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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

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  • Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

    R&S®FSW - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The high-performance R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer was developed to meet demanding customer requirements. Offering low phase noise, wide analysis bandwidth and straightforward and intuitive operation, the analyzer makes measurements fast and easy.

  • Power Quality Analyzer

    PQM-710 - Sonel S.A.

    PQM-710 power quality analyzer is an advanced product for wide type of measurements, analysis and recording of network parameters 50/60 Hz and the power quality diagnostic according to European standard EN. PQM-710 is an innovative model with a wireless communication Wi-Fi , which allows for automatic pairing with the included tablet, with a large 10" touch screen. Tablet allows full operating of the analyzer, live data preview and the reading and analysis of data stored in the internal memory. With this solution, the PQM-710 is an unique device that combines the advantages of the analyzer with built-in display and typical portable analyzers (known as Black Boxes).With the tablet you can very fast checked the device under test. On the other hand, you can leave the analyzer module for multi-measurements as a typical logger without display. You can very fast diagnose the machine under test using the tablet. On the other hand, you can leave the analyzer module itself for many days measurement as a typical logger without display.

  • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

    X16/KWS - KWS Electronics GmbH

    Measurement possibilities in combination with portable TV analyzer VAROS 107 as field device.

  • Continuous Gas Analyzer

    CT5800 - Rosemount Analytical, Inc.

    Emerson" s Rosemount CT5800 continuous gas analyzer is the first Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) analyzer designed for industrial process applications requiring Class I, Division 2 hazardous area certification. Built within a flameproof enclosure, the CT5800" s unique cell design enables high accuracy measurement of concentrations of impurities down to low ppm levels in the gas streams, and is ideal for Hydrogen purity, Nitrogen purity and Ethylene purity applications. With up to six laser modules housed inside the same enclosure, the CT5800 analyzer can measure up to twelve components simultaneously, greatly reducing the need for multiple analyzers.

  • Lubricant Oil Analyzer

    Xi'an Tianhou Filter Technology Co., Ltd

    oil quality analyzer is an upgrade version.Due to install a large screen monitor to realize operating promot English characters of each function,convenient to read various data.It is installed a micro printer and uses a high-precision A/D conversion circuit,so that the analyzer repeatability is better.When the power of battery is low,the buzzer will alarm automatically and prompt.The analyzer has a dual function of DC and AC,in no man operation condition will shut down automatically;when AC power work can charge.The analyzer has exquisite appearance,easy to operate,suitable for on-site and field operations.

  • Bus & Protocol Analyzers

    Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    Curtiss-Wright's Vanguard Bus Analyzers, Exercisers, Protocol Checkers and Compliance Checkers are available in VMEbus, PCI, PCI-X, CompactPCI, and PMC form factors. The VME bus analyzer supports VME, VME320 and 2eSST protocols. The PCI, CompactPCI and PMC bus analyzers support up to 133MHz PCI-X protocols. These indispensable, ready-to-use tools enable debugging hardware and software through the BusView, graphical user interface software or an optional API interface. Use the Ethernet interface to debug from your workstation and not the laboratory. An USB interface is also available. Thousands of system developers and designers have substantially reduced their project development time through Vanguard bus & protocol analyzers.

  • UPA-USB CAN Bus Analyzer


    The UPA-USB CAN analyzer supports 11-bit and 29-bit CAN IDs. It comes with a USB 2.0 port, which enables the connection to a PC. Power is supplied via an USB cable. The analyzer, which measures 80 mm x 42 mm x 20 mm, comes in a casing and provides the following features: tracing CAN data traffic, sending of predefined messages, as well as sending of logged messages. Additionally, the analyzer offers six 29-bit filters, two 29-bit masks, and also software filters. Normal and listen-only modes are provided, as well as a build-in waveform analyzer with a CAN protocol decoder. Scripting is supported.

