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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Signal Analysis

    FFT Analysis - ZETLAB Company

    The program FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) Analysis is used for narrow-band spectral processing of signals coming from the input channels of ADC modules and FFT spectrum analyzers (in real-time or recorded time realization view mode), as well as for viewing various spectral characteristics of signals.

  • Signal Analysis

    Harmonic Distortion Analysis - ZETLAB Company

    The software is used for automatic measurement of the harmonic distortion factor and voltage r.m.s. of signals coming to the input channels of FFT spectrum analyzers. Adjustment to the frequency of the main component is performed automatically. The program is based on the measurement of the voltage r.m.s. of higher components by an external or internal reference signal.

  • IEC61850 Intelligent Substation Test Solution PNS630

    PNS630 - Ponovo Power Co., Ltd.

    PNS630 portable analyzer was designed for smart substation maintenance.IEC61850-8-1(Goose),IEC61850-92, IEC60044-7/8 msssage can be monitored and analyzed, digital relay test function also equipped. SMV GOOSE message numerical and status analysis were realized and dispalyed visually by its numerical analyzing function.

  • Measurement

    AC Selective Voltmeter - ZETLAB Company

    AC Selective Voltmeter is used for measuring AC voltage coming to the input channels of ADC modules and FFT spectrum analyzers. The specific feature of the AC selective voltmeter is perfomance of voltage measurements on the main signal-carrier frequency, which allows to eliminate the harmonics influence on the readings.

  • Digilyzer

    DL1 - NTi Audio

    The Digilyzer DL1 is a powerful digital audio analyzer. Testing, monitoring and troubleshooting digital audio interfaces is straight-forward using this compact tool. The digital audio formats AES3, S/PDIF, TOSLINK and ADAT with sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz are supported.

  • Measurement Microphones

    NTi Audio

    All microphones are omni-directional and 48V phantom powered. The XL2 Analyzer microphones include an electronic data sheet. The Automated Sensor Detection (ASD) of the XL2 automatically reads this data sheet, and recognizes the microphone model, sensitivity and calibration data. This ensures accurate measurement results.

  • AC Power Sources

    Compact iX Series - AMETEK VTI

    The Compact iX Series represents a new generation of AC/DC power sources that address the increasing demands on test equipment to perform additional functions at a lower cost. By combining a flexible AC/DC power source with a high performance power analyzer, the Compact iX Series is capable of handling complex applications that have traditionally required multiple systems.

  • EMI Test & Measurement Receiver

    DSI-600 - Dynamic Sciences International, Inc.

    The DSI-600 EMI Test & Measurement Receiver is a fully compliant and complete test system. The powerful integrated receiver technology provides the user with combined computational strength of the on-board computer, high speed data acquisition, enhanced spectrum analyzer display, and DSII’s EMI test software.

  • Vibration Monitoring System

    Wireless Phantom - Erbessd Instruments, LLC

    Wireless Vibration monitoring systems are today the #1 choice for continuous condition monitoring. Because of their easy installation and long life batteries as well as their affordable prices, wireless condition monitoring systems are replacing portable vibration analyzers little by little.

  • Thruline R.F. Sensors


    Optional RFView output port on any WaveNode  sensor (except SHF-series) allows the operator to sample coax R.F.  on an oscilloscope.  Connect a  cable from the RFView port to your oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer for real-time RF monitoring.  The output level is +13 dbm @ 1500 Watts , optimized for IMPure operation with SDR radios.

  • Software

    Core Technology Group

    The Circuit Sleuth API Tool Kit routines offer an alternative solution for users who prefer writing or need to write their own control programs, or have specific application needs for frequency response analysis. The “C” callable routines and DLLs provide direct access to the analyzer, enabling the user to control instrument functions and data management.

  • Signal Injectors

    Core Technology Group

    Ideal high performance, low noise compliment to your Circuit Sleuth Frequency Response Analyzer. An injection transformer is used to couple an excitation signal from a frequency source into the feedback loop of a control system. This allows loop gain and phase vs. frequency to be measured, with the loop closed, thus characterizing the stability of the system.

  • Shield Level / Pathloss Equipment

    SG1000B/PR1000A - Praxsym

    The SG1000 Signal Generator and PR1000A Preamplifier have been designed to simplify the measurement of shielding integrity in a shielded enclosure. When coupled with a high stability spectrum analyzer and an appropriate selection of test antennas, the SG1000/PR1000A combination can measure shielding effectiveness at all of the NSA 94-106 (supersedes NSA 65-6) defined test frequencies from 1 kHz to 10 GHz.The PR1000A amplifies the received signal from the test antenna and overcomes the high noise figure of the companion test receiver or spectrum analyzer. The PR1000A will ensure that the system noise figure will be less than 4.5 dB at all test frequencies from 1 kHz to 10 GHz. When used with a spectrum analyzer measurement bandwidth of 100 Hz, the system exhibits a sensitivity of -150 dBm at the test antenna output.​To overcome high cable loss between the test antenna and the PR1000A assembly at 10 GHz, a remote low noise pre-amplifier (Praxsym PN 310-010091-001) is mounted directly onto the 10 GHz antenna.

  • RF Power Amplifier Automatic Measurement System

    Acery Technologies

    RF power amplifier automatic measurement system consists of a new generation of science and technology is the German spectrum analyzer, RF and microwave signal source, network analyzers, noise figure analyzers, power meters, digital oscilloscopes, high performance DC power supplies, multimeter, low-frequency switching and digital I / O, custom RF and microwave switch matrix and other equipment and related equipment. These high-performance equipment not only provides incentives and analysis for the amplifier under test, but also provides a DC power supply and power amplifier circuit and other peripheral adjustment necessary. Meanwhile, the system sets the test signal conditioning, configuration and calibration test as one of the major parameters which can be accurately amplifier, fast and flexible testing. All equipment is controlled by the core of the test system software can be fully automated production test and manual type of R & D design type tested to meet the testing requirements of different stages. System software includes a convenient test mode conversion, simple and clear path and test switch interface, the main instrument soft front panel measuring device, and a measurement report in line with MS Word and Excel format and other functions.


    Bedrock SM30 - Bedrock Audio

    The Bedrock SM30, despite being our most basic model, is already packed with features and measurement modules. Moreover, its functionality is expended with the release of each new firmware update, at no charge. Class 2 / Type 2 sound level meter (fast, slow, A/C.Z-weighting, Leq) conforming to IEC-61672 class 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2. Real Time Analyzer (1/3 and 1/1 octave)FFT analyzer (detailed frequency analysis up to 32768 lines). RT60 measuring (reverberation times: T20/T30/EDT). Calibrated audio recording. Leq long-term logging and averaging. Audio oscilloscope. USB audio device mode - calibrated audio for your PC-based software applications. More functionality will be added through free future firmware upgrades.