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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • sCMOS Camera

    Dhyana 400DC - Fuzhou Tucsen Photonics Co.,Ltd

    By combining their legendary color processing technology with the capabilities of the latest generation sCMOS sensors, Tucsen have created a paradigm shift in color camera performance.The launch of the Dhyana 400DC, thanks to its sensitivity, perfect color reproduction and impressive noise minimization, results in a new capability which has formerly been unavailable in the field of scientific imaging.

  • Load Cell Indicator

    9840 - Interface Inc.

    The 9840 is suitable for use in calibration labs, field service, or anywhere high accuracy is important. Features include a bipolar 6-digit 2-line display, remote sense, low noise, 22-bit resolution, USB port with RS232 communication, mV/V calibration and the ability to store up to 25 different sensors. 6-point linearization, unit conversion, front-panel tare. Self calibration via TEDS Plug & Play ready IEEE1451.4 compliance.

  • SQUID Series Arrays

    Magnicon GmbH

    The SQUID series arrays are ideal for readout of TES sensors or as amplifier stage for discrete two-stage applications. Integrated bias resistors for TES or two-stage applications reduce wiring complexity. Various arrays with input inductances of 3 to 6 nH, input sensitivities of 17 to 23 µA/Phi0, and a current noise between 5 and 10 pA/sqrt(Hz) @ 4 K are available.

  • Leak Noise Correlator

    LC-2500 - Fuji Tecom Inc.

    The new-generation lightweight LC-2500 brings a new dimension to leak detection.It's extremely portable and easy to set up and run. Input pipe materials, pipe diameters, and lengths between Red and Blue sensors by simply selecting them in the program menus. The automatic functions can do the rest.The Main processor Unit displays the correlation "picture" and the distances to the leak from the Red pre-amp transmitter and the Blue pre-amp transmitter.


    C-3 - SebaKMT

    The Correlux C-3 correlator locates leaks in drinking water pipes. Pressurized water at the leak location creates a noise which travels out in all directions of the pipe.This noise is recorded, amplified and sent wirelessly to the correlator by two sensors (piezo microphone, hydrophone) which are attached to the pipe (e.g. valve, hydrants).The Correlux C-3 compares both signals (correlation) and calculates the exact distance to the leakage on the basis of the delay time of the signals, the sensor distance and the sound velocity in the pipe.

  • MIMIC® MQTT Simulator

    Gambit Communications, Inc.

    MIMIC MQTT Simulator is a scalable, customizable, programmable,predictable, dynamic simulation platform designed to enable rapid development/ testing / deployment / tuning / training / demonstration of large-scaleInternet of Things applications. MIMIC creates a real-world, real-time test lab with thousands of IoTsensors, gateways and devices. It allows suppliers of MQTT sensors,devices, gateways, brokers and applications to design, develop and testtheir Brokers, Load balancers and clients using secured connections,in a virtual and scalable network environment.

  • Sports and Performance Analysis

    Kistler Instrument Corp.

    To achieve top sporting performances, athletes need tailored training methods that are continuously optimized in line with their needs. Precise knowledge of force development over time is key when developing these methods. Kistler force plates use piezoelectric sensors to measure forces and moments for sports and performance analysis, so the results are accurate and reliable even under adverse conditions.

  • Factory Automation Training Equipments

    ED-4031 - ED CO., LTD

    *Comprehension of basic production automation processes such as transfer, fabrication, classification, inspection and storage*Convenient wiring and pipe arrangement with a label of each component such as sensors and actuators*PLC training system function (various types of sequence actions through a change in PLC control program*Counter/Timer function and motor control by PLC or without PLC (electrical method)*Aluminum profile worktable & control modules for easy mounting

  • High Resolution Fiber Grating Sensor Interrogation System

    GM8037 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    UC INSTRUMENTS’ GM8037 portable high resolution fiber grating sensor instrument is ahigh power with high accuracy and wide dynamic range for fiber Bragg grating (FBG)sensors, and compact PC-based interrogation system, and is also a high accurate opticalspectral analysis system. It includes an external device, PC-based application software andoptional high performance laptop.

  • Metal Detectors

    Vivax-Metrotech Corp

    The simple audio and visual user interface has been designed to minimize training requirements while the latest technologies are employed to ensure maximum sensitivity and depth range. Particular attention has been made to ensuring the weight of the VM-880 is minimized, at just 1.54lbs (0.7kg), it is by far the lightest in its class. This has been achieved without compromise to strength. The submersible carbon fiber antenna tube is both lightweight and provides maximum protection to sensitive sensors.

  • FADEC/EEC Test Platform

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    The FADEC/EEC Test Platform provides a hardware in-the-loop (HIL) closed-loop test environment for dynamic and maintenance testing of full-authority digital engine control (FADEC) and electronic engine control (EEC) units of both rotary- and fixed-wing airframes. The system simulates one or more turbofan engines, including its sensors and actuators for use with the most sophisticated FADECs and EECs on the market. The system delivers repeatable, cost-effective testing in a fraction of the time needed with typical in-house simulation test systems.

  • Environmental Control System Test Platform

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    The Airframe Environmental Control System Test Platform provides a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) closed-loop test environment for dynamic and maintenance testing of cockpit and cabin environmental control systems for airframes. The system simulates a military or commercial airframe cabin, including sensors and actuators from the control system and the passengers. The system delivers repeatable, cost-effective testing in a fraction of the time needed with typical in-house simulation systems.

  • Advanced Power Monitoring and Control

    EnergyMAX - Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    EnergyMAX is a real-time power-monitoring system ideally suited for AC and DC subsystem applications. The EnergyMAX power-monitoring system applies IEC 61000-4-30 standards for power quality measurements, and offers advanced analytic capabilities including voltage harmonics, dips, swells, and unbalanced phases. EnergyMAX provides easy integration of additional I/O such as DNP3 and Modbus communications, digital I/O, or temperature and vibration sensors to complete a full monitoring system.

  • P104 Synchro/Resolver Measurement Board

    73SD4 - North Atlantic Industries

    NAI’s 73SD4 is a DSP-based, PC104-compliant Synchro/Resolver Measurement Board with six separate, isolated channels. These channels can incorporate up to six Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital Tracking Converters in a stack-through module. Each channel also produces differential incremental encoder (A & B) outputs (with programmable resolution) and a zero-degree marker pulse. Commutation outputs are available for 4-, 6-, or 8-pole brushless DC motors that eliminate the need for Hall Effect sensors, thereby reducing both processor time and bus traffic.

  • Signature Compression Only Load Button Load Cells

    SLB SERIES - Transducer Techniques, Inc

    The SLB Series Subminiature load cells (Load Buttons) are offered for compression only applications where space is limited. The matching surface must be flat for ultimate accuracy. The loading diameter is slightly convex for accurate load distribution. These sensors are manufactured from heat treated 17-4ph stainless steel, and the sensing element incorporates bonded foil strain gages of the highest quality. They are sealed for protection against most industrial environments.