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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Logic Analyzer

    LAP-321000U-A - Zeroplus Technology Corperation

    Sample rate (Internal clock): 200MHz asynchronous operation. Sample rate (External clock): 100MHz synchronous operation. Memory Depth (per channel): 1MbitsChannels: 32CH. Upgrade Oscilloscope to measure and decode I2C / UART (RS232C & RS485) / SPI Protocols and mixed signals. Glitch Capture Capability: 5ns. Bandwidth: 75MHz.

  • Logic Analyzer

    LAP-322000U-A - Zeroplus Technology Corperation

    Sample rate (Internal clock): 200MHz asynchronous operationSample rate (External clock): 100MHz synchronous operationMemory Depth (per channel): 2MbitsChannels: 32CH

  • Logic Analyzer

    LAP-C(16064) - Zeroplus Technology Corperation

    Bandwidth:75MHzWorking Range: -6V~+6VAccuracy: ±0.1V, Memory:1MbitsDepth(Per Channel):64Kbits (Max 16Mbits for compression)

  • Logic Analyzer

    LAP-C(322000) - Zeroplus Technology Corperation

    Internal Clock (Timing Mode) 100Hz~200MHzExternal Clock (State Mode) 100MHz, Bandwidth:75MHzWorking Range: -6V~+6VAccuracy: ±0.1V, Memory :64MbitsDepth(Per Channel) :2Mbits (Max 512Mbits for compression)

  • Logic Analyzers

    LA3000 Series - Acute Technology Inc.

    *PC-based, 68 / 136 channels*USB 3.0 interface, 12V power adaptor*2.4GHz Timing Analysis / 250MHz State Analysis*32Gb RAM*Active Probes*Logic, State, Protocol triggers*Stackable with a DSO to form an MSO

  • Logic Analyzers

    TravelLogic 36 channel - Acute Technology Inc.

    *PC-based*USB2.0 interface / powered*36 channels*4 GHz timing / 200 MHz state analysis*4-conditions (4 levels each) trigger*Data Logger (HD storage)*Transitional Storage (store I²C for 4 hours)

  • Magnetic Analyzer

    MA - Special Scientific Engineering. llc

    It measures at least six parameters of hysteresis loop: coercive force, residual induction, magnetic conductivity, loop area and relaxation parameters. It automatically converts these parameters into physical characteristics according to given equations. The device's works is controlled by personal computer, thus full automation of measuring, data collecting and processing is provided. Mathematical apparatus is characterized by extraordinary flexibility and ability to adjust to any problems while the production.

  • Magnetite Analyzer

    Satmagan 135 - Rapiscan Systems

    For over 40 years mining industry around the world has used Satmagan for analyzing mixtures of magnetic and non-magnetic components. Accurate analysis of ferro-magnetic compounds of iron such as magnetite is extremely difficult and time consuming by conventional chemical methods.

  • MagStripe Analyzer

    Mag3xp - Q-Card

    Reads all three card tracks with one pass - great for production environmentsSimple graphical displays show pass or fail for each cardSave detailed data on each card for future analysisExtremely fast 1 million samples per second acquisition rate with 16-bit resolutionSpeed platen and Basic mode for production useCustom platens available to allow testing of custom or non-standard cards

  • MD analyzer

    King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    MD AnalyzerProduct Function Operation Display32dot*128dot/STN-LCD+LEDUse knot and SET.ESC-SW to choose menuUSB memory/printer communication portOKNo voltage A contact, contact capacityOnly less than 1 A 30 VDC or 0.5 A125 VAC resistive loadInstant DisconnectionDC 12 V±10%1A/100mA /10mA±10%1A:1Ω~50Ω10%100mA: 5~500±10%10mA: 50~5kΩ±10%0.1us~99.9us

  • Media Analyzer

    ZMA - Zoltes, Inc.

    ZMA is a unique solution for troubleshooting multiplexed, primary and secondary video streams, including voice traffic, for Telepresence endpoints running SIP or H.323.

  • Metallographic Analyzer

    MDS-5000D - Wuxi Tianmu Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

    1) the Integrated T -shaped Mirror Design, PROVIDING Superior Stability 2) Low-position Front Operation, Ergonomic requirements . 3) 6V / 30W Adjustable Halogen LAMP, PROVIDING Ample Bright Lighting System . 4) 3/8 splitting of Tube The trinocular , Observation and photography can be carried out simultaneous 5) Low-position mechanical moving platform to quickly locate the image 6) Professional flat-field metallographic objective lens, providing good resolution and clear image 7) Polarization Detecting partial inserts, related polarized light observation mode 8 )Five-hole rotary disc type color filter, easy to operate and switch 9) Adjustable field of view diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, providing good contrast metallographic analysis software system CCD camera will The optical image from the microscope is converted into a video signal, and the Sample image under the microscope is input into the computer through the image acquisition card / digital camera, and the digital image is processed and measured by the software, and finally the image and the measurement result are printed. Back up images and measurement data. General system:General image processing functions: image acquisition, data backup, depth of field expansion, grain boundary reconstruction, image stitching, image calculation, filtering, Image annotation, image segmentation and processing, accurate printing. Professional analysis system: 1. Rating: based on inspection Standards, more than 200 software functional modules in more than 100 categories.

  • Milk Analyzers

    MRC ltd.

    Measuring parameters: FAT 0.01% - 25%SNF 3% - 15%Density 1015 1040kg/m3Proteins 2% - 7%Lactose 0.01% - 6%Water content 0% - 70%Temp. of milk 1C 40CFreezing point - -0.400 0.700CSolids 0.4 1.5%1. Sample visualization onLCD display(green)2. Possibility to measure 1 sample 90 seconds(option 60 seconds)3. Adapter 220-110 V 4.Spare silicone tubes5. Syringe6. Plastic sample holder7. Calibrations Cow, Sheep, and UHT milk8. Operation Manual9. Cardboard transport case10. CD Service PackMeasuring time 30s

  • Modulation Analyzers

    Boonton Electronics

    Provides precision modulation and audio analysis in a single, easy-to-operate package. Measures AM, FM, PM, carrier and audio frequencies, SINAD, distortion and carrier level.

  • Moisture analyzer

    MOIST-41 - MRC ltd.

    Max Sample 18 samples (Inherent moisture)9 samples (total mo moisture)Sample Weight (0.9-1.1)g for moisture content on airdried basis; (10-12)g for total moistureFurnace Temperature 105C t0 110CTemp. Control Precision 3CAnalysis Time (20-40)minPower Requirement 220V(-15%-10%), 50HzMax Power 1.5kwSize / Net weight 542x506x564mm / 53kgStandard Layout Moisture Tester / Lenovo PC(Desktop) / PrinterISO117722 Solid mineral fuels Hard coal Determination ofmoisture in the general analysis test sample by drying innitrogen ASTM D5142-09 Standard Test Method forProximate Analysis of the Analysis Sample of CoalGB/T212-2008 Standard