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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • PCI bus test adapter

    pcibus1b - PC Engines Gmbh

    All important PCI bus signals routed to pin headers for easy connection of logic analyzer. Filter assistance for logic analyzer: D-FF to delay FRAME# by one cycle. To see actual PCI data transfers, filter for FRAME2# high + FRAME# low (address phase), or IRDY# low and TRDY# low (data phase). Business card size. Notched for 5V PCI bus (can be used on 3.3V bus with mechanical modification).

  • Oscilloscopes

    AEMC Instruments

    AEMC Instruments proudly introduces the first hand-held portable two- and four-isolated-channel 600V Cat. III Oscilloscopes on the market with 12-bit resolution. Featuring five complimentary tools in one - an Oscilloscope, FFT Analyzer, TRMS Multimeter, Harmonic Analyzer and a Recorder - all in a rugged and ergonomic hand-held instrument. They are the perfect tools for both laboratory and field testing.


    Analog Arts

    USB-powered oscilloscope. It includes an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, a data recorder, and a frequency and Phase analyzer. This compact device has been developed for professionals with a limited budget. Hobbyists can also benefit from the many features of the instruments. The oscilloscope offers a bandwidth of 100 MHz, and a real sampling rate of up to 250 MHz (125 MHz/channel) with an effective sampling rate of 100 GHz. SA915 is an ideal oscilloscope for any user. To examine some of the features of the product, install the free application-software and review the comprehensive video tutorials.

  • Power Limiters

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight's power limiters provide the best broadband input protection from excess RF power, DC transients and ESD, for a variety of RF and microwave instruments and components. For example, the input circuitry of spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, frequency counters or amplifiers can be protected from unintentional inputs up to 5 watts average power. At even greater power levels, failure mode for the limiter is either an open circuit or a short circuit to ground, thereby protecting the instrument from damage.

  • Satellite Finder Meter DVB-S2/S HD w/ Spectrum

    SF-6932 - Finder Electronics Co., Ltd.

    It has Constellation analyzer and Spectrum analyzer and also support the MPEG-4. You can use it to receive DVB-S and DVB-S2 signal, Watch HD programing. It's very convenient for the installer to catch and alignment the antenna to the best position. It uses microprocessor controller and has the reliable and stable performance. When you turn on it, the channel picture, signal strength and signal quality will be showed on 4.3 inch Large LCD screen. The large menu also can display EL/AZ, CBER/VBER, S/N. It can detect very weak signal and provide antenna power

  • Smart Harmonic Mixers

    Keysight Technologies

    These smart mixers use a simple USB plug-and-play connection which can automatically configure the signal analyzer for the specific mixer connected, including downloading conversion loss data and automatically compensate for local oscillator path loss. Therefore, it provides you with the most efficient test setup, shortening the overall start up operations with better performance with its embedded smart features when used with Keysight EXA, PXA, MXA, and UXA signal analyzers.

  • Sulfur Benchtop


    XOS offers a variety of sulfur analyzers suitable for a wide range of analysis, throughput requirements, and operating environments. Imagine a smarter analysis solution free of compromise: hassle-free sample prep, easy operation, rapid testing, compliance flexibility, and industry-leading precision. These analyzers range from monochromatic wavelength dispersive XRF (MWDXRF) to high definition XRF (HDXRF) systems, delivering direct measurement without the need for consumable gasses or sample conversion.

  • Sound Level Meter

    AWA5688 - Hangzhou Aihua Instruments Co., Ltd.

    * A handhold noise measuring instrument*. Multifunction and user- friendly sound level meter(sound level meter, integrating SLM, 1/1 OCT, 1/3 OCT analyzer, FFT analyzer, Noise dosimeter)* 240×320 color screen* Measurement range up to 133dB* Synchronously do integrating measure, statistical, real-time 1/1 OCT, 1/3 OCT, FFT analysis and noise dosimeter measure* Comply with IEC 61672 Class 2 and IEC61260 Class 2 and IEC 61252


    3265B SERIES - Wayne Kerr Electronics, Ltd.

    To evaluate components at currents up to 125 A the 3265B DC Bias Units are used with either the Wayne Kerr 3255B series of Inductance Analyzers or the 3260B Precision Magnetics Analyzer. When one 3265B/25A or 3265BQ/25A DC Bias Unit is connected to an instrument up to 25 A of DC bias current can be set in steps of 25 mA with one unit. Additional DC Bias Units can be added such that with five units connected in parallel it is possible to set DC bias currents up to a maximum of 125 A DC.

  • DCME testing, analysis and verification

    DCME Analyzer - GL Communications Inc.

    GL's DCME Analyzer is ideal for DCME testing, analysis, and verification. The DCME Analyzer connects non-intrusively to the bearer side of DCME equipment. Both real-time and post-processing of the bearer signal is possible. In real-time mode, the status of the bearer including synchronization, bearer loading, fax loading and other statistics are easily monitored. In post processing mode, the entire DCME bearer signal is captured to the PC's hard disk, so the captured file can then be post-analyzed

  • Color Screen Sound Level Meter

    AWA6228+ - Hangzhou Aihua Instruments Co., Ltd.

    * A handhold noise measuring instrument* Multifunction and user- friendly sound level meter(sound level meter, integrating SLM, 1/1 OCT,   1/3 OCT analyzer, FFT analyzer, Noise dosimeter)* 240×320 color screen* Measurement range up to 142dB* Synchronously do integrating measure, statistical, real-time 1/1 OCT, 1/3 OCT, FFT analysis and noise dosimeter measure* Comply with IEC 61672 Class 1 and IEC61260 Class 1 and IEC 61252

  • CPCI BUS Interface Card

    Cpci301 MIL-STD-1553 - Andor Design Corp.

    MIL-STD-1553 A, B & McAir MULTI PROTOCOLS Simulator / Analyzer / Tester CPCI BUS Interface Card - The CPCI301 can be used for Validation Testing, Production Testing, full bus simulation and monitoring, as a general purpose 1553 interface or a stand alone bus Analyzer. For precise message scheduling and measurements, the Major and minor frame times are independent of message sequences or retransmissions on errors and the start of all command messages are independent of message length, response time or length of response. Message timing is calibrated and RT responses have low jitter.

  • CT/PT Test System

    PCT 200Ai - Ponovo Power Co., Ltd.

    PCT200Ai is the current transformer test set can finish various tests of different transformers. Compared with PCT200i,its accuracy is higher.This CT analyzer can test the 0.2s class CT.Only this CT analyzer - the high-accuracy current transformer test set has passed the tests held by Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute.The max permissible error of ratio measurement is ±0.05% and max phase measurement is ±2min.

  • Comprehensive Fuel and Crude Oil Analysis through NIR Spectroscopy

    ParaFuel - Grabner Instruments

    The ParaFuel™ NIR Process analyzer from LT Industries provides comprehensive inline analysis of Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, Crude Oil, Blending components and Blended Fuels for a wide range of critical properties including Octane, Distillation Points or RVP. The analyzer is also available in a benchtop version designed to improve efficiency when testing in laboratories.

  • Thermal Analysis

    Shimadzu Corp.

    Ever since Shimadzu developed Japan's first Differential Thermal Analyzer DT-1 in 1958, it has continued to strive towards the ultimate goal in this area of analyzers. Solutions gained during this process have been commercialized as a variety of concepts - micro DTA, multi-channel and standalone - which have been given high marks by customers as means for solving their problems. Currently, we have available a lineup of products centering around the new 60 Series Thermal Analysis Instruments that embody market needs through the very latest technology.