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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • DC Bias Injector

    J2130A - PICOTEST Corp.

    When using the network analyzer to measure impedance, such as the capacitance and ESR or a capacitor, or the DCR of an inductor, etc., it is often necessary to provide a voltage bias to the device being tested. This is true of semiconductor junction capacitances, varactors, and some ceramic capacitors (especially X5R). In these cases the impedance is a function of the DC bias on the device. The Picotest DC bias injector (J2130A) is used for this purpose during impedance measurements.

  • Stream Valve /SMPTE 310M


    MPEG-2 Transport Stream Playback and Capture with SMPTE 310M In and Out for continuous playback and/or capture of selected ( by PIDs) Transport Streams from a "bouquet" by time or by MB. (Use with ATSC Master FD to "build your own" SMPTE 310M Loop). Includes a simple TS analyzer that recognizes SI and PSIP tables, a software based TS decoder, and miscellaneous transport streams for test purposes only.

  • Stroke-to-Raster Scan Conversion

    SSC/300 - Delta Digital Video

    The Model SSC/300 Stroke-to-Video Scan Converter is a rugged, flight-worthy unit designed to convert cockpit stroke video from XYZ vector to a standard raster video format. The converted video can then be recorded, displayed, switched or transmitted using standard video equipment. Stroke video is generated by a variety of random-deflection devices, including certain radar and sonar devices, spectrum analyzers, and Heads Up Display (HUD) generators. A choice of RS-170 or PAL formats are available.

  • Stroke-to-Raster Scan Conversion

    SSC/924 - Delta Digital Video

    The Model SSC/924 Stroke-to-Video Scan Converter converts stroke video from XYZ vector to a standard video format. Stroke video is generated by a variety of random deflection devices, including certain radar and sonar devices, spectrum analyzers, and Heads Up Display (HUD) generators. High Definition, Standard Definition, and VESA video output standards are provided. After conversion, the video can be recorded using standard video recording devices and viewed using low cost, off-the-shelf monitors.

  • RF Limiter, 10 Hz to 1800 MHz

    11867A - Keysight Technologies

    11867A RF limiter can be used to protect the input circuits of spectrum analyzers, counters, amplifiers, and other instruments from high power levels with minimal effect on measurement performance. This limiter (10 Hzto 1800 MHz) reflects signals up to 10 watts average power and 100 watts peak power. Insertion loss is less than 0.75 dB.

  • PXI Switchable-Input Programmable Step Attenuator Module, DC to 50 GHz

    M9169E - Keysight Technologies

    The M9169E is a 3-port PXI programmable step attenuator module with a switchable path for a calibrator signal (cal input) into the input of a signal analyzer to improve amplitude accuracy. The M9169E has 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability throughout the operating life of up to 5 million cycles per section. Its excellent attenuation accuracy across a wide operating temperature range ensures precise measurements.

  • Protocol Analysis

    SS7(C7) - GL Communications Inc.

    GL's SS7 (C7) Analyzer performs SS7 analysis in real-time, as well as off-line. The real-time mode of operation is used to capture and analyze stream of frames on the SS7 Links. Captured information can be saved to disk for later off-line analysis. MTP2 is parsed according to ANSI-ITU standards and the higher SS7 layer information parsing depends on the user's selection of TUP, ISUP, SCCP, TCAP, GSM-MAP, IS-41, INAP, etc., according to national and international variants.

  • Protocol Analysis

    GSM - GL Communications Inc.

    GL's GSM Analyzer is used to analyze GSM protocols, a switching and signaling telecommunication protocol between MSC & BSC, BSC & BTS, MSC & HLR, MSC & VLR, VLR and HLR, MSC & SMLC, UMA & MS,. and so on. Also supports proprietary 'Mobis' Interface (Motorola equivalent of the GSM A-bis interface) with additional license XX151 between BSC (Base Station Controller) - BTS (Base Transceiver Station) and BSC (Base Station Controller) - PCU (Packet Controller Unit) with GSM.

  • Protocol Analysis

    ISDN - GL Communications Inc.

    GL's ISDN analyzer can capture and analyze stream of frames on an ISDN PRI link. It decodes LAPD according to Q.921, while, the ISDN information parsing is done based on the user's selection of ITU Q.931, AT&T/Lucent switch 4ESS and 5ESS (TR41449, TR41459 and 235-900-342), Nortel's switch DMS-100 and DMS-250 (NIS-A2111-1 and NIS-A211-4), Bellcore National ISDN-2 (NI-2), Euro ISDN (ETS-300 102-1), QSIG ETSI, ANSI T1.607, DPNSS, DASS2, and ARINC 746.

  • Protocol Identifier

    TDM - GL Communications Inc.

    The Protocol Identifier application can identify various protocols carried on T1 or E1 lines. It is capable of detecting protocols such as ISDN, ATM, HDLC, MTP2, LAPD, SS7, PPP, GSM, GSM Abis, TRAU and Frame Relay. The timeslots and the subchannels within timeslots are also identified. Once identified, detailed analysis can be carried out by individual Protocol Analyzers. This application is helpful in identifying traffic types at a concentrated point, DSX patch panel, or multiplexed facility.

  • Psychrometers

    Fieldpiece Instruments, Inc

    The In-Duct Hot-Wire Anemometer & Psychrometer accessory head, AAT3 allows HVACR professionals to measure air velocity, temperature, and %RH all in one tool. The engineered 38" telescoping probe with laser etching and quick-response sensor provides quick and easy airflow measurements from the correct location--near the evaporator. When using with the Fieldpiece HVAC Guide System Analyzers, the AAT3 can automatically calculate target super heat and target evaporator exit temperature.

  • Pulse Mask Compliance Testing

    GL tProbe - GL Communications Inc.

    GL's tProbe T1/E1 Analyzer and Universal T1 E1 Cards have pulse shape measurement capability. Software has been developed to determine if the pulse shape fits within a "pulse mask" as specified by standards ITU G.703 and ANSI T1.102-1993. The software is available in both visual and tabular formats. Tabular formats are convenient for automation and scripted test environments.

  • Rotating Machine Order Analysis System

    Jumho Electric Corporation

    Analyzing the health and behavior of rotating machine is a key application for dynamic signal analyzer. Rotating machines produce repetitive vibrations and acoustic signals related to rotational speed. These relationships are not always obvious with standard dynamic signal analysis, particularly with variations in the rotational speed. As is the secret to sort out all the many signal components that a rotating machine can generate.

  • Production Analyser

    IM2200 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Production Analyzers are powerful tool to store and analyze the production rate. The unit can count number of objects / length and store in memory. It can store production done every hour in memory which can be noted at the end of the day. Unit is a like a combined unit of Counter + Totalizer + Rate Indicator + Memory storage and all this in a compact size of 96 x 96 DIN.

  • Single Cell Testing Services

    SOFCMAN Energy Technology

    FCET has 8 sets of 100W single cell testing equipments, 2 set of button cell testing equipments and a set of electrochemical workstation the Solartron Analytical 1287 coupled with frequency response analyzer 1260. We offer SOFC cell testing service including I-V measurement, cell resistance testing, AC impedance testing and duration test of single cells.