  • FieldFox Handheld Microwave Analyzer

    N9913A - Keysight Technologies

    4 GHz max frequencyCarry the world's most integrated handheld RF analyzer: standard model includes cable and antenna analyzerExpand capabilities with optional VNA, spectrum analyzer, built-in power meter, vector voltmeter, and moreSave time by measuring DTF and TDR in the same sweepSimultaneously measure all four S-parametersMake accurate spectrum analyzer measurements ( 0.5 dB) without warm-upCalibrate simply with QuickCalLightest all-in-one analyzer at only6.6 lb. (3.0 kg) Industry-leading 3 year warranty Every spec verified, adjustments included Lock in support & peak performance from the start

  • Automatic Fan Analyzer

    9003FSA - Jabbals

    Automatic Fan Analyzer is the most comprehensive tester designed to automatically check the quality of fan wound stators in fast paced production motor shops. The tests are performed in the sequential order with the help of user-defined test times and limits. The Analyzer accurately detects the faults in the stator and audio/visual alarm indicates the type of fault to the operator. This Analyzer has been widely appreciated by many leading fan manufacturing companies in India such as Havells, Usha, Orient, Crompton Greaves, Yash Fans to name a few.

  • Automatic Sequential Analyzer

    9005ASA - Jabbals

    Automatic Sequential Analyzer is the most comprehensive tester designed to automatically check the quality of 1φ & 3φ wound stators in fast paced production motor shops. The tests are performed in the sequential order with the help of user-defined test times and limits.The Analyzer accurately detects the faults in the stator and audio/visual alarm indicates the type of fault to the operator. This Analyzer has been widely appreciated by the stator manufacturers in India who have to meet tight deadlines to deliver large number of quality stators to their clients.

  • Analyzer Interface Software

    Serani - Tiger Optics llc

    Tiger Optics’ Serani™ Analyzer Interface Software offers users a new way to access their analyzer remotely from any computer or laptop. The Windows-based software package communicates with the analyzer through RS-232 or Ethernet and allows full control of the system from your desk. Additional features allow data collection on your computer, advanced graphing and data analysis capabilites, as well as shortcuts to important service functions.

  • Moisture in Natural Gas Analyzer

    OptiPEAK TDL600 - Michell Instruments

    The next generation TDLAS Analyzer for automatic online measurement of moisture in variable compositions of natural gas and biomethane. The OptiPEAK TDL600 Tuneable Diode Laser Analyzer employs the latest techniques in laser absorption spectroscopy and signal processing power to offer a robust high performance analyzer, designed specifically for the measurement of moisture in natural gas. This non-contact technology requires minimal maintenance, even in demanding applications such as changing methane concentrations or sour gas.

  • In-situ Gas Analyzers

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    Real-time gas analysis directly within the processInnovative measurement technology that allows the devices to be mounted directly at the measurement site: In-situ gas analyzers take measurements directly within the process under system conditions. These analyzers are primarily characterized by their minimal maintenance requirements and extremely short response times. SICK's in-situ gas analyzers are available in two different versions:The cross-duct version for representative measurement results across the entire duct diameterThe measuring probe version, optimized for single-sided gas duct installation

  • Portable TSS Analyzer

    Model 300 - Reliant Water Technologies

    The Reliant Model 300 TSS Analyzer is an industrial grade Portable Total Suspended Solids Analyzer designed for the purpose of quick, reliable MLSS and sludge interface level measurements. Specifically designed for activated sludge plants, the Model 300 will also be useful in waste lagoons. The analyzer has an auto-ranging capability from mg/l to percent solids up to 3% solids.

  • QAM And PCM Analyzers

    GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek provides a wide range of high performance and inexpensive QAM/PCM analyzers. Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) and pulse code modulation (PCM) analyzers are convenient instruments with top to bottom estimations and adaptable setups. Additionally, these devices have integrated functions of  analog signal generators/receivers, BERT, signaling generators/receivers, selective level meters, ring generators/ identifications, dialers, DC loop circuits (ICT, OGT), balanced bridges and reflecting bridges into solitary instruments. These analyzers are ideal for installing and maintaining digital and analog networks.