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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Galvanostat and Zero Resistance Ammeter

    ACM Instruments

    This instrument offers a Potentiostat, Galvanostat and Zero Resistance Ammeter with integrated Frequency Response Analyser and Sweep Generator in one. It is based around a two Amp Potentiostat teamed with a two Amp Zero Resistance Ammeter and can be supplied as - 6 channel, with six sequential channels, 8 channel (eight sequential channels) or 12 channel (twelve sequential channels). Connection to the controlling Windows PC is via a standard RS232 port, optically isolated for full floating operation. The instrument is supplied with a full set of cables and software, user manual and application notes on CD.

  • Emissions Control

    Brain Bee S.p.A.

    Wide range of instruments, gas analysers and opacimeters for controlling both petrol and diesel vehicle and motorcycle gas emissions.Suitable for standard diagnostic use, they are also ideal for the official measuring and certification of emission , adhering to appliwire national regulations

  • Energy Analyser

    Duca-LCD96 - Ducati energia S. p. A.

    Energy Analyser for front-panel mounting 96x96, for Single-Phase/Three-Phase systems with 5-lines wide LCD screen, Co-generation Energy measurement and "Wide Range" Power Supply (24 - 240 Vac/dc). Optional RS485 serial line interface, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, Analog interface 4-20mA, pulse readings.

  • Energy Analyser

    DUCA-LCD - Ducati energia S. p. A.

    Energy Analyser for DIN-rail mounting (4 modules), for Single-Phase/Three-Phase systems with Graphic LCD screen, Co-generation Energy measurement and "Wide Range" Power Supply (24 - 240 Vac/dc); voltage and current waveforms and harmonics measurement and visualization; 2 digital output for pulses or alarms; 2 digital pulse input. Optional RS485 serial line interface (Modbus or ASCII_DUCBUS), Ethernet Interface (Webserver / Modbus-TCP).

  • Energy Analyser

    Smart Più - Ducati energia S. p. A.

    Energy Analyser for DIN rail mounting, for Single-Phase / Three-Phase systems, with Energy measurement and RS485 serial line interface.


    Nippen Electrical Instruments Co.

    Smart Analyser - Total Energy Management Solution is available in three flavors as follows:A) Standard version ships with the basic required facilities such as Online Monitoring of Real Time data, Graphical Representation of Current Values, Tabular format of historical data, Alarms at a particular level crossed. It can export the data to the other spreadsheet utitilies. In the settings option you can set the parameters for the Alarms, Meter selection, ranges. The software is armed with easy help at each stage of usage.B) Professional Version contains above & some advanced features such as zooming the Graphs for better Precision. It will e-mail the alarmed data periodically to a particular Email ID. It generates Tariff Bills report as per settings.

  • Problem Solver

    TeaCup - Handscomb Consultants Ltd.

    TeaCup is different to the other brainstorming computer program. It will draw its own conclusions from the data you give. It may be what you expected or it may have simplified the problem and come to a completely different result. By drawing its own chart itwill help identify the bottleneck causing the problem, the steps needed to achieve an outcome, or whatever you want: it all depends which relationship name you choose and which elements you select to make some simple statements true. TeaCup is totally logical cause & effect analyser; it will calculate the adjacency & reachability paths for a given problem, thereby highlighting which of the perceived relationships is indeed part of the cause & effect path. As you may imagine it relies on the accuracy / honesty of your data input when performing its logic crunching calculations, but if you get an unexpected result you can always look back and work out why it came to that conclusion.

  • Product Range

    Solus - Protea Ltd

    Introducing Protea's new range of laser gas analysers - Solus. The Solus platform represents an extension of Protea's spectroscopic gas analysis equipment into laser based technology, allowing for highly selective, quick response and low range measurements of 1 or 2 gases in a cost-effective, re-configurable package. Solus utilises the latest in Tunable Laser Diode Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), together with the best in micromachining technology, to deliver a precisely controlled narrow wavelength that can be tuned over a small range. The narrow linewidth allows for selection of precise spectral absorbance in the NIR region, free from cross-interferences of other absorbing gases. For some tuning ranges, a number of gases can be measured by tuning a single laser diode e.g. NH3 and H2O.

  • Product Range

    atmosFIRw - Protea Ltd

    atmosFIR is the latest generation of gas analyser technology from Protea. The atmosFIR system improves upon previous FTIR technology and represents one of the most cost-effective and flexible analytical products on the market today.

  • Product Range

    AtmosFIRi - Protea Ltd

    atmosFIRi is a new concept in FTIR. The unit is designed as a general gas analyser that is simple to use, portable and a very low cost product that provides real-time online measurement suitable for plant systems.

  • Pre-Selectors for EMC test

    Laplace Instruments Ltd.

    These Pre-Selectors are high specification, switched band filters which track the scanning of the EMC Analyser. Control is via USB link from the Laplace EMCEngineer software supplied with SA1002 and SA3000 analysers. Installation and operation is completely automatic, and the filters will synchronise with the analyser scan without any operator intervention. A front panel switch allows manual operation if required.

  • Portable Breaker Analyser

    ACTAS P16DYN - Siemens AG

    The portable Breaker Analyser ACTAS P16DYN (Advanced Circuit Breaker Test and Analysing System) tests high-voltage switchgear such as: high-voltage circuit-breakers, load interrupter switch and disconnectors and eathing switches.

  • Portable Gas Analyser

    Lancom 4 - Ametek Land

    The Lancom 4 is a compact, portable combustion and emissions analyser for checking or testing a boiler system or pollutant process. Building on the success of the Lancom III, the Lancom 4 represents the next generation of portable gas analyser technology. It has the capability to monitor up to 9 different gases, and a total of 17 measurement parameters simultaneously. The Lancom 4 offers the best accuracy available from a portable gas analyser, achieved by using an advanced sample conditioning system.

  • Whole Body Vibration Dosimeter & Analyser

    SV 101 - SVANTEK Sp. z o.o.

    SV 101 is a digital Human Vibration Meter & Analyser integrated with triaxial Whole-Body accelerometer . This is a complete HVM (Human Vibration Meter) provided with the ultrasound presence detection sensor and user interface (display with push-buttons) indicating current instrument state and measurement results. Instrument meets ISO 8041:2005 standard and it is an ideal choice for the measurements according to the ISO 2631-1, 2 & 5.

  • Wholegrain NIR Analyser

    Perten IM9500 Plus - Calibre

    The Inframatic 9500 Plus NIR analyser is the fastest grain analyser on the market, built to meet the requirements of grain handing operations. It measures a wide range of grains and oilseeds for protein, moisture and more in 40 seconds.