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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

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  • 4 x 10 Gb/s Bit Error-Rate Tester

    CA9802 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    CA9802 is a high performance, easy to use, allinone, costeffective,4 x10 Gb/s Bit ErrorRate Tester(BERT) for current 40 GTOSA/ROSA components R&D and manufacturing environments as well as field installations. The CA9802 incorporates an internal reference clock, a pattern generator, clock recovery circuits, and a BER analyzer, in one compact modulethat provides both electrical and optical interfaces at data rates up to 11.9Gb/s. The CA9802 is offered with an RS232 or USB interface.

  • 10 Gb/s Bit Error-Rate Tester

    LMBTS10-L - UC Instruments, Corp.

    The UC INSTRUEMNTS'LMBTS10-L is a costeffective easy-to-use 10G optical and electrical bit-error ratio tester (BERT) for R&D and manufacturing environments as well as field installations. The LMBTS10-L incorporates an internal refere nce clock, a pattern generator, clock recovery circuits, and a BER analyzer, in one compact module that provides both electrical and optical interfaces at data rates up to 11.5Gb/s. The LMBST10-L is offered with an RS-232 or USB interface.

  • 4 x 28 Gb/s Bit Error-Rate Tester

    CA9803 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    CA9803 is a high performance, easy to use, all‐in‐one,costeffective,  4 x 28 Gb/s Bit Error‐Rate Tester(BERT) for current 100 GTOSA/ROSA components R&D and manufacturing environments as well as field installations. The CA9803 incorporates an internal reference clock, a pattern generator, clock recovery circuits, and a BER analyzer, in one compact module that provides both electrical and optical interfaces at data rates up to 28 Gb/s. The CA9803 is offered with an RS‐232 or USB interface.

  • Accessory Kit, Type-N to BNC, 50 Ohms

    11854A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight 11854A accessory kit furnishes the RF components required for measurement of devices with 50 ohm, BNC connectors and when using a network analyzer with a type-N configuration. The BNC accessory kit contains two type-N male to BNC female adapters, two type-N male to BNC male adapters, two type-N female to BNC female adapters, two type-N female to BNC male adapters, a BNC male short, and a storage case.

  • T3/E3, OC3/OC12, & STM1/STM4 Testing

    GL Communications Inc.

    T3 E3 Analysis software compliments the hardware and supports simultaneously monitoring up to 12 x T3 E3 lines (2x Rack units) for all alarms, frame errors, signalling and data. If one adds the Channelized T1 Analyzer software to the system, then the T1s within the T3s can also be analysed in software, 12 x T3 E3 lines (=12*28 T1s) constituting 336 full duplex T1s, or 672 simplex T1s monitored simultaneously using a single Rack unit.

  • LAN (2ch) Expansion Board (supporting EtherCAT)

    OP-SB89E - LINEEYE Co., Ltd.

    OP-SB89G is an expansion board for Ethernet LAN which is to be inserted into a slot of portable communication analyzer (LE-8200A/LE-8200). It has 4 LAN measurement ports and you can sniff 2 Ethernet lines at the same time by tap connection to capture packets on the 2 lines. It also can monitor input/output of a EtherCAT slave and measure the time delay cased by the slave.

  • Firmware for High-speed HDLC Mode

    OP-FW10G - LINEEYE Co., Ltd.

    OP-FW10G is an expansion firmware to upgrade LE-3500 measuring Bit-Synch (HDLC/SDLC/X.25/CC-Link) and SPI communications up to 10Mbps. Hardware processing by FPGA built in the analyzer makes it possible to capture data with time stamp at micro second. It is useful to analyze SPI communications and High-speed HDLC communications such as RS-485 multi-drop CC-LINK and TTL signal level on the printed-circuit board.

  • PC Link Software

    LE-PC800G - LINEEYE Co., Ltd.

    *The PC Link is software that provides an efficient measurement environment utilizing the high-resolution screen and high-capacity HDD of a PC.*The analyzer can be remotely controlled by the PC so that measurement data will be displayed on the screen or continuously recorded on the HDD.*The PC Link incorporates versatile features (e.g., a search function that finds target data exactly, a TEXT-CSV conversion function that is useful for the generation of reports, and Japanese-English display).

