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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations.

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  • Gas Detectors

    PCE Instruments

    At PCE Instruments you will find professional gas detectors for daily company use. Here you will find gas Detectors Profeesional Gas Analyzers (Gas Detectors). that meet industry standards relating to personal safety and that are mainly used to detect and measure levels of methane, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and 50 other gases. The auto-calibration function allows for easy calibration of the gas detector. Some of them also possess the ability to store values and can later transfer data to a computer. One accessory is the manual aspirator, with this device, you can draw gas directly into the Detector via a 2m long tube with which you will be able to measure gas levels without having to be in direct contact to the gas source or to be able to determine the levels of gas in places that are difficult to access. Furthermore, we have a series of fixed installation Detectors available you can use independently or in conjunction with a gas detection installation. These Detectors can provide readings with or without a display, via data output.

  • Portable Test Platform

    FTB-4 Pro - EXFO Inc.

    The FTB-4 Pro is the latest addition to EXFO’s test orchestration portfolio which transforms business as usual into smarter, scalable network testing that significantly increases operational efficiency and provides vital insights into field operations, network performance and service delivery. The 4 slot modular FTB-4 Pro platform enables a unique combination for 100G commissioning, turn-up and troubleshooting which includes the FTBx-88200NGE 100G Multiservice tester (with iOptics transceiver validation software) and the FTB-5240S-P optical spectrum analyzer. There is no need to carry additional platforms or swap modules for unmatched transport and spectral testing on a single platform that no one in the industry can offer. The versatile FTB-4 Pro platform supports a wide range of modules for field testing, data center interconnect, submarine testing, and lab applications for maximum flexibility and ROI across all phases of the service delivery chain: development, deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting. Module combinations on the FTB-4 Pro can also include iOLM/OTDRs, market leading OLTS for fiber characterization, dispersion solutions and other transport modules all with compatibility with EXFO’s market leading fiber inspection probes.

  • Emissions Test System

    PC-114 - Com-Power Corporation

    Perform Radiated & Conducted EMI pre-compliance testing at your facility up to 1 GHz. Com-Power PC-114 EMI emissions test system is a ideal solution performing pre-compliance EMC testing from 9 kHz - 1 GHz.. It has essential equipment needed for radiated and conducted EMI emissions measurements. The system includes a spectrum analyzer, antennas, near field probes, a preamplifier, LISN and a non conductive antenna tripod. Pre-compliance testing in EMC is a commonly used term not easy to define. In general, it implies testing done prior to formal testing for legal compliance. Formal legal compliance is performed at a facility designed and equipped with test instrumentation that is fully compliant with the applicable EMC standards. Such facility and instrumentation is capital intensive and can be expensive even to rent and not easily available. Compliance testing is performed per exacting requirements of the Standards and other reference documents adhering to the test methods and last detail. In addition, the test facility may require to be accredited by an accreditation body such as NVLAP, A2LA. Often it is desirable to know prior to compliance testing at such facility, whether a product is close to compliance and also how close. Pre-compliance testing is specially useful for specifications such as FCC, Part 15, EN 55022 or EN 55011 (CISPR 22 or CISPR11). Pre-compliance testing usually means using the full compliance methods but making a few educated compromises in use of site or equipment to reduce costs and testing time. Here are some benefits of pre-compliance testing.

  • Handheld potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRA with integrated impedance analyser

    pocketSTAT - Ivium Technologies B.V.

    The pocketSTAT has the size and weight of a smart phone. It is controlled via a USB connection from any netbook, laptop or PC that is Windows operated.

  • Handheld Serial Data Analyser

    SDA-02 - New Forest Electronics

    Non-intrusively displays, captures and analyses electrical asynchronous data. Directly accepts RS232, RS485/422 and CMOS/TTL signal levels. Modbus over Serial Line protocol capability (RTU & ASCII), automatically checks & generates CRC/LRC, can act as master or slave.

  • Handheld XRF analyser

    X-MET8000 EXPERT GEO - Oxford Instruments plc

    Handheld XRF analyser for environmental soil screening and mining analysis. The X-MET8000 Expert Geo is a handheld XRF analyser for geochemistry applications including fast on-site environmental screening, mining exploration, planning and grade control. Easy to use and designed to withstand the harshest environments and weather conditions, the X-MET8000 Expert Geo offers results in seconds with real time data sharing for fast decision making.

  • Handheld XRF Analyser

    X-MET8000 Optimum - Hitachi High-Technologies Corp.

    X-MET8000 Optimum solution provides ship owners and port state control an alternative, portable option to benchtop XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) analysers to measure and monitor sulfur content in bunker fuel to meet the legislative requirements of the International Maritime Organisation’s global 2020 sulfur cap.

  • Handheld XRF Analysers

    X-MET8000 range - Hitachi High-Technologies Corp.

    The X-MET8000 range of handheld X-ray fluorescence (HHXRF) analysers delivers the performance needed for rapid alloy grade identification and accurate chemistry of a wide variety of materials (solid and powder metals, polymers, wood, solutions, soil, ores, minerals etc). The X-MET is practical, rugged and easy to use to deliver results you can trust.


    AC2000A POWER - Laplace Instruments Ltd.

    The Laplace Harmonics and Flicker analyser provides the user with a complete system for testing product compliance with IEC61000-3-2 and IEC61000-3-3. Quick and easy to use, the built-in screen provides a clear pass/fail indication of compliance status, plus a full listing of results for each harmonic, in either tabular of bargraph format.

  • Exhaust Gas Analysers

    Boston Garage Equipment

    Designed specifically for the busy workshop environment, it incorporates the fastest MoT test procedures, developed in-house here at Boston and using our newly released SW900 product control software.

  • Expert Autoranging Digital Automotive Analyser

    DMM14 - Draper Tools Ltd

    Expert Quality, with autoranging facility on AC/DC voltage and resistance. Ideal for automotive use. Display packed.Features include: 24 position rotary function selector; Measures AC and DC volts/amps (autoranging); Measures resistance (autoranging) and dwell angle; Takes tachometer readings;

  • Expert Digital Automotive Analyser

    DMM5 - Draper Tools Ltd

    Expert Quality, Ideal for automotive use. Display packed.Features include:24 position rotary function and range selector; Measures DC volts and DC amps; Measures resistance and dwell angle; Takes tachometer readings ; Diode test facility; Audible continuity tester; Impact resistant rubber case; Recessed input terminals; Low battery indicator; Test leads (probes and crocodile clips)

  • Fatigue Test Analysers

    DMA+ Series - Metravib

    The new DMA+ series instruments are dynamic testing machines based on a brand new concept and dedicated to analysis of viscoelastic properties (DMA) and to fatigue tests of advanced materials and industrial components, as well as to the follow up of crack growth.

  • Flue Gas Analysers

    Kane International Ltd

    Structured commission testRotary switch for ease of useData holdLogs & prints reports with optional infra-red printerCombustionPressureLet-by & TightnessTemperatureCO build upCommission test6 year warranty if serviced annually by Kane

  • Gasmet Portable FTIR Ambient Air Gas Analyser

    DX4040 - Quantitech Limited

    The Gasmet DX4040, the only truly portable FTIR gas analyser in the world, is a lightweight battery operated system capable of measuring multiple gases (both organic & inorganic) at low concentrations simultaneously in real-time. The system has been developed based on the highly successful Gasmet DX4030 and shares the same optical components and internal hardware. Significant advances have been implemented to the operating software and control apparatus to make the Gasmet DX4040 one of the most versatile gas analysis solutions available.