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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer

    B1505A Series - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer is a single box solution for power device evaluation. Its broad measurement range from sub-pA to 10 kV/1500 A enables precise on-resistance measurements. Additionally, its 10 s fast pulse capability enables complete power device characterization. This allows evaluation of new power devices such as IGBT and wide band-gap materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN). It will also make possible significant improvements in incoming inspection and failure analysis with its easy-to-use software environment.

  • Photolytic True NO2/NO/NOx Analyzer

    Model T200P - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model T200P provides measurements of NO and NO2 using our Model T200 NOx analyzer combined with a patented high efficiency photolytic converter. Even low temperature molybdenum converters transform other nitrogen-containing compounds such as HNO3, PAN, etc. to a considerable extent. Simultaneous measurements of NO2 performed with molybdenum and photolytic converters have shown significantly different results in the presence of such compounds.In the photolytic process the sample gas passes through a cell where it is exposed to light at a specific wavelength from an LED array. This causes the NO2 to be selectively converted to NO with negligible interference from other gases. Advances in the photolytic converter technology now yields NO2 conversion efficiency that is similar to molybdenum under typical ambient NO2 concentrations, but without the same interferences.

  • Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer

    B1505A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer is the only single box solution available with the capability to characterize high power devices from the sub-picoamp level up to 10 kV and 1500 A. These capabilities allow evaluation of novel new device such as IGBT and materials such as GaN and SiC. The B1505A supports a variety of modules: high voltage SMU (HVSMU), high current SMU (HCSMU), ultra high current (UHC) module, ultra high voltage (UHV) module and high voltage medium current (HVMC) module. The B1505A also supports: high-power SMU (1 A/200 V), medium-power SMU (100 mA/100 V) ,medium-current SMU (1 A/30V pulsed, 100 mA/30V DC) and a multi-frequency capacitance measurement unit (1 kHz 5 MHz). Its ten-slot modular mainframe allows you to configure the B1505A to suit your measurement needs.

  • Gas Filter Correlation CO Analyzer

    Model T300U - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model T300U Trace-level CO analyzer has been developed specifically to address the challenges of low level monitoring as required, for example, in the US NCore network. Using IR absorption with a Gas Filter Correlation Wheel, the T300U is designed to allow ultra-sensitive CO measurements while still meeting the requirements for use as a US EPA compliance analyzer.The optical bench is enclosed in a temperature controlled oven, dramatically decreasing instrument noise and drift. The objective and field mirrors in the sample cell are gold plated to maximize signal to noise performance, while a temperature-controlled Nafion dryer on the inlet minimizes water interference caused by ambient humidity changes. Periodically, the T300U seamlessly corrects its baseline by routing the sample through a heated catalytic CO scrubber. This Auto Reference function corrects zero drift and reduces the effect of interferences.

  • Memory Analysis Software for Logic Analyzers

    B4661A - Keysight Technologies

    Rapidly navigate DDR3/4, LPDDR2/3/4, or ONFi traffic flow using "Transaction Decode" and "Traffic Overview" viewsView performance calculations and graphs of MByte data rates, % bus utilization, graphic rolling refresh window, and address mapping for DDR3/4 or LPDDR2/3/4Navigate quickly across multiple ONFi targets using the condensed ONFi analysis "Timeline" viewSave time by visualizing an ONFi operation as a set of logically associated commands in a sequence, using the "Details" view of the ONFi transactions

  • Laboratory Analyzer for Water Activity Measurement

    Rotronic Instrument Corp.

    High- End laboratory instruments to offer precise measurements

  • Loss-on-drying Moisture & Solids Analyzer

    Computrac® Max® 4000XL - Arizona Instrument LLC

    The Computrac MAX® 4000XL provides quick, reliable and accurate results. This improves the ability to adjust or monitor processes, ensuring quality products while minimizing waste, energy requirements and man-hours. Ease of use and durability, along with superior service and support make the Computrac® MAX® 4000XL an ideal choice for research, manufacturing and laboratory environments.

