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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Modal Analysis

    M+P International

    The Modal Analysis package is part of m+p Analyzer, m+p international's dynamic signal analyzer for noise & vibration measurements and analysis. It provides a complete set of tools for observing, analysing and documenting the vibrational behaviour of machines and mechanical structures. Software modules are available for classical and operational modal analysis, shaker measurements (SIMO and MIMO) as well as for ODS, SDOF and MDOF analysis. A modal model validation module is also provided.

  • High Purity Gas Measurements

    DF High Purity - Servomex Group Ltd

    When your processes need high purity gas measurements for oxygen and moisture, DF analyzers deliver industry-leading performance that reaches down to the very lowest ultra-trace levels. Utilizing the exceptional sensing capabilities of Servomex’s coulometric and TDL sensing technologies for the measurement of oxygen and moisture respectively, DF analyzers are optimized for a sensitive and stable analysis at ppm, ppb and ppt levels.

  • LTE/LTE-Advanced Multi-Channel, Reference Solution

    Keysight Technologies

    Gain greater insight faster with a compact, multi-channel LTE-A PXI signal generator and signal analyzer reference solution.This Reference Solution uses world-class Signal Studio software to create complex LTE-A waveforms and the 89600 VSA/WLA software to connect to multiple analyzers. The VSA software allows engineers to quickly view multiple antenna elements simultaneously and analyze the RF performance and modulation domains for timing and signal quality issues in complex carrier aggregation and MIMO/beamforming designs.

  • Measurement

    Phasemeter - ZETLAB Company

    Phasemeter is used for measuring the phase difference of two signals coming to the input channels of FFT spectrum analyzers. The upper line of the indicator displays the current phase difference value in degrees, the lower line – phase difference value in radians. It is possible to change the averaging of the displayed value (0.1 or 1 s) and to select necessary FFT spectrum analyzer channels.

  • Measurement

    DC Voltmeter - ZETLAB Company

    DC Voltmeter is used for measuring DC voltage coming to the input channels of ADC modules and FFT spectrum analyzers. The indicator displays the DC voltage mean value and root-mean-square deviation (RMSD) from the mean value of the selected channel signal. It is possible to change the averaging of the displayed value (0.1; 1, or 10 s) and to select a necessary channel of the ADC module and FFT spectrum analyzer or a virtual channel.

  • Measurement

    Frequency Meter - ZETLAB Company

    Frequency Meter is used for measuring the frequency of the signal coming to the input channels of ADC modules and FFT spectrum analyzers. The indicator displays the measured frequency value (frequency of periodic oscillations) and signal cycle time corresponding to the measured frequency. It is possible to change the averaging of the displayed value (0.1; 1, or 10 s) and to select a necessary channel of the ADC module, FFT spectrum analyzer or a virtual channel.

  • Multi Element Portable


    XOS offers multi-element XRF portable analyzers for industries like consumer products safety and environmental (soil and water). Imagine a smarter analysis solution free of compromise: easy sample prep and operation, rapid testing, compliance flexibility, and industry-leading precision. Powered by HDXRF, these analyzers deliver direct measurement without the need for consumable gasses or sample conversion.

  • Noise Sources (WGNS)

    Farran Technology Ltd

    The Farran Technology Ltd Noise Source is part of the Noise Figure measurement system (FBC-XX-XX) which can be built upon an Keysight N8975A Noise Figure Analyzer (NFA) or X-Series Signal Analyzer with option N9069A.  The system allows the user to extend the frequency range of the NFA to allow for accurate noise figure measurements to be performed on a device operating in the 26.5 - 170GHz range on wafer as well as in bench top applications.

  • Digital Sound Level Meter

    Model KM 926 - KUSAM-MECO

    • KM 926 designed according to the IEC 651 TYPE 2 & ANSIS1.4 TYPE 2 for sound level meter.• Instantaneous sound measure function.• Measurement Range : 30 ~ 130decibel• With two equivalent weighed sound pressure levels, A & C.• Fast & Slow dynamic characteristic modes.• AC & DC signed output for frequency analyzer level recorder, FFT analyzer, graphic recorder etc.

  • Emulators

    NG-PON Xpert - TraceSpan Communications Ltd.

    The NG-PON Xpert multi-layer analyzer is a unique, real-time protocol analyzer for XG-PON1, NG-PON2 and XGS-PON  networks and products. It supports the symmetrical 10G and asymmetrical 10G/2.5G options of XGS-PON, as well as TWDM-PON with 4 pairs of wavelengths for NG-PON2. Wavelength switching is software-controlled, supporting both a fixed mode with a user-selected pair of wavelengths, and selection of an ONU which the NG-PON Xpert can follow in case of Handover.

  • Gasmet Portable FTIR Ambient Gas Analyser

    DX4030 - Quantitech Limited

    The Gasmet DX4030 was the first truly portable FTIR gas analyzer in the world. The lightweight analyzer module is located in durable Teflon–coated backpack. The DX4030 analyser module houses a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer, Rhodium-Gold coated sample cell and signal processing electronics. The sample gas is extracted into the sample cell via a probe with built in a particle filter. Hence no sample preparation is needed.

  • WR-12 E Band VNA Frequency Extender

    STO-12203-S1 - Sage Millimeter, Inc.

    Model STO-12203-S1 is an E Band vector network analyzer (VNA) frequency extender designed to achieve full 2-port, S-parameter testing at 60 to 90 Ghz. It is compatiable with modern vector network analyzers such as the Rohde & Schwarz ZVA Series and the Keysight PNA-X Series. The frequency extenders can achieve a dynamic range of 90 dB and are great for testing many E band devices including passive and active devices. It takes a pair to complete the full S parameter test set.

  • Active Front-End MUX

    AMX 270 - Guide Technology, Inc.

    The AMX 270 "CTIA" architecture improves accuracy by bringing 32 channels of critical front-end input circuitry of GuideTech's Femto Continuous Time Interval Analyzer (CTIA) systems up close to the device under test.

  • Adapter Kit, Type-N and Type-F, 75 ohm, DC to 2 GHz

    86211A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight 86211A adapter kit contains three Type-N to Type-F 75 ohm instrument-grade adapters, necessary when measuring Type-F devices on network analyzer with Type-N ports.

  • Adapters

    Calibration Hex - Mountz Inc.

    Calibration Hex Step Adapters allow multiple size torque wrenches to be used with one adapter. The Hex Step Adapters can be used with a torque sensor or torque analyzer for a torque wrench calibration.