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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Power Analyzers

    MRC ltd.

    Multi-functions : WATT, VA, Whr, Power factor, ACV, * Built-in data hold function.ACA, Hz. * RS-232 output interface.* True AC power ( Watt ) & apparent power ( VA ) * Exclusive custom exclusive design LSI circuit, provides highmeasurement. accuracy, reliability and durability.* True rms display for ACV, ACA. * Built-in over input indication.* Supper large LCD, easy to read-out, display the Watt, * Power supply by batteries.Power factor, Voltage & Current value at the same time. * Built-in low battery indicator .* Auto range. * Durable plastic housing case with handle.

  • Energy Analyzer.

    PS3000 - Summit Technology

    The PS3000 provides simplicity and reliability in the analysis of electric power. Complete power/energy/cost analysis. Measures voltage, current, KW, KVA, KVAR, true power factor, displacement power factor, KWH, elapsed and estimated cost, and duty cycle. Complete logging and manual waveform capture ability.

  • Chlorine Analyzer

    SFC BA - Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

    Wallace & Tiernan® Systems offer the SFC BA analyser to measure and record Free and Total Chlorine residual comprising membrane sensor technology. An internal, buffered electrolyte reduces the effect of pH on the chlorine measurement and an integrated temperature sensor provides temperature-compensated measurement. Reagent free, user friendly operation with trend diagrams and diagnostics for reliability and reduced maintenance.

  • UV Analyzer

    ARAD-100 - Solatell Ltd

    The ideal solution for critical UV curing processes where continuous UV monitoring is required to avoid costly downtime and product returns. The built-in sensors are networked for multiple lamp systems with data logging to PC.

  • Texture Analyzer

    TVT 6700 - Perten Instruments

    The TVT 6700 applies controlled conditions of stress or strain to food and other samples to measure a complete texture profile. It accurately measures compressive and tensile force and position over time using standard test modes including single and multiple cycle compression, tensile strength, compress-and-hold, extend-and-hold, fracturability and springback to describe product texture.

  • Engine Analyzer

    9320N - WENS Precision Co. LTD.

    *4000 Count Auto Ranging*Auto Power Off (30 minutes)*Relative Mode*Auto/Manual Range selection*Data Hold Mode*Safety Warning LCD Annunciator.

  • Dedicated Analyzer


    This measuring instrument automatically measures gas volume / internal gas pressure, air content and oxygen concentration for quality control in the bottling process of carbonated drinks, etc.

  • Moisture Analyzer

    IR-35 - Denver Instruments

    As the new Moisture Analyser for all purposes, the IR-35 offers a great performance especially matched to the daily needs in a laboratory. Its easy operational concept provides a large and clearly arranged display - that gives all important information at a glance, as well as an easy menue navigation - that directs the user with the help of easy to understand symbols from taring the sample pan to the beginning of the analysis in just three steps. Thanks to the fully self-controlled determination of the endpoint, no programming of a shutoff criteria is necessary. The moisture determination is monitored continously and the analysis is stopped once no further weight loss is detected.

  • Power Analyzer

    PW3390 - HIOKI E.E. Corp

    The PW3390 delivers 4 input channels and ±0.04% basic accuracy for power - the top instrument in its class. Achieve more precise measurements of the power and efficiency of high efficiency equipment used in power electronics. Further, a 200 kHz measurement band and flat amplitude and phase characteristics up to high frequencies enable the precise measurement of power at top frequency levels and low power factor.

  • MD analyzer

    King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    MD AnalyzerProduct Function Operation Display32dot*128dot/STN-LCD+LEDUse knot and SET.ESC-SW to choose menuUSB memory/printer communication portOKNo voltage A contact, contact capacityOnly less than 1 A 30 VDC or 0.5 A125 VAC resistive loadInstant DisconnectionDC 12 V±10%1A/100mA /10mA±10%1A:1Ω~50Ω10%100mA: 5~500±10%10mA: 50~5kΩ±10%0.1us~99.9us

  • Network Analyzers

    Black Box Corp.

    Analyze and troubleshoot copper and fiber 10/100/1000BASE-T networks.

  • Magnetic Analyzer

    MA - Special Scientific Engineering. llc

    It measures at least six parameters of hysteresis loop: coercive force, residual induction, magnetic conductivity, loop area and relaxation parameters. It automatically converts these parameters into physical characteristics according to given equations. The device's works is controlled by personal computer, thus full automation of measuring, data collecting and processing is provided. Mathematical apparatus is characterized by extraordinary flexibility and ability to adjust to any problems while the production.

  • CT/PT Analyzer

    KINGSINE Electric Automation Co., Ltd.

    1, Consisting of Function modularization design and plug-in frame, each module contains self-calibration function, plug and play when change module, easy to maintain for customer.2, Adopt TFT LCD display screen with clear and beautiful software interface design, user can operate easily3, AC/DC current input for wide range only, satisfy all power supply standard requested.

  • System Analyzer

    H60 - Televés, S.A.

    A meter conceived for professionals that know what they want. Functions for CATV systems, MATV systems and IRS systems done in coax or fibre. For free to air or encrypted programs, the H60 features unprecedented capacities for a meter of this size. There is simply no possible comparison with others, Capacity to measure any wanted signal or interference up to 3,3 GHz. The best way to analyze the TV or telephony (GSM or LTE/4G) equipment or installations.

  • Multi-Protocol Analyzer

    MPA - Digital Lightwave

    Multi-protocol testing in a compact form factor system (1U x 19 in chassis)Field upgradeable, rack-mounted platform with up to five test modulesAll ports can be configured independently and operated simultaneouslyEach port supports 21 rates and protocolsMulti-Protocol Module (MPM) supports OTN, SONET/SDH, Ethernet and Fibre ChannelIntuitive interface with a simple, consistent setup and workflow across all test modulesEvery test feature accessible by remote GUI and automation scriptingSupports 20 simultaneous usersIndustry proven platform provides efficient and cost effective support and serviceCloud-based management option for each moduleMost cost-effective compact solution for multi-protocol testingSignificantly reduces the amount of testing equipment, required footprint, and test timeOne single platform for multi-protocol testing requirements which will grow as needs change and expand, allowing modules to be easily added on-site and new capabilities to be downloaded110/240VAC or -48VDC input power options