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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations.

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  • Charge-to-Mass Ratio Test System

    Model 212HS - TREK, INC.

    Trek offers a unique, small, and portable Q/m analyzer which utilizes the "draw-off" toner transfer method to yield repeatable high accuracy toner charge measurements. The Trek Model 212HS Charge-to-Mass Ratio (Q/m) Test System is used to quickly and accurately determine the charge-to-mass ratio characteristics of both single and dual component electrophotographic toners and other charged particulates.

  • Chemical Absorbance Systems

    StellarNet Inc

    UV-VIS & NIR systems for chemical absorbance measurements 190-2300nmSpectrochemistry Systems include a miniature spectrometer, light source, and sampling accessory such as cuvette holders, dip probes, & flow cellsSpectraWiz Software has built in features for ChemWiz Concentration Analyzer with multivariate chemometric optionsEpisodic capture for kinetics, time series analysis, & batch monitoringEasily convert to fluorescence or reflectance for multi applicationsGreat for Teaching Labs, Research, Process Control & much more!Also see details about our Fluorescence and Raman Systems

  • Benchtop X-ray diffraction (XRD) instrument

    MiniFlex - Rigaku Corp.

    New sixth generation MiniFlex X-ray diffractometer (XRD) is a multipurpose analytical instrument that can determine: phase identification and quantification, percent (%) crystallinity, crystallite size and strain, lattice parameter refinement, Rietveld refinement, and molecular structure. It is widely used in research, especially in material science and chemistry, as well as in industry for research and quality control. It is the newest addition to MiniFlex series of benchtop X-ray diffraction analyzers from Rigaku, which began with the introduction of the original MiniFlex system decades ago.

  • High-Performance Autoranging DC Power Module, 60V, 20A, 300W

    N6754A - Keysight Technologies

    This module is used in both the small, multiple output 1U high N6700 Low-Profile Modular Power System (for ATE systems) and the multiple output N6705 DC Power Analyzer (for bench testing). GPIB, LAN, USB, and LXI compliance are standard. Select from more than 20 different DC power modules, ranging in capability from basic to high precision, and in power from 20 - 300 W.

  • High Performance Netlist Debugging and Netlist Viewing

    Concept Engineering GmbH

    GateVision PRO is the third generation of graphical gate-level netlist analyzers and netlist viewers from Concept Engineering. Please check out the Demo Video: Basic Features. Completely rewritten to run on modern 32/64bit platforms, GateVision PRO provides the designer of even the largest chips and SoCs with intuitive design navigation, netlist viewing, waveform viewing, logic cone extraction, interactive logic cone viewing for netlist debugging and design documentation.

  • In-Circuit Emulator

    DS-251 - Ceibo Inc.

    # Real-Time and Transparent In-Circuit Emulator for 251s# Uses Intel and Atmel Licensed Bondout Technology# Standard 256K Emulation Memory# Real-Time Trace up to 128K Frames Deep, 128 Bits Wide# Complex Hardware Breakpoints# Supports Both Binary Mode and Source Mode# MS-Windows Debugger# High-Level Support for Popular C-Compilers# Full Support of Local and Global Variables# On-Line Assembler and Disassembler# Performance Analyzer

  • In-Circuit Emulator

    DS-51 - Ceibo Inc.

    * Real-Time and Transparent In-Circuit Emulator * Supports Most of the 8051 Derivatives * Emulates 1.5V to 6V Microcontrollers * Maximum Frequency of 42MHz * 64K/512K of Internal Memory with Banking Support * 32K Trace Memory "on the Fly" * 64K Hardware and Conditional Breakpoints * MS-Windows and Keil ?Vision Debuggers * Source-Level Debugger for Assembler, PLM and C * On-Line Assembler and Disassembler * Performance Analyzer * Serially linked to IBM PC at 115 Kbaud

  • In-line Wet Process Concentration Monitoring


    CI’s family of wet process concentration analyzers (WetSpec line) offers cost effective solutions for in-line wet chemistry monitoring. These products range from conductivity and NDIR solutions for simple chemistries concentration measurement, to spectroscopic systems for measuring multiple constituents and residues in complex solutions. The main concentration monitoring application that are served by CI Semi’s products are cleaning (SC1, SC2…) etching (HF, BOE, MAI….) and photo resist strippers (EKC, ACT, Piranha….).

  • Elemental Spectrometers

    SpectrOil 100 Series - Spectro Scientific

    The Spectroil Q100 is now the SpectrOil 100 Series, which includes the new 110 and 120 models. These analyzers deliver improvements in performance, stability and ease of use. SpectrOil Rotating Disk Electrode Optical Emission Spectroscopy (RDE-OES) is a proven means of precisely determining elemental composition in engine oil, coolant, fuels, grease, process water, and a wide variety of critical operating fluids. For decades this robust technology has been used as both a quality control tool and machine health monitor.

  • Digital SNITCH Pro Wiretap Detector


    The Pro Wiretap Detector alerts you in an instant if there is a wiretap on your telephone line, if eavesdropping is happening while you are speaking. It's a new generation all in one professional grade model for those who need total telephone security! It's also designed for sweep teams to use as a professional grade telephone and telephone line analyzer. Just plug the Pro Wiretap Detector into your telephone and then plug the output jack into your telephone line and scan the line.

  • Digital Torque Meter

    TNP-Series - Shimpo Instruments

    Torque Meter is used in medical, pharmaceutical, industrial quality control, R&D and countless other torque applications. As a cap torque analyzer, the TNP repeatedly determines bottle closure and breakaway torque. Its wide memory capacity is capable of storing 1,000 data points, including Average, Maximum and Minimum values. A HI-GO-LO LED comparator feature can be utilized for large batch testing to ensure overall product quality.

  • Dielectric Interface

    1296A - Solartron Analytical

    Analyzing low conductivity, low loss materials stretches the capabilities of even the best frequency response analyzers (FRAs). Used alone, they lack the sensitivity required for accurate measurements, especially at low frequencies. When used in conjunction with one of our FRAs, the 1296A Dielectric Interface overcomes these issues allowing fast, accurate impedance measurements from 100ohm to 100Tohm with 1 in 65,000,000 resolution.

  • Call Data Records

    CDR - GL Communications Inc.

    The T1/E1 Call Data Record Software (CDR032) compiles the output of CCA (Call Capture and Analysis) application and (optionally) VBA (Voice Band Analyzer) application and generates Call Summary and Call Detail types of reports. CDR provides comprehensive information on each and every call occurring on T1 and E1 lines, including - voice capture, signaling information, alarms and errors occurring during the call, voiceband event information, and categorization of the call as voice, fax, modem, or data.

  • Automatic Fixture Removal

    S93007A - Keysight Technologies

    Many devices do not have coaxial connectors and are put in fixtures in order to measure them in a coaxial environment. Accurately removing the effects of the fixture is required to get a good measurement of the device under test (DUT). This option adds a powerful application wizard to guide you through characterizing a fixture and removing it from the measurement. The S93007A is equivalent to Option 007 on PNA/PNA-L/PNA-X Series A model network analyzers.

  • Audio Monitor

    TouchMonitor TM7 - RTW GmbH & Co. KG

    A major enhancement is the possibility to measure and to display signals of the 7.1 DD+ surround format. Beside the display with classic PPM instrument, the signal is available for loudness measurements according to all relevant loudness standards. In addition, RTW's Surround Sound Analyzer has been expanded to display the balance and the subjective impression of the 7.1 DD+ format at a glance in a very clear graphical overview.