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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • CXA-m PXIe Signal Analyzer

    M9290A - Keysight Technologies

    Deploy a smaller microwave footprint, no trade-off in precision: Rely on fully specified performance up to 26.5 GHz in 4 slotsOptimize your balance between speed, sensitivity and accuracy with the choice to operate in swept or FFT modesPerform fast calibrated stimulus response measurement with full-band tracking generatorSmooth the transition between R&D, manufacturing, and maintenance: CXA-m is code compatible with benchtop X-Series signal analyzers and ESA spectrum analyzers

  • Impedance Analyzer / LCR Meters

    Newtons4th Ltd

    When used together with the PSM range of frequency response analyzers, the N4L impedance analysis interfaces provide a measurement solution to many impedance analysis applications. The most appropriate interface for a specific application will depend upon the nominal impedance of the sample or device being tested and the frequency of measurement and N4L will be happy to discuss the optimum soution to any application. Reasons to choose an N4L Impedance Analyzer

  • Digital/Analog Frequency Response Analyzer

    8800 Series - Venable Instruments

    The analyzer utilizes a digital “Sync” signal to provide synchronization between analog and digital hardware.  The Model 8800 performs simultaneous analysis on both analog input channels and  digital target processor, reliably capturing all data.  Versatile by design,  the Model 8800 digital interface can be disabled, via software, to use the analyzer in a standard 2-channel, analog-only configuration.

  • Frequency Response Analyzer

    1255B - Solartron Analytical

    The 1255B Frequency Response Analyzer is one of a range of instruments that will meet your needs today and in the future. This frequency response analyzer is capable of operating in stand-alone mode; suitable for testing amplifiers, filters and switch mode power supplies (SMPS); or equally when coupled with a 1287A potentiostat. Impedances of electrochemical cells can be measured from as high as 1MHz to as low as 10µHz!

  • Frequency Response Analyzer

    1255A - Solartron Analytical

    The 1255A frequency response analyzer is one of a range of instruments that will meet your needs today and in the future. This frequency response analyzer is capable of operating in stand-alone mode, suitable for testing amplifiers, filters and switch mode power supplies (SMPS), or equally when coupled with a 1287A Potentiostat. Impedances of electrochemical cells can be measured from as high as 1MHz to as low as 10µHz!

  • Offline MPEG Analyzer

    MSight - MiraVid Inc.

    Instantly jump to any stream location with fast seeking which makes navigation simple and easy. MSight Analyzer will jump to the exact location of any error identified in a compliance test to allow full inspection of all the stream data at that location. Complete coverage with support for VC-1, H.264/AVC, MPEG-4 part 2, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, and system level (program and transport stream analyzer features) in a single tool.

  • Combustion Check Gas Analyzer

    KM 5410 - KUSAM-MECO

    * Hand-pump with filter to isolate dirt and particles.* Thermocouple offset adjustment ±3°C (6°F).* Automatic power off battery saver.* 2 channel display(LCD).* Display Back-Light.* Analyzer Directly Measures: Flue Gas Oxygen Content in % and Flue Gas Temperature in °F or °C* Analyzer Computes: When the measured oxygen level is below 17.9%, Flue Gas Carbon Dioxide content in %, , Excess Air in %(0 to 400%), Flue Natural Gas/Oil #2/Propane in %

  • Portable RF Spectrum Analyzer

    OSCOR™ Blue - Research Electronics Intl.

    The OSCOR Blue is a portable spectrum analyzer with a rapid sweep speed and functionality suited for detecting unknown, illegal, disruptive, and anomalous rogue transmissions across a wide frequency range. The OSCOR Blue Spectrum Analyzer is designed to detect illicit eavesdropping signals, perform site surveys for communication systems, conduct radio frequency (RF) emissions analysis, and investigate misuse of the RF spectrum.

  • Digital Broadcast Analyzer

    Anritsu Corporation

    Spectrum Analyzer: 9 kHz 4 GHzInterference Analyzer with Interference MappingHigh Accuracy Power Meter, 2-port Transmission MeasurementsCoverage Mapping, Channel Scanner, GPS, AM/FM/PM Analyzer3GPP, 3GPP2, WiMAX, signal analyzersTracking Generator: 500 kHz 4 GHzDigital TV ISDB-T, DVB-T/H analyzersCPRI RF MeasurementsField-proven design: Three-hour battery life, rugged, compact, lightweight, daylight viewable displayIntuitive menu-driven touchscreen user interfacePIM Alert (a downloadable easyTest script)Standard three-year warranty (battery one-year warranty)

  • Process Percent Oxygen Analyzer

    GNL-IN962 - Shanghai ChangAi Electronic Science & Technology Co.,Ltd

    GNL-IN962 oxygen analyzer is an intelligent oxygen analyzer that is based on microprocessor, keeping gas electrochemical sensor as measuring unit with high intelligence, accuracy and long service life. It has been used in oxygen concentration in many industries under various environments. - See more at:

  • Process Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

    CI-IN56 - Shanghai ChangAi Electronic Science & Technology Co.,Ltd

    CI-IN56 thermal conductivity analyzer is a kind of intelligent analyzer based on microprocessor, considering microprocessor thermal conductivity sensor as measuring unit. It has high accuracy, good stability, comprehensive function and long service life. Applied to test the H2 or He in binary gas or binary mixture gas. - See more at:

  • Acoustic Analyzer Software

    C3 - Sona Corp.

    The C3 Acoustic Analyzer is a "RTA (Real Time Analyzer) with one-third octave band". You can do acoustic analysis of one-third-octave band by simply connecting MIC to PC. An appropriate tool for measurement and adjustment of audio reproduction environment. This tool has a simple user interface whose purpose is to measure audio reproduction characteristics. Usability is given top priority.

  • Powered Field Analyzers

    FA7000 Series - AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

    The FA7000 series of Field Analyzers represent a new patent-pending approach to more accurately measure modulated electric fields as well as CW electric fields . This innovative approach uses an isotropic field sensor to sample the composite field and transmit its amplitude digitally over optical fiber to a processor unit . The sample rate of the FA7000 Field Analyzer is 1 .5 million samples per second - significantly faster than conventional RF field probes - enabling them to accurately measure pulsed electric fields in the microsecond range .

  • IV Pump Analyzers

    Pronk Technologies Inc.

    IV Pump Analyzer provides the fastest tests results of any analyzer with a market-best measurement sensitivity of 0.8 microliters. Test results are achieved in a remarkable 3 minutes or less within a 1% accuracy for any flow rate from 1 to 999ml /hr. The Quick Prime feature rapidly readies it for use with no re-priming required between tests.

  • PXI Vector Network Analyzer

    National Instruments

    PXI Vector Network Analyzers feature two ports, so you can choose between T/R test sets or full S-parameter capabilities. The PXI Vector Network Analyzer supports automatic precision calibration, full vector analysis, and reference plane extensions, so it is an ideal vector network analysis solution for your validation and production operations without the high cost and large footprint associated with a traditional benchtop VNA. These models seamlessly integrate into test systems for highly accurate, fast RF measurements.