  • LAN⇔RS-232C Conversion

    SI-60 - LINEEYE Co., Ltd.

    SI-60 is an interface converter to connect factory automation equipment and analyzers, which only have the RS-232C serial communication port, to LAN. The built-in Lantronix Xport® on the LAN interface converts RS-232C data into LAN protocol (TCP/IP). The device supports 35mm DIN rail and the wide range of operating temperature. Therefore, you can use it for factory automation without worry.

  • PCI / PMC / CompactPCI Test System

    PCITS - Silicon Control Inc.

    The CPCI850 analyzer provides a multitude of functions to help you analyze your system.- Capturing bus activity using sequential triggers and filters- Exerciser to perform memory, I\O and configuration cycles- Stimulus generation for hardware simulation- Target memory with addressable windows- Anomaly detection of protocol and timing violations- Performance analysis of utilization, transfer rates, latency, statistics- Compliance testing

  • Electret Measurement Microphone

    EMM-6 - Dayton Audio

    The EMM-6 is a precision electret condenser microphone designed for measurement and critical recording applications. The extremely flat frequency response and true omni-directional polar pattern make it perfect for use with room acoustic analyzers and audio measurement systems. The EMM-6 microphone is individually hand calibrated using a laboratory standard Brüel & Kjær microphone in conjunction with a DAAS computer measuring system. Each microphone includes stand mount, foam windscreen, transport case, and its own unique calibration response graph.

  • Digital Digitizer

    MOS2 - Holding Informtest

    MOS2 is designed to convert instantaneous voltage values ​​of an electrical signal into a digital code, measure instantaneous voltage values. The mezzanine is intended for use in RF and microwave systems as a terminal device for digitizing intermediate frequency signals up to 200 MHz. Together with the DOWNCONVERTER 10 GHz LXI  manufactured by Informtest holding, under the control of the common software shell ASM2, a spectrum analyzer is developed, a ready-made solution for testing microwave devices and radio reception channels.

  • Modular Transceiver

    AXIe TRX-6G - Holding Informtest

    The AXIe TRX-6Gmodular transceiver combines the receiving and transmitting parts: a vector generator and a vector signal analyzer operating from 300 MHz to 6 GHz. The combination of the receiving and transmitting parts at the hardware level gives tangible advantages in speed when testing radio channels of software-defined radio communication devices, as well as for testing any transceiver devices in the frequency range up to 6 GHz, both via a wired communication channel and wirelessly (in including some cellular standards).

  • XRF Analysis

    BGA Test and Technology

    Each of the elements present in a sample produces a unique set of characteristic x-rays that is a “fingerprint” for that specific element. XRF analyzers determine the chemistry of a sample by measuring the spectrum of the characteristic x-ray emitted by the different elements in the sample when it is illuminated by x-rays. These x-rays are emitted either from a miniaturized x-ray tube, or from a small, sealed capsule of radioactive material.

  • Wideband Signal Analysis for Satellite Test, Reference Solution

    Keysight Technologies

    The Wideband Signal Analysis for Satellite Test, ReferenceSolution takes advantage of the signal analyzer's wide bandwidth IF output, a high dynamic range oscilloscope, and the powerful 89600 VSA software to deliver a wideband high-dynamic range signal analysis solution at an affordable price. In the past, when using a signal analyzer as a downconverter, a source would be required to do an IFcalibration at a specific center frequency. This was both expensive and potentially time-consuming.The PXA and UXA signal analyzers now offer exportable correction data that, when combined with the characterized IF data, allows for an accurate measurement throughout the frequency range of the analyzer. Wideband measurements are now simplified, similar to running the VSA inside a standalone signal analyzer. The corrections span over 1 GHz. The VSA may alsorun inside the oscilloscope andcan be used to characterize and troubleshoot over 75 signal formats, both custom and standard based. With the VSA's pulse analysis option, one may alsoanalyze pulsed signals for phase linearity or modulation on pulse.