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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • PreEqualization Analyzer


    Quickly locate upstream impairments. See micro-reflections and group delay. Find issues like microfractures, reverse splitters, corroded connectors and bad wiring. Display modems being impacted by a common impairment. Save time and money. Reduce truck rolls. Lower maintenance costs. Increase operational efficiency.Improve customer satisfaction Benefit from pre-equalization without masking problems Find and fix problems before they impact customers

  • Porosity Analyzer

    Micromeritics Instrument Corp.

    The system is designed to provide high-quality surface area, porosity, chemisorption and physisorption isotherm data to materials analysis laboratories with ever-expanding analytical requirements.

  • Portable Analyzers

    Alpha Moisture Systems

    The key to the operation of Alpha Moisture Systems' Portable Analysers is the unique Desiccant Dry-Down Chamber. By keeping the sensor dry between tests, the special assembly of the head ensures that the instrument is always ready for immediate use. The head assembly consists of two chambers which have a telescopic action. When the head assembly is in the 'closed' or 'Dry-Down' position, the sensor is completely surrounded by desiccant, which absorbs the remaining water moisture from the sensor and hence it is dry and ready for use. The small space at the bottom of the test chamber enables the sample pipe to be purged before the test commences without wetting the sensor. By placing a finger over the outlet of the head, the sample pressure is able to open the test chamber automatically, exposing the sensor to the gas being tested and enabling accurate reading of moisture content in the sample gas. After each test the head assembly is closed by depressing the inner section so that the sensor will again be dried by the desiccant, leaving the sensor ready for use time and time again. The desiccant is kept in the inner chamber and is not exposed to ambient room air or the sample gas, therefore there is no need for frequent regeneration or replacement of the desiccant.

  • ADSL2+ Analyzer

    T-2041 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    ST2041 ADSL2+ tester is a much compact and very easy-to-use handheld test instrument. It can support various ADSL line standards, specially for installation, maintenance and measurement. The operator all needs to do is to write the configuration, set the measurement margin and parameters, then, complete the functions of ADSL2+ line parameter, MODEM simulation, ISP login and so on by pressing one key. The tester will judge the result by itself that whether it complies with the standard according to the margin value embedded, and indicate it by LED and LCD directly. It can simplify the testing process and improve the efficiency greatly. Technicians will agree that XG2041 is the right tool for the job.

  • UV Analyzer

    ARAD-100 - Solatell Ltd

    The ideal solution for critical UV curing processes where continuous UV monitoring is required to avoid costly downtime and product returns. The built-in sensors are networked for multiple lamp systems with data logging to PC.

  • Spectrum Analyzer

    SPECMON Series - Tektronix, Inc.

    Leading real time technologies help to troubleshoot the toughest transient interferences in the fieldUnique Swept DPX enables the customer to "Real-Time Scan" the whole 3/6.2/26.5 GHz frequency range for transient interference discoveryUp to 165 MHz ultra-wide real-time BW SFDR of 80 dBc over the entire acquisition bandwidth for "close-in" signal discovery, capture and real-time demodulationExceptional DPX Density Trigger/Trigger on This, Frequency Mask Trigger and other advanced triggering capabilities provide 100% probability of intercept for signals as short as 0.434 s in the frequency domain and 12 ns in the time domainSave hours of post-capture review time with optional advanced triggering capabilities such as Save-on-Trigger, which intelligently saves events of interest automatically

  • NetTek Analyzer

    YBT-250 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Handheld, Multi-standard Base Station Transmitter Field TesterMeasure Power and Verify the Most Important RF Transmitter Functions of GSM/GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA/UMTS, HSDPA, cdmaOne, cdma2000 1xRTT, cdma2000 1xEV-DO, TDMA and Analog Base StationsInterference Analyst with High Sensitivity, Including AM and FM Demodulation, Helps Identify Interference ProblemsModular Instrument for Handheld NetTek?Platform which Allows for Easy Future Expansion for New Functions

  • Power Analyzers

    Extech Instruments Corporation

    A Power Analyzer/Datalogger that saves data (up to 30,000 sets of measurements) on an SD card in Excel format for easy transfer to your PC. It provides a full system analysis with up to 35 parameters including: V (phase-to-phase), V (phase-to-ground) - A (phase-to-ground), KW / KVA / KVAR / PF (phase), KW / KVA / KVAR / PF (system), KWH / KVAH / KVARH / PFH (system), and Phase Angle. Readings are displayed on a large, dot matrix, sun-readable, backlit LCD. Comes with three current clamps, four voltage leads with alligator clips, eight AA batteries, SD memory card, Universal AC adapter (100 to 240V), case, and user manual.

