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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Weld Testers

    ACM Instruments

    The Weld Tester is our most versatile electrochemical monitoring instrument. Housed in a substantial metal case with brushed anodised aluminium front panel and green military specification connectors this equipment looks functional and professional. The top row of connectors are exactly the same as provided on a Gill 12 whilst the bottom row are for the additional weld segments. Using the same Potentiostat, Galvanostat, Zero Resistance Ammeter with integrated Frequency Response Analyser and Sweep Generator as a Gill 12 allows all the tests supplied with the Gill 12 to be supplied with the Weld Tester.

  • Whole Body Vibration Dosimeter & Analyser

    SV 101 - SVANTEK Sp. z o.o.

    SV 101 is a digital Human Vibration Meter & Analyser integrated with triaxial Whole-Body accelerometer . This is a complete HVM (Human Vibration Meter) provided with the ultrasound presence detection sensor and user interface (display with push-buttons) indicating current instrument state and measurement results. Instrument meets ISO 8041:2005 standard and it is an ideal choice for the measurements according to the ISO 2631-1, 2 & 5.

  • Television Analyser

    TVA97 - Swires Research

    Cursors to allow measurments to be made anywhere on the screen. The Gain and Relative-Gain cursors are parallel to the screen allowing all the channels to be checked simultaneously. The frequency cursor gives the frequency of unknown carrier

  • Thermo-FID Portable VOC Gas Analysers (MCERTS)

    Quantitech Limited

    The portable Thermo-FIDs are designed for the accurate, reliable continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon gases in a wide variety of applications including flue gas emissions, solvent evaporation, waste incineration, process monitoring, workplace and ambient monitoring. Compact, robust and lightweight, these instruments are ideal for use by Test Houses and process operators with multiple stacks; offering advanced FID technology at highly competitive prices. The Thermo-FID instruments have optional internal dataloggers and are very easy to set up and run. The portable Thermo-FID measures volatile organic compound (VOC) gases with a flame ionisation detector (FID), which converts hydrocarbon concentrations in a gas sample into an electrical signal which is displayed in engineering units - ppm or mg/m3 or g/m3 or Vol% or %LEL.

  • Thin Films, Plasma and Surface Engineering

    Hiden Analytical Ltd.

    A residual gas analyser for vacuum process analysis. Measures the vacuum process gas composition, contamination and leak detection.

  • Three Phase Power Analyser

    DPATT-3B - UMA Electronics Enterprises

    Parameters : Voltage ( V) - V1,V2,V3 & Avg. Voltage Current (A) : I1 , I2 , I3 & Avg. Current System Frequency : (Hz) Active Power(W) : W1,W2,W3 & Total Wattage Power Factor ( Cosø): PF1, PF2, PF3 & System Apparent Power ( VA): Total Measurement : True RMS Phase Voltage : 3 - 600 V / 10 - 1200V AC Phase Current : 50mA - 80A AC System Frequency : 40 to 70 Hz For Power Factor : 0.05 Lead to unity to 0.05 Lag

  • Switch Analyser

    SA10 - Amperis sl

    The SA10 unit is designed to be used together with a notebook computer even if some fundamental test can be done stand-alone. Advantages with the notebook solution are many, versatility, customisability and simplicity. Just carry the notebook computer to your offi ce and set up tests, analyse test results, print test reports etc.

  • LED Analyser

    Feasa - Intrinsic Quality,Inc

    Each LED Analyser allows for simultaneous measurement of up to 20 different light sources as it measures Color and Intensity – Brightness Test. Light from the LEDs is transferred by Plastic Optical Fibers and transported to the LED Analyser board for accurate measurement and analysis. The Feasa Analyser has been engineered to test LED’s and other lighting devices such as LCD Displays automatically. Intrinsic Quality offers a LED tester demo unit that can be tried out for two weeks free of charge. Currently available for purchase, call to order:

  • MPEG2-TS/DVB/HbbTV Analyser

    PANDORA - Vizion’R

    A tool for optimizing your encoders and TS streams, in quality and in performance. Analyse your digital TV streams content and quality in real-time (DTT IPTV, streaming). Pandora allows you to analyse your different types of streams in depth, at any level : audio, video, HbbTV, MPEG4-BIFS. Its analysis, reporting and presentation features make it one of the best tools on the market.