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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Power Quality Analyzers

    GF334 - Beijing GFUVE Electronics Co.,Ltd.

    Handheld harmonics power analyzer is suitable for power company, technical supervision department, industrial, mining, petroleum as well as chemical, home appliances and manufacturing enterprises.

  • Scalar Network Analyzer

    Model 8003 - Spanawave Corporation

    The Spanawave Model 8003 Precision Scalar Network Analyzer combines a 90 dB wide dynamic range with the accuracy and linearity of a power meter in a signal instrument.

  • Semiconductor Thermal Analyzers

    Analysis Tech Inc.

    Analysis Tech Semiconductor Thermal Analyzers measure semiconductor junction temperatures using the electric method of junction temperature measurement on all types of semiconductor devices.

  • Portable Metal Analyzer

    SPECTROPORT - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

    When handhelds aren't enough, the amazing new SPECTROPORT portable metal analyzer applies more advanced OES technology in a unit as easy to use as a handheld analyzer. SPECTROPORT delivers many advantages of SPECTRO's portable OES flagship, SPECTROTEST, in a smaller, lighter package. It accurately analyzes elements such as carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, and boron. It's as fast as an XRF, with many analyses taking only a few seconds. And it enables effortless point-and-shoot performance, to minimize operator intervention and decision-making. It adds the convenience and simplicity of the best handheld analyzers to the accuracy and wide analytical range of SPECTRO's renowned OES technology. You get fast, ready response; flexible portability; intuitive ease of use; and minimal standardization efforts.

  • Portable Spectrum Analyzer

    LP Technologies

    LPT-3000 Portable Spectrum AnalyzerThe LP Technologies LPT-3000 Spectrum Analyzer is a fully synthesized RF Spectrum Analyzer featuring simple user controls which allow the novice or the seasoned expert to use the LPT-3000 right out of box. The LPT3000 provides you with a powerful RF test and measurement tool for CDMA and WCDMA RF systems, broadcast RF systems, EMI/EMC. The features include 6.4 color display, centronics printer, internal memory, USB host, built in CDMA measurement (ACP, Channel Power and Occupied bandwidth). The LPT 3000 Spectrum Analyzer gives educational institutions, mobile and communication system manufactures and RF product service centers a quality RF test instrument at an unbelievably affordable price.

  • Sievers Boron Analyzer

    GE Analytical Instruments

    The Sievers UPW (Ultra pure water) Boron Analyzer offers a limit of detection of 15 parts-per-trillion boron and up to 10 samples per hour, making continuous boron monitoring in ultrapure water very affordable and convenient for semiconductor and microelectronics applications. The Sievers UPW Boron Analyzeralso exceeds ICP-MS performance (seeProgress Report on New On-line Boron Analyzer Research), and does it at a fraction of the cost. A true "plug-and-play" boron measurement instrument, the Sievers Boron Analyzer can be installed in less than an hour, requires no skilled or trained operator, and provides the sensitivity and accuracy of ICP-MS or on-line Ion Chromatography. A built-in multiplexor even allows for monitoring of up to four sample streams with customizable settings for each stream.

  • Cable and Antenna Analyzers

    Anritsu Corporation

    Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzers offer measurement capabilities including precision return loss/VSWR, cable loss and distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements. Handheld analyzers help field technicians perform field verification and fault location to detect problems before they become costly, time-consuming system failures. Site Master is the leading choice for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of microwave cables and communication systems in cellular and broadcast industries as well as aerospace and defense.

  • Well-Logging Gas Analyzer

    Series 9200 PetroAlert - MOCON, Inc.

    Series 9200 PetroAlert gas analyzer combines the selective detection of a gas chromatograph (GC) with the continuous monitoring abilities of a total hydrocarbon analyzer (THA) in a single, compact, sensitive and stable instrument. The Series 9200 is specifically engineered to meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry’s exploratory well-logging process. Its speed and accuracy allow well loggers monitoring a drill site to analyze the hydrocarbons within a well both quantitatively and qualitatively, while drilling.

  • Power Quality Analyzer

    PQM-703 - Sonel S.A.

    Power quality analyzer PQM- 703 is a technically advanced product that allows for comprehensive measurements of the quality of electricity , analysis and recording of power network parameters, for frequencies 50/60 Hz in accordance with European standard EN 50160. PQM -703 is another representative of a well, known family of analyzers line PQM- 70x . In relation to the PQM -702 has new functions like recording of transients with max. sampling frequency 10 MHz (rapid changes in voltage) and control signals. Minimal transient capturing time is 650 ns. It is intended for a very wide range of users who need to control the quality of power with a mobile device , which fulfills the requirements of a multi-sheet standard IEC 61000 for class A analyzers. This applies to measurement accuracy, measurement methods, and synchronization of time with a standard signal. The last condition is met with a built-in GPS module with an internal antenna. If the analyzer is installed inside, it is possible to use an additional antenna with a 10m-long wire. If the antenna is situated outside, GPS signal will be attainable without any problems and used for the synchronization of an internal clock.

  • Audio Spectrum Analyzer

    OscillometerXZ - IW5EDI

    OscillometerXZ is an Audio Spectrum Analyzer for real-time, FFT. Offers several functions like OscilloScope, Frequency counter, voltmeter, noise and distortion meter, phase shift meter.

  • Moisture Analyzer Series

    3050 - Ametek Process Instruments

    The 3050 series of moisture analyzers utilizes AMETEK’s proven, accurate quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) technology. Built-in verification provides operators with increased measurement confidence.

  • Optical Spectrum Analyzers

    Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corp.

    Yokogawa (formerly Ando) is the global leader in optical spectrum analyzers, delivering high quality, cutting edge technology with dependability, performance and flexibility for over thirty years.

  • Portable Logic Analyzer

    16860A Series - Keysight Technologies

    Keysight’s 16860A Series is the industry’s highest-performance portable logic analyzer – providing you the best insight so you can solve your toughest digital debug challenges.

  • RF Signal Analyzers

    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    Our product portfolio offers dedicated instruments for various terrestrial and cable TV and radio standards. For satellite applications, special options are available for our spectrum analyzers.

  • FTIR Analyzer Packages

    Agilent Technologies

    Our FTIR analyzer packages ensure that your FTIR systems perform to the highest standards for your analysis of choice. The 4500 Polymer ID Package determines restricted phthalate levels in polymers in seconds. It is ideal for efficient QA/QC and supply chain monitoring for food additives, biochemicals and other compounds. The portable 4500a FTIR forensics analyzer can identify liquid or solid substances, such as explosives or toxic chemicals, in under a minute. It also features an extensive reference database.