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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Cheese Analyzer

    DairyScan - FOSS A/S

    The DairyScan allows for fast and accurate fat and moisture testing within your cheese production. Forget about slow, labour-intensive traditional testing methods and enjoy rapid analysis whenever you need it. Instant information helps you to spot out-of-spec products so that you can improve quality, avoid costly mistakes in production and ensure higher profitability. With a testing time of 45 seconds the DairyScan is ideal for smaller dairies producing less than 7000 tons cheese per year.

  • Chlorine Analyzers

    Electro-Chemical Devices

    Are used in a variety of municipal and industrial applications requiring the measurement and control of residual chlorine levels.


    Precision Mastech Enterprises Co.

    Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator is a handheld, battery-operated instrument designed to detect the rotary field of three-phase systems and determine motor-rotation direction.

  • Defibrillator Analyzer

    DA-2006 - BC Group International Inc.

    The DA-2006 is a microprocessor-based analyzerthat is used in the testing of defibrillators. It measuresthe energy output and provided information about thepulse. It is used on manual, semi-automatic and automatic defibrillators with monophasic or biphasic outputs.

  • CD/DVD Analyzer

    Shuttleplex - Mediatechnics Systems Inc.

    Analyze CD, CD-R, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/W and DVD+R/W written or blank media This instrument is designed to provide a fast, accurate, cost effective measure of compact disc quality! It is designed to help bridge the gap between compact disc standards and consumer player compatibility. It provides a relative measure of disc quality at multiple chosen playback speeds to help the user determine product "playability".Validate Written Media Quality on just about any type of optical disc.

  • Electrolite Analyzer

    MRC ltd.

    pH 4.00 ~ 9.00K+: 0.50 ~ 15.00 mmol/LNa: 30.0 ~ 200.0 mmol/LCl: 20.0 ~ 200.0 mmol/L+Ca++ 0.1 ~ 6.0 mmol/LTCO2: 2.0 ~ 70.0 mmol/LLi: 0.1 ~ 5.0 mmol/L++Reagent pack Calibration solution in a single reagent packCalibration Automatic or OndemandMemory Storage Up to 1000 patient result, extended to be over 20000 resultsAnalyzing Time 25 seconds after aspirationSample Volume 60~300L whole bloodInput Touch screen(with operation menu)Output Internal thermalprinter ; RS232Auto sampler 35 samples volume (for optional function) 39x31.5x36cm, N.W: 6.5kgWaste Storage Closed Pack SystemReagent Pack Closed Reagent SystemDimensions 42x37x5

  • Electrosurgical Analyzer

    Rigel 377 - Seward Medical

    igel Medical has introduced a new high performance Electrosurgical Analyser with the emphasis on speed and ease of testing all modern day Electrosurgical devices. The new Rigel 377 utilises a new approach to measuring the high frequency leakage, power distribution and remote plate security testing, ensuring high accuracy and the widest range of built-in resistors.

  • Energy Analyzer

    VIPENERGY - Elcontrol Energy Net S.r.l.

    Measurements on distorted and unbalanced systems. Display with backlight. Easy to install and operate. All options can be programmed on the field. Signal outputs: versions with different configurations available for expanding the use of VIP ENERGY to industrial control applications.

  • Energy Analyzer

    EP600i - CANDURA Instruments

    The EnergyPro EP600i is portable and easy to use. Perfect for single phase or three phase energy consumption analysis and basic power quality monitoring. It supports standard wiring configurations and comes with a set of 1A - 2500A WideRangeFlexCT ™. The graphics display makes setup very easy and intuitive - you can setup and record data without looking at the manual!

  • Energy Analyzer.

    PS3000 - Summit Technology

    The PS3000 provides simplicity and reliability in the analysis of electric power. Complete power/energy/cost analysis. Measures voltage, current, KW, KVA, KVAR, true power factor, displacement power factor, KWH, elapsed and estimated cost, and duty cycle. Complete logging and manual waveform capture ability.

  • ESR Analyzer

    MRC ltd.

    Up to 30 samples simultanouslyUp to 60 samples/hourTemperature compensation refer to 18 deg.C according to westergren methodESR curve display & printoutTouch screen large LCD displayInternal thermal printerApplication area Erythrocyte sedimentation rate analysisMeasuring principle Infrared sensorReading channels 30 available channelsAnalysis result In Westergren ESR value (mm/hr)Reading resolution 0.2mmReproducibility< 0.3% or 2mm/1hResult resolution 1mm/1hRS232 serial portAC 220V/110V 10%, 50/60/Hz, 50W

  • Ethernet/OTN Analyzers

    EXFO Inc.

    EXFO’s state-of-the-art Ethernet testing solutions stem from our unique approach in addressing our customers’ challenges: to provide them with the most comprehensive and technologically advanced offering. Our 25+ years of close collaboration with our customers have helped us develop the game-changing EtherSAM test methodology (ITU-T Y.1564), which is redefining the way operators are deploying and validating Ethernet services.

  • DSn/PDH Analyzers

    EXFO Inc.

    Preconfigure bit-error-rate thresholds prior to running the test, and get a simple pass/fail verdict at the end of the test — leaving no room for misinterpreted test results.

  • Multi-Protocol Analyzer

    MPA - Digital Lightwave

    Multi-protocol testing in a compact form factor system (1U x 19 in chassis)Field upgradeable, rack-mounted platform with up to five test modulesAll ports can be configured independently and operated simultaneouslyEach port supports 21 rates and protocolsMulti-Protocol Module (MPM) supports OTN, SONET/SDH, Ethernet and Fibre ChannelIntuitive interface with a simple, consistent setup and workflow across all test modulesEvery test feature accessible by remote GUI and automation scriptingSupports 20 simultaneous usersIndustry proven platform provides efficient and cost effective support and serviceCloud-based management option for each moduleMost cost-effective compact solution for multi-protocol testingSignificantly reduces the amount of testing equipment, required footprint, and test timeOne single platform for multi-protocol testing requirements which will grow as needs change and expand, allowing modules to be easily added on-site and new capabilities to be downloaded110/240VAC or -48VDC input power options

  • Milk Analyzers

    MRC ltd.

    Measuring parameters: FAT 0.01% - 25%SNF 3% - 15%Density 1015 1040kg/m3Proteins 2% - 7%Lactose 0.01% - 6%Water content 0% - 70%Temp. of milk 1C 40CFreezing point - -0.400 0.700CSolids 0.4 1.5%1. Sample visualization onLCD display(green)2. Possibility to measure 1 sample 90 seconds(option 60 seconds)3. Adapter 220-110 V 4.Spare silicone tubes5. Syringe6. Plastic sample holder7. Calibrations Cow, Sheep, and UHT milk8. Operation Manual9. Cardboard transport case10. CD Service PackMeasuring time 30s