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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Frequency Block Converter (FBC)

    Farran Technology Ltd

    Farran Technology offers the FBC series of down converters for use as frequency extenders for noise figure measurement test systems. The FBC-FB-XX is a fullband system can be built upon an Keysight N8975A Noise Figure Analyzer (NFA) or X Series Signal Analyzer with option N9069A.  This system allows the user to extend the frequency range of the NFA to allow for accurate noise figure measurements to be performed on a device covering Ka, U, V, E, W bands (26.5-170 GHz), when used with an Agilent E8247C signal generator (or equivalent).

  • Gasmet Portable FTIR Ambient Gas Analyser

    DX4030 - Quantitech Limited

    The Gasmet DX4030 was the first truly portable FTIR gas analyzer in the world. The lightweight analyzer module is located in durable Teflon–coated backpack. The DX4030 analyser module houses a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer, Rhodium-Gold coated sample cell and signal processing electronics. The sample gas is extracted into the sample cell via a probe with built in a particle filter. Hence no sample preparation is needed.

  • EMC-Scanners

    RSE Series - Detectus AB

    The patented EMC-scanner measures the emission from PCB’s, components, cables and products. The system consists of anX-Y-Z robot, a spectrum analyzer with near field probe and a standard PC with custom software and a GPIB card or similar for communicating with the spectrum analyzer. During measurement the near field probe is moved by the robot to a grid of measuring points above the test object. At each measuring point the location of the probe and the value of the emission intensity is stored in the computer. After the measurement the results can be documented in different types of reports.

  • Emulators

    NG-PON Xpert - TraceSpan Communications Ltd.

    The NG-PON Xpert multi-layer analyzer is a unique, real-time protocol analyzer for XG-PON1, NG-PON2 and XGS-PON  networks and products. It supports the symmetrical 10G and asymmetrical 10G/2.5G options of XGS-PON, as well as TWDM-PON with 4 pairs of wavelengths for NG-PON2. Wavelength switching is software-controlled, supporting both a fixed mode with a user-selected pair of wavelengths, and selection of an ONU which the NG-PON Xpert can follow in case of Handover.

  • Energized Testers


    Two complete instruments in one: Electric Signature Analyzer (ESA) and a Power Quality Analyzer (PQ)ESA mode evaluates the condition of incoming power, the control circuit, the motor itself, and the driven loadPQ mode used for energy data logging, harmonic analysis, voltage and current charting, viewing and capturing waveforms, including sags and swells, transient capture and event captureResults can be trended for condition based maintenance/predictive maintenance purposes

  • USB PC Based Oscilloscopes

    GAO Tek Inc.

    GAO USB PC Based Oscilloscope combines a high performance PC based digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), two/four 8 bit channels, 80MHz bandwidth, 250MS/s sample rate, and 256K/512K/1Mega sample memory buffer with an eight/sixteen 250MHz channels' logic analyzer and an FFT spectrum analyzer. By connecting with your PC's parallel or USB port, GAO USB PC Based Oscilloscope will provide a low cost but ultimate test and measurement solution through its professional software which has free upgrades via the web.

  • VMA Vector Modulation Analysis Application, Multi-Touch UI

    N9054C - Keysight Technologies

    The N9054C VMA vector modulation analysis (VMA) measurement applicationis part of a library of more than 25 measurement applications used with the Keysight X-Series signal analyzers, an evolutionary approach to signal analysis that spans instrumentation, measurements and software. TransformingX-Series signal analyzers into vector modulation analysis mode, the application provides a wide range of measurements, demodulation types and filters to perform comprehensive signal analysis, helping you thoroughly test your designs, ensure product quality and optimize without compromise.

  • Signal Generator

    RTT - Innowireless Corp

    RTT is a 2-in-1 compact solution which combined Signal Generator (SG) and Signal Analyzer(SA). RTT covers full functions of both Signal Generators and Signal analyzer to provide various test conservation to users at a low cost. In addition, it supports automatic program test which required from Test Standard(e.g. 3GPP TS36.141) to make suitable for the mass production of RF device.

  • Analog Platforms

    (T1/E1/T3/E3/OC-3/OC-12/STM-1/STM-4) - GL Communications Inc.

    Almost all T1 E1 T3 E3 Testers can be accommodated into rack-based units. Multiple rack units can be stacked together for greater scalability. Shown below is a rack based tProbe™ T1 E1 / T3 E3 Analyzer unit, and a Channelized T3 E3 Analyzer unit supporting 6 T3s (6 * 672 DS0s). Such customized rack serves the purpose of handling multiple communications lines and test complex functionalities.

  • USB Expansion Kit

    OP-SB84 - LINEEYE Co., Ltd.

    OP-SB84 is an expansion board for monitoring USB2.0 and measuring VBUS power, inserting into a slot of portable communication analyzer (LE-8200A/LE-8200). It is a stand-alone USB analyzer, exchanging the measurement board and line state sheet for USB signals. This equipment runs without a PC and useful not only for developing USB devices but also trouble shooting and after-supporting of USB devices.

  • WR-12 E Band VNA Frequency Extender

    STO-12203-S1 - Sage Millimeter, Inc.

    Model STO-12203-S1 is an E Band vector network analyzer (VNA) frequency extender designed to achieve full 2-port, S-parameter testing at 60 to 90 Ghz. It is compatiable with modern vector network analyzers such as the Rohde & Schwarz ZVA Series and the Keysight PNA-X Series. The frequency extenders can achieve a dynamic range of 90 dB and are great for testing many E band devices including passive and active devices. It takes a pair to complete the full S parameter test set.

  • Oscilloscope Protocol Decode Solutions

    Granite River Labs Inc.

    Semiconductor companies depend on Oscilloscope Protocol Decode Solutions as the first available protocol analyzers which can be used for low level validation and debug. GRL’s Oscilloscope Protocol Decode Solutions go beyond the simple decode features historically found on scopes and instead provide sophisticated protocol analysis features typically found only on dedicated protocol analyzers.

  • Vehicle Exhaust Gas

    MRU Instruments, Inc.

    The Optima 7 NDIR gas analyzer is a high-performance product available for use across industries. This powerful tool offers CO/CO2/ HC infrared (NDIR) measurement as well as O2 and NOx electrochemical measurement. With the capacity to measure up to 5 automotive gas components and data storage for up to 16,000 measurements, you can depend on this portable exhaust gas analyzer for extensive emission monitoring.

  • CorrVisual Software

    Corr Instruments, llc

    CorrVisual software provides an easy to use and flexible graphical user interface for the setup, control, and data visualization of Corr Instruments'' nanoCorr Coupled Multielectrode Array Sensor (CMAS) Analyzers.

  • At-Line Analysis Of Moisture, Nicotine And Sugars

    NDC Technologies

    The InfraLab At-Line Tobacco Analyzer is established worldwide as a viable, cost-effective alternative to the traditional gravimetric and CFA (continuous flow analysis) methods for the measurement of moisture, nicotine and sugars in Primary and GLT Processing.