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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Audio Test System

    dScope Series III - Prism Sound Ltd.

    Fast, accurate and flexible: dScope Series III Digital Audio Analyzer. The dScope III is a comprehensive and powerful audio measurement system for analogue and digital audio analysis, including digital audio carrier parameters. It includes a combination of high performance hardware and easy to use software, and connects simply to the PC via the USB port on any PC.

  • Automated Coolant and Diesel Exhaust Fluids (DEF) Analysis System

    CoolCheck 2 - Spectro Scientific

    Cooling systems play a vital role in preserving the overall engine heat balance and in protecting engine components against corrosion and other problems. Machinery and Lubrication magazine estimates that 60% of engine downtime in the commercial sector is cooling system related. CoolCheck provides automated measurement and profiling of coolant condition and diesel exhaust fluids integrity. The analyzer employs both NIR and UV spectrometers to determine the health of your coolant system.

  • Automated Echo Cancellation Test Software

    AEC - GL Communications Inc.

    The Automated AEC Test Software uses GL Communications' T1/E1 Analyzer products and the customers AEC hardware or software to perform Acoustic Echo Canceller testing. Rin and Sin files (stimulus and echo) are prepared by Automated AEC Test software in accordance with user inputs. Rout and Sout are captured and processed. Works in conjunction with our T1 E1 product platforms.

  • PCI BUS Interface Card

    PCI301 - Andor Design Corp.

    MIL-STD-1553 A, B & McAir MULTI PROTOCOLS Simulator/Analyzer/Tester PCI BUS Interface Card - The PCI301 can be used for Validation Testing, Production Testing, full bus simulation and monitoring, as a general purpose 1553 interface or a stand alone bus Analyzer. For precise message scheduling and measurements, the Major and minor frame times are independent of message sequences or retransmissions on errors and the start of all command messages are independent of message length, response time or length of response. Message timing is calibrated and RT responses have low jitter.

  • PCIe Protocol Analyzer/Jammer

    Summit M5x - Teledyne LeCroy

    The Summit M5x Protocol Analyzer /Jammer is the computer industry’s first platform to not only support today’s PCIe 4.0 specification but is designed to also support the next generation PCIe 5.0 (32GT/s) specification and introduces new error injection (jamming) capabilities for PCIe testing in addition to high speed recording and analyzing. The Summit M5x protocol analyzer/jammer features the PCIe industry’s first PCIe 4.0 compliant specification jamming test capability.

  • PC USB Oscilloscope

    Hantek6022BL - Qingdao Hantek Electronic Co., Ltd.

    20MHz Bandwidth; 48MSa/s Sample Rate; 16 Channels Logic Analyzer; Excellent industrial design-the same anodised aluminium casing as iPad, which is not only beautiful and tasteful but also greatly enhanced the hardness of aluminum alloy surface, and has good heat resistance and strong wearability. Standard USBXI (TM) interface, easyly inserts into USBXI (TM) housing to make up a combination instrument.

  • Portable Sulfur Analysis

    Sindie On-The-Go - XOS

    Sindie On-The-Go is a portable sulfur analyzer delivering quality results from ULSD and gasoline, to marine fuels and crudes. It is the ideal solution for users who require flexibility of operating in-the-field, on-board marine environments, laboratories, and is compatible for use in mobile labs/vans. Powered by WDXRF, this instrument requires very little maintenance with no conversion gasses, heating elements, quartz tubes or columns. Sindie On-The-Go complies with ASTM D7039 and ISO 20884 methods.This model utilizes Accu-cell sample cups for hassle-free sample prep.

  • Photosynthesis System

    LCpro-SD - Opti-Sciences, Inc.

    The LCpro-SD offers laboratory grade experimental performance in a truly portable device. Featuring ADC's highly accurate miniaturized infrared gas analyzer, the LCpro-SD is, at 4.5kg or 10lbs., less than half the weight and half the size of conventional systems offering full environmental control. Ideal for A/Ci curves, and A/Q curves, measuring step sequences are full programmable.

  • Pattern Generators

    Link Instruments

    A Pattern Generator outputs digital data and is used to stimulate circuits. The data can be from user files, previously captured data or from the data creation wizard (editor) in the software. All of our Pattern Generators (digital word generators) are also Logic Analyzers and are controlled with easy-to-use Windows software. Some or all of the outputs are bi-directional and can be used to capture data.

  • Neutron Pulse Monitor

    NPM-2000 - Quaesta Instruments

    The QI NPM-2000 is a programmable Neutron Pulse Monitor with integrated high voltage supply and multichannel analyzer (MCA) designed for use with Helium-3 (3He), Boron-Trifluoride (BF3), and Boron-10 (10B) lined proportional neutron detectors. Designed for ease of use, operating parameters are digitally configured. Signal pulse height spectra produced by the Neutron Pulse Monitor aid in setting discriminator levels and provide valuable diagnostic information on system health.

  • Noise Figure Measurement

    S8902A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight S8902A Noise Figure Measurement is the optional measurement library of the S8900A PA Test Solution for measuring the noise figure with the M9391/93A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzers or the M9421A VXT Vector Transceiver. By adding the S8902A to the PA test solution, you can seamlessly perform the noise figure measurement along with the measurements of PA test parameters. The S8902A enables a comprehensive test of RF frontend modules with integrated LNA.

  • OBD2 Auto Repair Intelligent Scanner

    Scan 1 - Automotive Diagnostics and Publishing

    The Scan 1 OBD2 scanner auto repair diagnostic tool is a unique software PC based scan tool, with built-in troubleshooter, PID Analyzer, DTC code videos, PID red-flag feature, advanced graphing, information and more. The PC based scanner software is bundled with all sorts of auto diagnostic and repair help. This OBD2 scan tool and your own oscilloscope makes for a complete auto repair shop solution. If you don't have an oscilloscope, then the Scope 1 is also available.

  • Microphone preamplifier

    PRE-01 - Audiomatica

    The microphone preamplifier PRE-01 has been designed to match Audiomatica’s microphones MIC-01, MIC-02 andMIC-03. It is particularly useful when the microphone has to be operated far from the analyzer or when weighted measurements are needed. PRE-01 powers the microphone connected to its input with an 8.2V phantom supplyand adds a selectable weighting filter (A or B or C); also available there is a 20 dB gain stage

  • Production Analyser

    IM2200 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Production Analyzers are powerful tool to store and analyze the production rate. The unit can count number of objects / length and store in memory. It can store production done every hour in memory which can be noted at the end of the day. Unit is a like a combined unit of Counter + Totalizer + Rate Indicator + Memory storage and all this in a compact size of 96 x 96 DIN.

  • Power Limiter, 5 MHz to 6 GHz, Type-N

    11930B - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight 11930B limiter provides input protection for a variety of RF and microwave instrumentation. Failure mode for the limiter is either an open circuit or a short circuit to ground, thereby protecting the instrument from damage. The Keysight 11930B provides the same protection to spectrum analyzers and sources. At even greater power levels, failure mode for limiter is either an open circuit or a short circuit to ground, thereby protecting the instrument from damage.