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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • PLC Analyser

    AutoSPy - DELTALOGIC Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

    AutoSPy is a software which records, displays and analyses process data of a PLC-controlled facility. The software has successfully been on the market for years and is constantly improved to meet the growing requirements.

  • NARDA Test Solutions

    Link Microtek Ltd UK

    The SignalShark and IDA 2 from Narda Test Solutions are dedicated direction finding & signal analysers. Unlike generic handheld spectrum analysers Narda offer a number of easy to use features dedicated to direction finding and signal analysis.

  • Network Analyser and Diagnostics

    Module Analyser - Influx Technology

    Module Analyser is a 5 in 1 easy to use CAN bus analyser with the following advantages:* Automotive OBD ISO15765-1 and ISO 15765-2 Scan tool and J1939 functions* Automotive UDS support ISO14229* Integrated ODX/MDX editor* CAN, LIN and FlexRay monitoring via DBC/LDF/Fibex files* Data acquisition and logging

  • Network Analysers

    Algodue elettronica

    DIN 96x96 ultra compact version, only 39 mm depthFully bi-directional four quadrants measurements for all energies and powersMain electrical parameters measured and displayed for a cost-effective consumption analysisVersion for 1 or 5A CT and for direct connection up to 6APossibility to connect by PTUp to 8 MB for data recording (ENH version)Possibility to record all energy counters (ENH version)Up to 24 parameters selectable among real time measurements for MIN/AVG/MAX recording (ENH version)MODBUS RTU/ASCII communication by RS485 port or MODBUS TCP communication by Ethernet portPossibility to manage the instrument in remote mode by WintoolNET software or by Web server interface2 digital outputs, 1 digital input, 1 analog output (optional)

  • Network Cable Analyser

    43033 - LINDY-Elektronik GmbH

    This handy, compact cable tester is a neat solution for network installers and IT technicians. It provides automatic identification and fault analysis of a wide variety of cable types including straight-through patch cables, crossover cables, token ring cables and many more. Using the supplied patch cables and terminators it can also be used to test network sockets and patch panels.

  • Pharmaceutical Analyser

    RA802 - Renishaw Inc.

    The RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser is a compact benchtop Raman imaging system designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. It rapidly determines API/excipient domain statistics enabling you to formulate tablets more efficiently. With Renishaw's LiveTrack™ focus-tracking technology, the RA802 can efficiently analyse uneven, curved, or rough surfaces at incredible speeds and without any sample preparation. Look at tablets, powders, granules and liquids in their original form.

  • Fatigue Test Analysers

    DMA+ Series - Metravib

    The new DMA+ series instruments are dynamic testing machines based on a brand new concept and dedicated to analysis of viscoelastic properties (DMA) and to fatigue tests of advanced materials and industrial components, as well as to the follow up of crack growth.

  • One Port Vector Network Analyser

    TE3001 - TrewMac Systems Pty Ltd

    The TE3001 One Port Vector Network Analyser is built for the professional who understands the calibration process and has a network analysis task to perform. The unit features a larger output signal than the TE3000 for better noise immunity, and is supplied with a 6 piece custom calibration kit to remove the effect of test fixtures and cables. Together, these features make the TE3001 ideal for broadcast and plasma applications that require a length of cable for connection and may be high in noise or interference.

  • Oxygen Analyser

    Rapidox 2100 - Cambridge Sensotec

    The Rapidox 2100 oxygen analyser was one of the first gas analysers manufactured by the company when it was established in 2000; due to its robust design some are still in service today! It is designed to provide low ppm oxygen analysis in high temperate vacuum applications.

  • Oxygen Gas Analyser

    Rapidox 1100 - Cambridge Sensotec

    Rapidox 1100 is the company's most cost-effective and versatile range of gas analysers. These oxygen analysers are fitted with either a zirconia or electrochemical type gas sensor. The zirconia oxygen sensor is the most common solution providing fast and accurate gas analysis over the range 1ppm to 100% O2 and is particularly suitable for aggressive industrial applications. Occasionally zirconia sensors are not suitable for the application and an electrochemical sensor is used instead. Users have a choice of two electrochemical oxygen sensors: one for low ppm measurements of 1ppm up to 1% and another for high percent measurements in the 0100% oxygen range. Electrochemical sensors are ideal for high oxygen applications or ppm applications where VOC's, flammable gases, CO, H2 or He are present in the gas sample. A special "oxygen clean" version of the high range analyser is also available.

  • Panel Mounted Power Quality and Energy Monitor.

    PM7503 - Outram Research Ltd (ORL)

    The PM7503 Power Quality and Energy Monitor is a panel mounted variant of our top of the range PM7000 Power Quality Analyser. As with the PM7000 and P7000FLM, as well as recording all other important power quality parameters, the PM7503 with the optional Interharmonics upgrade is able to record 100 Voltage or Current harmonics on all 4 inputs at the same time.

  • Texture Analyser

    Perten TVT 6700 - Calibre

    The TVT 6700 is an easy to use efficient texture analyser developed by Perten, providing comprehensive food texture testing and analysis for a wide range of food products and materials. Incredibly accurate, the TVT 6700 texture analyser offers an objective, fast and cost-effective way to measure food texture in completely reliable, controlled test conditions.

  • Thermo-FID Portable VOC Gas Analysers (MCERTS)

    Quantitech Limited

    The portable Thermo-FIDs are designed for the accurate, reliable continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon gases in a wide variety of applications including flue gas emissions, solvent evaporation, waste incineration, process monitoring, workplace and ambient monitoring. Compact, robust and lightweight, these instruments are ideal for use by Test Houses and process operators with multiple stacks; offering advanced FID technology at highly competitive prices. The Thermo-FID instruments have optional internal dataloggers and are very easy to set up and run. The portable Thermo-FID measures volatile organic compound (VOC) gases with a flame ionisation detector (FID), which converts hydrocarbon concentrations in a gas sample into an electrical signal which is displayed in engineering units - ppm or mg/m3 or g/m3 or Vol% or %LEL.

  • Thin Films, Plasma and Surface Engineering

    Hiden Analytical Ltd.

    A residual gas analyser for vacuum process analysis. Measures the vacuum process gas composition, contamination and leak detection.

  • Transformer Test Panel/ Setup

    AJIT Electronics Co.

    This is a common test panel for distribution/ power transformers of different specifications. The user can perform most of the factory tests, as per the relevant IS standard for the transformers. The panel consists of power analyser, meters for high voltage test, meters for induced voltage test etc, control for all the tests, protection and interlock circuits so that a single panel can be used to conduct a number of tests using only one dimmerstat and the associated devices