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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • 2M Transmission Analyzer

    CA6038 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    CA6038 is a multi-functional and full featured digital transmission system test device, designed for the installation test, engineering check and acceptance, daily maintenance of digital networks, mainly performing channel test, alarm analysis, fault finding and signalling analysis. In addition this instrument further provides various protocol converters with one-way and bi-direction bit error test function. These capabilities make it ideal for field use.

  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

    M5400 - Doble Engineering

    The M5400 sends an excitation signal into the transformer and measures the returning signals. Comparing this response to baseline readings and results from similar units allows you to identify deviations and confirm internal mechanical problems.The M5400 reduces the uncertainty about apparatus condition by providing solid evidence of mechanical integrity or winding movement. Use it to help determine how a transformer is deteriorating, if it can go back in service after a fault or if it has been damaged during transit.

  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

    FRANEO 800 - OMICRON electronics

    FRANEO 800 was developed for testing the mechanical and electrical integrity of power transformers after transportation or exposure to high fault currents. It uses the SFRA principle (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis) and measures the electrical transfer function over a wide range of frequencies.

  • Rackmount MPEG Analyzer

    StreamScope MT-60R - Triveni Digital

    This full-featured rackmount server supports RF, SMPTE, ASI, QAM, DVB, 1 GigE, and 10 GigE inputs. It analyzes up to ten inputs at a time, monitors video and audio quality, verifies standards compliance, and displays drill-down metadata details.

  • Ultraportable MPEG Analyzer

    StreamScope Portal II - Triveni Digital

    Portal II has all the state-of-the-art features of the StreamScope MT product line – the industry's most comprehensive MPEG quality assurance – including video thumbnails, audio graphs, metadata tables, PID details, EPGs, IP routes, GOP frames, and advanced RF analysis. You can even customize analysis rules to fit your troubleshooting needs.

  • HLS Analyzer And Real-time Monitor

    LSA100 - Mividi, Inc.

    HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is an HTTP-based media streaming protocol implemented by Apple Inc. It breaks the overall stream into a sequence of small files, each containing one short chunk of an overall finite or unbounded transport stream. The client app downloads the files using HTTP protocol and reassembles the files into a continuous transport stream. Since the downloading uses only standard HTTP transactions, HLS is capable of traversing any firewall or proxy server that lets through standard HTTP traffic, unlike UDP-based protocols such as MPEG over UDP or RTP.

  • Gas Detectors and Analyzers

    Extech Instruments Corporation

    For installations and safety inspections, Extech is a reliable source for gas leak detector models and combustible gas detectors. For utilities, pipe fitters, inspectors, property managers, fire safety and others, having a portable gas detector for quick gas leak detection is a must-have. Use Extech handheld multi-gas detector models such as the EZ40 that functions as a both a methane and propane gas detector.

  • Network Analyzer Cables

    Spanawave Corporation

    Spanawave's test port extension cables are the perfect alternative to over-priced models from other manufacturers. These test cables provide the utmost precision in vector measurements in the lab and during calibrations.


    OPA-200 - NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    The original position analysis (OPA) technology is a technology used for analysis of the chemical composition and structure of theanobject in the original state.OPA can directly amplify spectral signals in an extensive area in a metal material, generated by non-preignition continuous-scanning excitation spark discharge, and rapidly collect data,by means of spark spectrum single discharge analysis, so that the original-state of chemical composition and concentrationat different positions on the sample surface and the surface texture information can be obtained for the purpose quantitative analysis of the composition and state of the sample.


    NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    A graphite crucible is placed on the holder and the impulse furnace is closed by the pneumatic system.The sample of typically 1g is dropped into the loading mechanism after weighing. The outgassing phase starts the analysis cycle to clean the furnace from Oxygen and Nitrogen out of the air.The sample loading mechanism release the sample into the now cleaned crucible.The oxygen content of the sample react with the Carbon from the graphite crucible to CO and the Nitrogen content to elemental N2 gas at temperatures of about 2200°C. Both gases were transported by the Helium carrier gas to the oxidation furnace where Copper Oxide converts the CO to CO2. This CO2 concentration is analysed by an infrared absorption detector and the Oxygen concentration is calculated.The Nitrogen is analysed afterwards by a thermal conductivity detector.


    CS-3000 - NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    A sample of typically 0.5 to 1.0g is weight into a crucible together with 1.5g of tungsten accelerator. This crucible is placed on a pedestal which drives it into an induction furnace by a pneumatic system. The sample is completely burned in the furnace by pure Oxygen.The Carbon of this sample is oxidized to CO2 and the Sulphur content to SO2. Dust and other particles are trapped in a filter system.The CO2 and SO2 is transported from the furnace in the Oxygen carrier gas to the infrared adsorption detectors.The actual gas concentrations are determined and the data are send to the PC.The operation software is calculating the results after integration of the whole signal peaks. A calibration with known samples builds up a database which created the necessary accuracy and precision. The burned crucible is driven out of the furnace by the pneumatic system and disposed by an operator. The furnace and gas flow system is purged after analysis by clean Oxygen to avoid any interference (memory effect) of the individual samples.

  • Circuit Analyzer & Meter Tester

    EMSYST Ltd

    With the Gold MinerTM PLUS LOAD, you can automatically test the accuracy of your meters at Full-Load, Light-Load, and Power Factor values with the push of a button. Generating up to 15 Amps (continuous) on each phase, or up to 50 Amps (continuous) on one channel, allows you to test transformer-rated meters, as well as self-contained meters. Just select a Test Plan, and see how the Gold MinerTM PLUS LOAD automatically sequences through up to 12 user-defined meter tests. You can even create upto 99 of your own Test Plans. And don't forget, the integrated 3-Phase Energy Standard is fully traceable to NIST, and has an accuracy of +/-0.03% over a wide range.

  • Handheld Raman Analyzer

    TacticID®-1064 - B&W Tek, Inc.

    All-Inclusive Handheld Raman for Identification of Explosives, Hazmat, Narcotics and More. The TacticID®-1064 is a field-ready handheld spectral analysis instrument designed for non-contact forensic analysis by safety personnel and first responders, including law enforcement personnel, bomb squads, customs and border patrol, hazmat technicians, and more. The TacticID-1064 utilizes proven Raman spectroscopy, allowing users to get real-time actionable identification of unknown chemicals, explosives, narcotics, pharmaceutical drugs and many other substances while reducing operational uncertainty and response time.

  • Handheld Analyzer for Narcotics Identification

    BWS496-GP - B&W Tek, Inc.

    The TacticID®–N is a field-ready handheld spectral analysis instrument designed for Narcotics Identification.

  • MC-MLPPP Analyzer And Emulator

    GL Communications Inc.

    The Point-to-point protocol (PPP) is a link layer protocol, which encapsulates other network layer protocols like IP for transmission on synchronous (like T1/E1) and asynchronous communications lines. When transmitted over T1/E1 line, PPP frames are based on HDLC frame structure. Two major features of PPP protocol are:*Authentication*Encapsulation of higher layer protocols