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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Transport Stream Analyzer

    MPEG2 - Bluetop Technology CO., LTD

    4-in-1:TSPlaying,Recording,DecodingandAnalyzing; Real-timeTR101290Monitoring,Triggerrecording; ASII/O;RFInput(DVB-C/-T/-S/S2,DTMB) FEATURES:Real-time/fileanalysis,playingout,monitoringandrecording

  • Transport Stream Analyzer

    DVStation-Mini - Pixelmetrix Corporation Pte Ltd

    DVStation-Mini provides a compact and cost- effective way for terrestrial, cable and satellite operators to maintain visibility of network quality and performance. Having a single test input of ASI or SMPTE-310, the transport stream integrity monitoring functions of DVStation-Mini lets you rest easy that all is well with your network.

  • Portable XRF Analyzer

    GoldXpert - Olympus Corp.

    XRF is a widely used, proven, and accepted method of chemistry analysis and determination of purity and fineness of precious metals. XRF analysis is a multielemental testing alternative that is quicker and less expensive than fire assay and chemical tests. XRF provides on-the-spot analysis of your silver, platinum, and PGM metals and impurities, making it an easy way to boost customer confidence and ensure dealer reliability.

  • Particle Image Analyzer

    DRK-7020 - Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Determine the melting point to detect the purity of crystal material. Mainly used for determination of medicine, dyestuff, spice, and other crystal organic compounds’ melting point. Using photoelectric automatic detection, dot matrix image liquid crystal-display technology, and digital keyboard input. The instrument can measure three samples at the same time and has the initial melting, final weld automatic display, automatic recording of melting curve, automatically determine the melting point of the mean value function. The temperaturesystem uses highly linear platinum resistance as detection elements and PID regulation technology, improved the melting point’s precision and reliability. The instrument establishes communication with PC through the USB or RS232, printing or saving the curve and it uses capillary Pharmacopoeia as sample tube.

  • Cable & Antenna Analyzer

    R&S®Cable Rider ZPH - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    Frequency range from 2 MHz to 3 GHz/4 GHz, upgrade via keycodeDTF, return loss, VSWR and one-port cable loss measurementsIdeal for field use: 9-hour battery life, 2.5 kg (5.5 lb), backlit keypad, fast boot time, non-reflective display, small form factor, ruggedized housing (IP51)Large color touchscreenMeasurement wizard to speed up measurements and eliminate human errorsEasy and cost-efficient upgrades of all options via software keycode

  • Torque Analyzers & Sensors

    Mountz Inc.

    Controlling torque is essential for companies to ensure their product's quality, safety and reliability isn't compromised. The failure of a three-cent fastener that isn’t properly tightened can lead to catastrophic or latent failures. Fasteners that are insufficiently torqued can vibrate loose and excessive torque can strip threaded fasteners. Using a quality torque tester has become increasingly important for many companies to ensure that proper torque is being applied and maintains gauge requirements associated with any quality standard.

  • thermo-paramagnetic industrial oxygen analyzers

    XTP Series - Michell Instruments

    The XTP range uses an innovative thermo-paramagnetic oxygen detection system for high accuracy and reliability in industrial applications. Housed in an IP66 weather-proof/explosion-proof case for maximum flexibility of installation, it is available in hazardous area or general purpose configurations and is suitable for measurement of ranges from 0 to 100% oxygen.

  • Laser Particle Size Analyzer

    DRK6060 - Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

    1.Test range:0.05~800mic2.Accuracy error:〈±1%(national standard substancesD50) Repetitive deviation:〈±1%(national standard substancesD50) Electrical requirements:AC 220±10V,50Hz, 200W Dimension:1000×330×320mm Weight:38KG3.Light source:by using He-Ne laser gas source,a wavelength of 0.6328 microns, the service life of more than 25000 hours.

  • Personal Chemical Analyzer

    MyDx™ - CDx, Inc.

    Empowering you to live a healthier life by revealing the purity of what you eat, drink and inhale, all in the palm of your hands. MyDx™ allows you test samples of solids, liquids and gases in just 3 simple steps. We have developed four different sensors that will test the organic properties of food, water, air and cannabis.

  • Power Quality Analyzers

    Chauvin Arnoux Metrix

    direct access to main functions (configuration ....)direct access to measurements (harmonics, flicker ...)Input Voltage / Current, equipped with color coding ringsLarge TFT color display for excellent readability13h battery life

  • Map Headspace Gas Analyzer

    CheckPoint 3 - MOCON, Inc.

    The CheckPoint 3 features the latest solid-state sensor technology which enables improved accuracy at twice the speed when compared to the previous model. The unit also offers improved measurement stability. It is ideal for a wide variety of food products in MAP including meat, seafood, cheese, snack foods, salads, vegetables, powdered milk and coffee. “Its accuracy capabilities are particularly meaningful when the food product requires a low oxygen concentration. The more accurate your data is, the better able you will be to meet your shelf life goals,” Nick Markussen, area sales manager, MOCON Europe A/S. “Regarding its capability to provide results in less than 10 seconds, if you are running more than 100 tests per day, this improved capability benefit operating efficiencies.” Another key aspect is that the oxygen sensor on the CheckPoint 3 is expected to deliver more than a two-year “life” which represents a significant improvement. The extended sensor life means a reduction in total cost of ownership.

  • Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

    R&S®Spectrum Rider FPH - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    Frequency ranges from 5 kHz to 2/3/4 GHz; upgrade via keycodeSolid RF performanceIdeal for field use: 8 hour battery life, 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) weight, backlit keypad, fast boot time, nonreflective display, small footprint, ruggedized housingLarge color display with touch and gesture operationMeasurement wizard that supports measurement campaigns speeds up measurements and avoids errorsFeatures and options for various industries such as aerospace and defense, wireless communications, broadcasting, spectrum regulators and educationEasy and cost-efficient upgrades of all options via software keycodeThree-year warranty as standard (battery one year)

  • UHD-TV Analyzer, Generator & Converter

    ULTRA 4K Tool Box - OmniTek

    The Omnitek Ultra 4K Tool Box provides a unique and unparalleled suite of tools for the analysis conversion and generation of Ultra HDTV and Digital Cinema video signals in all current formats up to 4096x2160/60, helping manufacturers to design products and enabling broadcast engineers, networks, telcos, outside broadcast units, systems integrators and researchers to build, test and commission UHD and 4K systems with complete confidence.

  • Ultrasound Beam Analyzer

    OptiSon - Onda Corp.

    Visualize in real time and measure acoustic fields in seconds or minutes. Now you can achieve control of project timing and costs, gain a more comprehensive and confident understanding of the system and transducer performance, eliminate the tedium of testing and provide timely results. With 50 μm resolution and high dynamic range, there is no need to guess about the real field distribution. Now in a digital imaging version for better spatial resolution (1392x1040) and 12 bit depth!

  • Universal SureTest Circuit Analyzer

    PGT-61-164 - Prostat Corporation

    Measures Ground Impedance per ANSI/ESD S6.1Neutral & Ground Wires Verification per ANSI/ESD S6.1Verifies that Hot & Neutral are not reversedVerifies that Hot & Equipment Ground are not reversedSuper-bright displayHigh accuraciesLine VoltageTrue RMSPeak VoltageMeasures voltage drop under full load (12A, 15A, 20A load tests)Ground to neutral voltageFrequencyHot and neutral conductor impedancesIdentifies false (bootleg) grounds