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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Network Analyzers

    MPR6 Series - Entes Elektronik

    Dimensions:96X96kVArh, Max, Min: available (available) % THD I: available (available) % THD V: available (available)Harmonics 1-51.:RS-485:available (available)Digital Input:Digital Output:2AO:0/14-20mA: AO:0/2-10V:Relay:2 Pulse Output: available (available) Hour (RTC): available (available) Memory:1MB Pulse Counter: none (none) Operating Hour: none (none) Alarm: available (available) CT-25: none (none) 110/230 VAC:none (none) 85-265 VAC/DC: available (available) 45-265 VAC/DC: none (none) 10-56 VDC: none (none) Pcs. / Carton:8

  • Network Analyzers

    MPR1 Series - Entes Elektronik

    CurrentNeutral currentVoltage (Phase to Phase, Phase neutral)Active, Reactive and Apparent powerFrequencyActive PowerReactive PowerApparent PowerCos φPower FactorTotal Active PowerTotal Reactive PowerTotal Apparent PowerTotal Cos φTotal Power FactorTotal Harmonic Distortion of the CurrentTotal harmonic distortion in current from phase to phaseTotal harmonic distortion in neutral current from phase to phase

  • Network Analyzers

    EMA Series - Contrel Elettronica s.r.l. Company

    EMA allows the counting of energy in the 4 quadrants : monitoring energy consumption, the energy produced and the balance between the energy produced and consumed, such as cogeneration or solar.

  • Network Analyzers

    Black Box Corp.

    Analyze and troubleshoot copper and fiber 10/100/1000BASE-T networks.

  • NeuroSensory Analyzer

    TSA-II - Medoc-Web

    TSA thermal stimulator test procedure The test procedure itself is similar to that employed in such routine tests as eye and hearing examinations, where patients are asked to respond to visual or auditory stimuli. Sensory testing is performed by applying the TSA-II thermode on the patient's skin to heat or cool the skin. Patients respond to the temperature stimuli by pushing a button, and the sensory threshold is recorded and automatically compared to an age-matched normative data.

  • Optical Analyzers

    DNIRA™ - Neolitics, Inc.

    Neolitics’ DNIRA™ is a real-time, in-line process NIRS that delivers the performance and accuracy of a precision laboratory instrument in a compact, robust, in-line design. It’s easy to install and requires virtually no maintenance post-installation, eliminating the time and difficulty required to keep systems calibrated and the difficulty in replicating or scaling applications within a manufacturing environment.

  • Oxygen Analyzer

    OAS-1 - Malcom Co.,Ltd.

    Measuring the oxygen concentration in the N2 atmosphere on SMT.

  • Ozone Analyzer


    ·Sensor type: electrochemical type·Resolution: 1ppm·Measuring range:4000ppm/40000ppm·Degree of accuracy: ±3%·T80 response time: ≤60 seconds ·R.H:15%~90%,non-condensing·Working temperature: 0 to 45℃·Computer interface: RS232·Power supply: 1.5V x 2AA

  • Ozone Analyzer


    ·Sensor type: electrochemical type·Resolution: 1ppb·Measuring range:4ppm/40ppm·Degree of accuracy: ±3%·Response time: ≤60 seconds ·Working temperature: -0 to 45℃·Computer interface: RS232·Power supply: 1.5V x 2AA

  • Particle Analyzer

    CAMSIZER X2 - Retsch Technology GmbH

    The quality control of fine powders can be substantially improved with the new CAMSIZER X2: More precise and faster analysis of particle size and particle shape helps to improve the product quality, reduce rejects and save labor costs, energy and raw materials. The design of the CAMSIZER X2 is based on the well-proven optical particle measurement system Camsizer but is optimized for finer samples (from 0.8 m to 8 mm).

  • PCAP Analyzer

    PCAP Inspector

    PCAP Inspector allows for quick and seamless segmented steps to prepare a focused and comprehensive analysis within Wireshark. During your visual and statistical analysis, select, and export the desired segments of your PCAP data, immediately importing your data into Wireshark.

  • PCM Analyzer

    ST-2040 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    ortable design; ·Built-in test template, and pattern display; ·Built-in direct current loop feed circuit and direct current loop hold circuit; ·Human engineering design, intelligent English operation interface; ·Large-screen LCD display, 320×240 latt

  • Platform Analyzer

    fastCHECK® - 8tree, LLC

    The fastCHECK platform is designed to quickly and easily inspect fastener/rivet flushness-levels. Customers in the aerospace industry are using fastCHECK to achieve a boost in workflow efficiency in excess of 10x! Operators are now empowered with instant "go/no-go" results so they can inspect the aircraft faster and more reliably. Existing configurations of the fastCHECK product platform are optimized for the Aerospace sector, with new versions being defined for the Marine sector and beyond.

  • Porosity Analyzer

    Micromeritics Instrument Corp.

    The system is designed to provide high-quality surface area, porosity, chemisorption and physisorption isotherm data to materials analysis laboratories with ever-expanding analytical requirements.

  • Portable Analyzers

    Alpha Moisture Systems

    The key to the operation of Alpha Moisture Systems' Portable Analysers is the unique Desiccant Dry-Down Chamber. By keeping the sensor dry between tests, the special assembly of the head ensures that the instrument is always ready for immediate use. The head assembly consists of two chambers which have a telescopic action. When the head assembly is in the 'closed' or 'Dry-Down' position, the sensor is completely surrounded by desiccant, which absorbs the remaining water moisture from the sensor and hence it is dry and ready for use. The small space at the bottom of the test chamber enables the sample pipe to be purged before the test commences without wetting the sensor. By placing a finger over the outlet of the head, the sample pressure is able to open the test chamber automatically, exposing the sensor to the gas being tested and enabling accurate reading of moisture content in the sample gas. After each test the head assembly is closed by depressing the inner section so that the sensor will again be dried by the desiccant, leaving the sensor ready for use time and time again. The desiccant is kept in the inner chamber and is not exposed to ambient room air or the sample gas, therefore there is no need for frequent regeneration or replacement of the desiccant.