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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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    STAR3DIN - Elcontrol Energy Net S.r.l.

    The STAR3 din is the latest instrument available from Elcontrol Energy Net. This high quality panel energy analyser provides brillant features at a price never reached before. The new bright LCD display, the harmonic analysis, the wide set of measured parameters including the TDH available in all the models, the multi-protocol capability of the RS485 port and the high accuracy class 0.5%, the 3 years warranty period, allow to consider the STAR3 the new state of art of the of the panel analysers market.

  • SpaceWire Link Analyser Mk2


    The SpaceWire Link Analyser Mk2 combines the functionality of the previous Link Analyser and SpaceWire Monitor, and in addition to many new hardware and software features it enables users to easily gather and analyse data on a SpaceWire link. The Link Analyser Mk2 connects between two SpaceWire devices and a host PC, via the USB port, running the supplied host software.

  • MDS Data Analyser

    Aidiga Ltd.

    Read and display in a single Waterfall diagram of selected data files.Max, Average, Min mathematical functions on selected data area.Copying data from selected visual area to a single data file.Filtering of collected data with Background spectrum.Rainbow Color based signal recurrency visualisation.Custom data processing (analysis) modules.

  • Power Analysers

    PCE Instruments

    These power analysers arePower analysers to show the power in Watts or to analyze and measure harmonic multi-function power analysers devices that measure precisely direct current, alternating current, AC-voltage, DC-voltage the intensity of DC or AC, phase rotation and idle, apparent and effective power. The reading of AC power is considered the real value and has a maximum range of 6000 Watts. While a reading is being taken, the polarity changes automatically, if negative values are taken then a minus sign will appear on the device display. Nowadays, power analysers have many features such as, insulated current input, measurement of harmonics, AC and DC current measurement, AC and DC voltage measurement, frequency measurement, phase rotation measurement and idle, apparent and effective power measurement. All this data can also be logged and analysed with the delivered PC-Software.

  • PC based Serial Data Analyser

    FSA32 - New Forest Electronics

    This PC application is a tool to monitor and display asynchronous serial data. It can also transmit messages and monitor and set control lines. It has comprehensive triggering facilities, and runs on Windows 95 or later.

  • PC-based logic analyser

    Annie-USB - New Forest Electronics

    A top-quality 8-channel PC-based logic analyser with probably the highest specifications in its class, this Janatek product is excellent value for money. It captures data at a maximum rate of 500MHz, has a buffer depth of up to 1 Meg samples per channel, and incorporates an 8-bit pattern generator to aid debugging.

  • PC-based logic analyser

    La-Gold-36 - New Forest Electronics

    A top-quality 32-channel PC-based logic analyser with class leading specifications, the Janatek La-Gold-36 offers a comprehensive digital debugging environment for the electronics professional. It captures data at a maximum rate of 1GHz and has a buffer depth of up to 1 Meg samples per channel.

  • Handheld XRF analyser

    X-MET8000 EXPERT GEO - Oxford Instruments plc

    Handheld XRF analyser for environmental soil screening and mining analysis. The X-MET8000 Expert Geo is a handheld XRF analyser for geochemistry applications including fast on-site environmental screening, mining exploration, planning and grade control. Easy to use and designed to withstand the harshest environments and weather conditions, the X-MET8000 Expert Geo offers results in seconds with real time data sharing for fast decision making.

  • MDS Audio Spectrum Analyser

    Aidiga Ltd.

    Display and storage of actual audio or radio spectrum in the four different time domains.Display and storage actual spectrum occupation of the specified frequency ranges and channels.Channels count - 1 (mono)Vertical resolution - 16 bit (max dynamic range - 96 dB)Digitizer - audio cardAudio data recording - NOMax-hold spectrum data - YES

  • Pronto For Windows

    Outram Research Ltd (ORL)

    Pronto for Windows is Outram’s full-featured Windows-based power quality software designed to extract data from the Outram Power Master family of data loggers and power quality analysers and present it graphically for analysis.

  • Network Analysers

    Algodue elettronica

    DIN 96x96 ultra compact version, only 39 mm depthFully bi-directional four quadrants measurements for all energies and powersMain electrical parameters measured and displayed for a cost-effective consumption analysisVersion for 1 or 5A CT and for direct connection up to 6APossibility to connect by PTUp to 8 MB for data recording (ENH version)Possibility to record all energy counters (ENH version)Up to 24 parameters selectable among real time measurements for MIN/AVG/MAX recording (ENH version)MODBUS RTU/ASCII communication by RS485 port or MODBUS TCP communication by Ethernet portPossibility to manage the instrument in remote mode by WintoolNET software or by Web server interface2 digital outputs, 1 digital input, 1 analog output (optional)

  • 1GHz EMC Emissions Analyser

    SA1002 - Laplace Instruments Ltd.

    The SA1002 provides a high performance capability to measure the EMC compliance of your products. It covers the conducted emission and radiated emission bands to 1GHz, as required by most EMC standards. The included software is Windows compatible and simple to use. This powerful system automatically sets the analyser parameters to suit the test to be performed. Standard limits are available from simple pull-down menu. Results can be directly compared against these limits for easy checks on compliance status.

  • Pre-Selectors for EMC test

    Laplace Instruments Ltd.

    These Pre-Selectors are high specification, switched band filters which track the scanning of the EMC Analyser. Control is via USB link from the Laplace EMCEngineer software supplied with SA1002 and SA3000 analysers. Installation and operation is completely automatic, and the filters will synchronise with the analyser scan without any operator intervention. A front panel switch allows manual operation if required.

  • Directional Antennas up to 35GHz

    Series HyperLOG ® 70xx - Aaronia AG

    Optimal for usage with spectrum analysers for EMC measurement. The log-periodic precompliance test antenna of the HyperLOG® 70xx series are suitable for interference field strength measurement. The specialized broadband characteristics allow measurements to be taken in the complete specified frequency range without switching. These antennas are suitable for measurement according to the following standards and procedures: CISPR, VDE, MIL, VG, EN 55011, EN 55013, EN 55015, EN 55022, MIL-Std-461.

  • Active biconical Antennas

    BicoLOG X Series - Aaronia AG

    Only a single broadband test antenna for the complete frequency range from 20MHz up to 3GHz. Optimal for usage with spectrum analysers for EMC measurement. Active Antennas with high gain up to 41dBi.