  • Metallographic Analyzer

    MDS-5000D - Wuxi Tianmu Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

    1) the Integrated T -shaped Mirror Design, PROVIDING Superior Stability 2) Low-position Front Operation, Ergonomic requirements . 3) 6V / 30W Adjustable Halogen LAMP, PROVIDING Ample Bright Lighting System . 4) 3/8 splitting of Tube The trinocular , Observation and photography can be carried out simultaneous 5) Low-position mechanical moving platform to quickly locate the image 6) Professional flat-field metallographic objective lens, providing good resolution and clear image 7) Polarization Detecting partial inserts, related polarized light observation mode 8 )Five-hole rotary disc type color filter, easy to operate and switch 9) Adjustable field of view diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, providing good contrast metallographic analysis software system CCD camera will The optical image from the microscope is converted into a video signal, and the Sample image under the microscope is input into the computer through the image acquisition card / digital camera, and the digital image is processed and measured by the software, and finally the image and the measurement result are printed. Back up images and measurement data. General system:General image processing functions: image acquisition, data backup, depth of field expansion, grain boundary reconstruction, image stitching, image calculation, filtering, Image annotation, image segmentation and processing, accurate printing. Professional analysis system: 1. Rating: based on inspection Standards, more than 200 software functional modules in more than 100 categories.

  • ICP-OES Analyzer

    SPECTRO ARCOS - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

    The SPECTRO ARCOS ICP-OES excels in industrial and academic applications for the most advanced elemental analysis of metals, chemicals, petrochemicals, and other materials.Its unique new MultiView plasma interface option provides truly uncompromising axial-view and radial-view plasma observation in a single instrument. The periscope-free MultiView mechanism lets an operator literally "turn" a radial-view instrument into an axial-view device, or vice-versa, in 90 seconds or less. Visit the MultiView Q&A section in the ARCOS Resource Center for answers to frequently asked questions. Plasma power enters a whole new era with the system's innovative generator. This unique, compact and extremely rugged component is based on laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) technology. It delivers the highest plasma power available today, enabling previously impossible feats of analysis at the highest plasma loads.

  • Spectrum Analyzer

    HMS-X - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    Frequency range: 100 kHz to 1.6 GHz/3 GHz(with HMS-3G (HV212) option)Spectral purity > –100 dBc(1Hz) (at 100 kHz)Sweep: from 20 ms to 1000 s

  • Volume/Density Analyzer

    Micromeritics Instrument Corp.

    Are fast, fully automatic pycnometers that provide high-speed, high-precision volume measurements and true density calculations on a wide variety of powders, solids, and slurries. The instrument completes most sample analyses in less than three minutes without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Wafer Analyzer

    RAMANdrive - Nanophoton Corp.

    RAMANdrive is the specialized Raman microscope for wafer analysis equipped with our dedicated 300 mm stage. RAMANdrive gives you an ultra-fast, highest resolution analysis of the whole wafer with unique stability and accuracy

  • WDXRF Analyzer

    S6 JAGUAR - Bruker AXS GmbH

    The S6 JAGUAR offers more analytical power with typically more than 50% reduced measurement times than any other compact WDXRF instrument, featuring its new compact WDXRF goniometer, closely coupled optics, and 400 W direct excitation power. Based on the brand new HighSense XE detector with its ultimate linear range of more than two Million cps, it delivers excellent accuracy and precision for quality control in industrial labs.

  • Timer/Counter/Analyzer

    TIC-8420 - Ines GmbH

    Digitizes Time IntervalsUSB controlled instrumentTTL/CMOS logic inputs/outputsFlexible Arming/TriggeringWindows 10, Linux, 32/64 bit