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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations.

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  • EMC-Scanners

    RSE Series - Detectus AB

    The patented EMC-scanner measures the emission from PCB’s, components, cables and products. The system consists of anX-Y-Z robot, a spectrum analyzer with near field probe and a standard PC with custom software and a GPIB card or similar for communicating with the spectrum analyzer. During measurement the near field probe is moved by the robot to a grid of measuring points above the test object. At each measuring point the location of the probe and the value of the emission intensity is stored in the computer. After the measurement the results can be documented in different types of reports.

  • Energized Testers


    Two complete instruments in one: Electric Signature Analyzer (ESA) and a Power Quality Analyzer (PQ)ESA mode evaluates the condition of incoming power, the control circuit, the motor itself, and the driven loadPQ mode used for energy data logging, harmonic analysis, voltage and current charting, viewing and capturing waveforms, including sags and swells, transient capture and event captureResults can be trended for condition based maintenance/predictive maintenance purposes

  • Frequency Block Converter (FBC)

    Farran Technology Ltd

    Farran Technology offers the FBC series of down converters for use as frequency extenders for noise figure measurement test systems. The FBC-FB-XX is a fullband system can be built upon an Keysight N8975A Noise Figure Analyzer (NFA) or X Series Signal Analyzer with option N9069A.  This system allows the user to extend the frequency range of the NFA to allow for accurate noise figure measurements to be performed on a device covering Ka, U, V, E, W bands (26.5-170 GHz), when used with an Agilent E8247C signal generator (or equivalent).

  • RF Explorer Signal Generator

    RFE6Gen - Nuts About Nets, llc

    As a standalone unit, the RFE6Gen can generate CW (continuous wave) and sweep signals by selecting the desired menu options. When connected to a PC, it can be fully programmed with the RF Explorer for Windows software tool. Furthermore, the unit can work as a powerful tracking generator when used with an RF Explorer spectrum analyzer connected to the same PC. This combination offers full SNA (scalar network analyzer) capabilities -- which allows characterization of filters, amplifiers and any 2-port RF device.

  • Power Limiters

    Keysight Technologies

    Keysight's power limiters provide the best broadband input protection from excess RF power, DC transients and ESD, for a variety of RF and microwave instruments and components. For example, the input circuitry of spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, frequency counters or amplifiers can be protected from unintentional inputs up to 5 watts average power. At even greater power levels, failure mode for the limiter is either an open circuit or a short circuit to ground, thereby protecting the instrument from damage.

  • Power Supply Test System

    ITS9500 - I-TECH Electronic Co., Ltd

    ITS9500 power supply test system is a convenient,practical and cost-efficient testing system,it designed for switching power supply test.The standard 5U unit integrates electronic loads,programmable AC power supplies,programmable DC power supplies,noise analyzers,timeing analyzers,digital electric meters,oscilloscope,I/O card and other instruments,ITS9500 can be installed on the counter top or inside a standard cabinet. Widely applied for tests of products such as power supply unit,LED drive power and battery charger etc.

  • Acoustic Testing & Measurement Software

    Smaart - Rational Acoustics LLC

    Smaart is an analyzer – A dual-channel, FFT-based software platform we use in our work as audio engineers to view the frequency content of signals or measure the response of our electrical and electro-acoustic systems. Much like medical instrumentation for doctors, this tool helps us examine our sound systems in detail and diagnose and solve problems. Because Smaart is a software product, it provides the power of extremely powerful hardware-based analyzers in a package that is affordable by an average audio professional.

  • Active Differential Probe, 100 kHz to 12 GHz

    U1818B - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight U1818B 100 kHz to 12 GHz active differential probe makes it easy to perform high frequency in-circuit measurements using network, spectrum and signal source analyzers. With flat frequency response, low noise floor, and direct power from instrument connection, the U1818B allows measurements to be made while taking full advantage of Keysight's RF analyzers dynamic range.

  • Active Differential Probe, 100 kHz to 7 GHz

    U1818A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight U1818A 100 kHz to 7 GHz active differential probe makes it easy to perform high frequency in-circuit measurements using network, spectrum and signal source analyzers. With flat frequency response, low noise floor, and direct power from instrument connection, the U1818A allows measurements to be made while taking full advantage of Keysight's RF analyzers dynamic range.

  • PCI bus test adapter

    pcibus1b - PC Engines Gmbh

    All important PCI bus signals routed to pin headers for easy connection of logic analyzer. Filter assistance for logic analyzer: D-FF to delay FRAME# by one cycle. To see actual PCI data transfers, filter for FRAME2# high + FRAME# low (address phase), or IRDY# low and TRDY# low (data phase). Business card size. Notched for 5V PCI bus (can be used on 3.3V bus with mechanical modification).

  • Interface Cards

    MIL-STD-1553 - Alta Data Technologies LLC

    Alta's MIL-STD-1553 (AS15531) product line is second to none. The product line includes multi-channel interface cards for most computer backplanes and the industry's only real-time Ethernet converters. The software development kits, AltaAPI and AltaAPI-LabVIEW(tm), provides the best designed, abstracted and portable resource to quickly and reliably integrate a 1553 network to your application. Also, the AltaView analyzer Windows software provides a low-level, network analyzer to greatly reduce integration and troubleshooting time.

  • IPTV Set-of-Box Auto Test System

    Jumho Electric Corporation

    IPTV Set-of-Box test system is general audio/video test system for IPTV RCA signal output. This system has these features: Based on high-speed, high resolution data acquisition board from National Instruments. It can support all video and audio parameters testing. High speed, 3x than traditional video analyzer and audio analyzer Cost down. Traditional video analyzer is expensive and difficult to adopt in factory pipeline Easy-of-use software interface

  • AC Power Sources

    i/iX Series II - California Instruments

    Combination AC and DC Power. Source and Power Analyzer Replaces multiple instruments with a single multifunction unit. 3000 VA to 30000 VA of Output Power. Capable of handling a wide range of loads with 0 to 1 power factor. Arbitrary Waveform Generation Test products for harmonics immunity. Built-in Digital Power Analyzer Analyze frequency and time domain of both voltage and current on all phases. Scope Capture Capability Built in voltage and current waveform acquisition capability (iX Series II)

  • AC Power Supply

    CSW Series - California Instruments

    The CSW Series represents a new generation of AC/DC power sources that address the increasing demands on test equipment to perform additional functions at a lower cost. By combining a flexible AC/DC power source with a high performance power analyzer, the Compact CSW Series is capable of handling complex applications that have traditionally required multiple systems. The sleek integrated approach of the CSW avoids cable clutter that is commonly found in test systems. All connections are made internally and the need for digital multimeters, power harmonics analyzers, and current shunts or clamps is eliminated.

  • USB PC Based Oscilloscopes

    GAO Tek Inc.

    GAO USB PC Based Oscilloscope combines a high performance PC based digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), two/four 8 bit channels, 80MHz bandwidth, 250MS/s sample rate, and 256K/512K/1Mega sample memory buffer with an eight/sixteen 250MHz channels' logic analyzer and an FFT spectrum analyzer. By connecting with your PC's parallel or USB port, GAO USB PC Based Oscilloscope will provide a low cost but ultimate test and measurement solution through its professional software which has free upgrades via the web.