamber features a self-contained water recirculation system that eliminates the cost and inconvenience of plumbing in a facility water supply. Water is injected into the test enclosure through specifically-sized nozzles. Flow meters with adjustment valves supply the spray at specified flow parameters. A rotating test platform can be incorporated to promote even moisture distribution over the surface of the products under test.

  • Mass Flow Controllers

    I-Series - MKS Instruments

    I-Series Mass Flow Controllers are designed specifically for industrial mass flow control applications in harsh environments where water and dust may be present and must be protected against. The IP66-rated enclosure for I-Series mass flow controllers protect it against direct water spray (for example, hose-down in bioreactor applications) as well as dust.

  • Hydrogen Leak Tester

    T8999 - ForTest Italia Srl

    T8999 is a tool designed to meet the increasing need for easy and clean identification of the position of the leak on a piece being tested, therefore eliminating the need for methods such as water tank immersion or use of leak detecting sprays, which are harmful for the pieces which could develop rust or pieces that are difficult to accurately clean.

  • Environmental Simulation Testing

    Innovative Testing Solutions, Inc.

    We have multiple chamber capabilities of simulation most environmental conditions. Our chamber range in capacity from 1 ft3 to 64 ft3 volume. Specialty chambers include air-to-air thermal shock, inert gas injection oven, high/low pressure water spray and direct-injection LN2 chambers.

  • Walk in chamber for Complex Salt Spray Test (Temperature controllable)

    Guangdong Bell Experiment Equipment Co.,Ltd

    Walk in chamber for Complex Salt Spray Test Relevant standards requirement1. Test Object: battery pack andsystem.2. Refer GB/T4 part 5.5.2 test method, test according to GT/T2423.17 test conditions.3. The salt solution was made up with sodium chloride (chemically pure and analytically pure) and distilled or deionized water,Its concentration is (5 + 1)% (mass fraction).4. (35 ± 2) ℃, the measured pH value is between 6.5-7.2.5. Placed the test objects in the salt spray chamber for cycling test. Each cycling duration for 24h. Spray salt solution to the test object for 8 hours under the temperature of (35± 2) ℃ , remain for 16 hours. Between the forth and the fifth hour in one cycles should be according to test requirement in GB/T 28046.1-2011, test mode with 3.2.6. Total 6 cycles testing.7. Salt spray test is not necessary for the test objects being installed in passenger, luggage or cargo compartments.

  • Tactical Power Supply

    API Technologies Corp.

    The Tactical Power Supply (TPS) Collection by API Technologies is a portable Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) DC Power Rectifier designed as a fielded generator for powering command & control communications systems and other critical EW & weapons equipment. The TPS features weatherproof & ruggedized construction which allows our rectifiers to withstand extreme temperatures (-40°C to 85°C) and harsh environments including shock, vibration, and water spray. When fielded, the DC rectifier reduces fuel consumption and wear and tear on vehicles by eliminating run time to support powering fielded special ops equipment.

  • UV Weather Resistance Test Chamber

    ACE Technology

     1-1.Typical Application  Used for nonmetal materials aging test, to inspect the resistance ability of sunshine and artificial light.    1-2.Standard  GB/T14522-93 " - plastic industrial products, paint, rubber material - artificial climate accelerated test methods"   GB/T16585-96 " - vulcanized rubber artificial weathering (fluorescent UV lamps) test methods"   GB/T16422.3-97 "plastic laboratory light exposure test methods"   Other terms of the corresponding standard of design and manufacturing;    2.Features  Imported USA made Q-Panel lamps;   Spray function, condensing function, UV function, can be circulate  Heating from water tanker in the inner bladder, heating fast, temperature uniform.  Drain system match to backset-style and U-style deposition device, convenient to clean.  Black board connect to temperature sensor, the device controls heating, lead to stable temperature.