  • Lubricating Oil Evaporation Loss Analyzer

    K580 - Chongqing Kailian Yongrun Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    It is designed to test evaporation loss of lubricating oils by the Noack method;Conforms to ASTM D5800, DIN 51581 and SH/T 0059.

  • Light Industrial Grade MagStripe Analyzer

    Mag3x Mini - Q-Card

    Tests wide range of cards:Encoded ID1 Plastic CardsISO tracks 1, 2 and 3Embossed / Pre EmbossedEnglish and Chinese language software availableWindows 7 BasedSimple graphical displays show pass or fail for each cardSave detailed data on each card for future analysis12-bit resolutionFast pass/fail tool for production lineConvenient, mini form factorEasy-to-use reportingServiceable by end userCalibrate at your own facilityOne click testingFast 100K samples/second

  • AI Virtual Assistant Performance Analyzer

    Vocalyzer Test Suite - inc.

    The vocalyzer test suite has been developed to enable black-box evaluations and benchmarking of AI powered virtual assistants. The goal is to help highlight gaps in performance with measurable, repeatable and shared benchmarks. For the initial task of assessing the hearing capabilities of speech recognizer engines, has leveraged expertise from the world of audiology; the branch of science that studies hearing, balance and related disorders. Working with talented audiologists, the company has identified procedures and modified them to work with virtual assistants. Audiology tests such as Speech Recognition Threshold (SRT) and Speech In Noise (SIN) are supported by a cloud based utterance database and are readily available for product benchmarking.

  • 2GHz RF Field Strength Analyzer

    MIT-3201 - MITech Inc.

    MIT 3201 is designed ideal for testing, installation and maintenance for Mobile Telecommunication System. Cable TV. Cellular Phone. Satellite TV Reception. Cordless Phone. Hidden Camera Detection. CB Radio. Teletapping Detection. Paging System.

  • Software-Defined Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

    AKELA, Inc.

    AKELA VNAs are available in two models to meet a range of production test requirements from 125MHz to 6GHz at deterministic sweep times as low as 6ms (51 points). The AKELA VNA was designed for networked operation from the ground up, without the interference of middleware or the inconsistent latency of USB connections. The user''''s software, based on the AKELA API, has direct access to the hardware, and sweep timing is completely deterministic.

  • Spectrum Analyzer & Sat TV Instrument

    Satlook Color HD - Emitor AB

    Spectrum-analyzer 950-2150MHz. • DVB/S S/2 -receiver 920-2150MHz. • Super bright 5" 16:9 TFT-LCD color display. • Automatic Satellite identification. • Readout of NIT - gives SAT ID and TV/Radio-channel info. • Digital BER and S/N-ratio (DVB-S, S/2). • QPSK and 8PSK constellation diagram. • DVB-S (Free to Air) and SAT-analog TV-picture. • LNB voltage 13/18V, 22KHz tone switch. • DiSEqC according to level 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2. • SatCr-control (UniCable). • Favourite channel list (100 channels) for FTA DVB-S. • Lots of memory positions for spectrum pictures. • RS232 for PC-connection (up/download). • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

  • SPICE circuits & model Debugger / Analyzer

    SpiceVision PRO - Concept Engineering GmbH

    SpiceVision PRO takes the complex SPICE descriptions produced by many EDA tools and generates clean, easy-to-read transistorlevel schematics and circuit fragments, and design documentation to speed up debugging and project development.

  • Telephone Network Emulator and Voiceband Analyzer

    3540 - Rochelle Communications, Inc.

    The Model 3540 is a two-channel DSP-based instrument that can be configured as a Central Office (FXS) on one or both channels, and/or as Telephony Equipment (FXO) on one or both channels. Central Office Simulation allows the Model 3540 to generate DC Voltage plus a wide range of country-specific SMS, Caller ID, FSK, Ringing, Call Progress, Noise, and Tone signals. Telephony Equipment Simulation permits the Model 3540 to function as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) such as a telephone or a modem.