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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations.

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  • LED Analyser

    Feasa Enterprises

    The Feasa Analyser is an innovative solution for testing multiple LEDs simultaneously for Color and Brightness. There are two Models, Feasa-I(ICT) and Feasa-F(Functional). These can be ordered in 3, 5, 10 and 20 Channel configurations.

  • Cellular Signal Analysers

    SNYPER Family - Siretta Ltd

    2G, 3G and 4G LTE cellular signal analyser range - including Spectrum 'livescan'. The SNYPER is a sophisticated yet easy to use range of cellular signal analyser comprising 2G and 3G versions with LTE family Now available.

  • Power Analysers

    PCE Instruments

    These power analysers arePower analysers to show the power in Watts or to analyze and measure harmonic multi-function power analysers devices that measure precisely direct current, alternating current, AC-voltage, DC-voltage the intensity of DC or AC, phase rotation and idle, apparent and effective power. The reading of AC power is considered the real value and has a maximum range of 6000 Watts. While a reading is being taken, the polarity changes automatically, if negative values are taken then a minus sign will appear on the device display. Nowadays, power analysers have many features such as, insulated current input, measurement of harmonics, AC and DC current measurement, AC and DC voltage measurement, frequency measurement, phase rotation measurement and idle, apparent and effective power measurement. All this data can also be logged and analysed with the delivered PC-Software.

  • Noise Analysers

    PCE Instruments

    With these portable noise analysers you can carry out measurements quickly to gain control of a situation or to set the devices to take timed measurements. The noise analysers is important for all industries, especiNoise Analysers has importance in all industries, especially by way of a mobile device which is able to assess office stress levels or street noise levelsally by using it as a mobile device which is able to assess office stress levels or street noise levels.

  • Solar Analysers

    PCE Instruments

    Solar Analysers are very useful for the planning and maintenance of photovoltaic parks. Solar analysers are used to search for the bestSolar Analysers are very useful for the planning and maintenance of photovoltaic parks location and also to check photovoltaic modules are working correctly. Due to the fact that solar energy is nowadays one of the most important and exciting of all alternative energies, it would be worthwhile to invest in this sector for long term benefits.

  • Visualisation Software

    WinSmart - Ducati energia S. p. A.

    Free visualisation software for SmartPiù and Duca-LCD96 analysers through serial line or Ethernet Interface.

  • VNA Test Cables to 50GHz

    AVC Series - AtlanTecRF

    Brand new VNA test cables from AtlanTecRF boast high abrasion and crush resistance combined with excellent RF performance.Already well known for its extensive range of test cables and comprehensive equipment cabling, AtlanTecRF today launched details of its new top-performing series of VNA test cables designed for use with vector network analyser set-ups to 50GHz. The AVC series of low loss VNA test cables in both 40GHz and 50GHz versions offer excellent RF performance in an ultra-flexible construction with superb crush resistance and a jacket which stands up to the high abrasion levels often present in a laboratory environment.

  • Power Analysers

    Mors Smitt Group

    The quality of all kinds of products is vital and the energy network as well. This does not mean that the electricity network is actually clean. Different processes are detected, such as Flicker, surges and voltage dips. It is necessary to include these processes to a minimum. The power analysers will help the user to draw conclusions on the basis of periodic measurements, so that these problems can be solved.  The European regulation EN 50160 is one of the most important regulations for measurements of LV-installations. The essential values for LV-installations are subscribed in this regulation. Besides the EN50160  there is another important standard, the EN 61000-4-30. This standard ensures that different PQ instruments use the same definitions, and measurement techniques, for various power quality parameters: sags/dips, swells, frequency, harmonics, Flicker etc.. Use of this standard ensures that users use the same terms, measurements and definitions. In order to measure and analyse a LV-installation, according to the EN 50160, two power analysers are available within the Nieaf-Smitt program:

  • Switchgear Analysers

    Weis Gmbh & Co.

    Range of Circuit Breaker Timing Testers / Switchgear Analysers