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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

    RSA7100B - Tektronix, Inc.

    The RSA7100B wideband signal analyzer offers real-time spectrum analysis up to 800 MHz bandwidth and simultaneous streaming of seamless data at full bandwidth. It enables researchers in communications, Radar and Electronic Warfare to create next-generations designs.

  • Portable Metal Analyzer

    SPECTROPORT - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

    When handhelds aren't enough, the amazing new SPECTROPORT portable metal analyzer applies more advanced OES technology in a unit as easy to use as a handheld analyzer. SPECTROPORT delivers many advantages of SPECTRO's portable OES flagship, SPECTROTEST, in a smaller, lighter package. It accurately analyzes elements such as carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, and boron. It's as fast as an XRF, with many analyses taking only a few seconds. And it enables effortless point-and-shoot performance, to minimize operator intervention and decision-making. It adds the convenience and simplicity of the best handheld analyzers to the accuracy and wide analytical range of SPECTRO's renowned OES technology. You get fast, ready response; flexible portability; intuitive ease of use; and minimal standardization efforts.

  • Sievers Boron Analyzer

    GE Analytical Instruments

    The Sievers UPW (Ultra pure water) Boron Analyzer offers a limit of detection of 15 parts-per-trillion boron and up to 10 samples per hour, making continuous boron monitoring in ultrapure water very affordable and convenient for semiconductor and microelectronics applications. The Sievers UPW Boron Analyzeralso exceeds ICP-MS performance (seeProgress Report on New On-line Boron Analyzer Research), and does it at a fraction of the cost. A true "plug-and-play" boron measurement instrument, the Sievers Boron Analyzer can be installed in less than an hour, requires no skilled or trained operator, and provides the sensitivity and accuracy of ICP-MS or on-line Ion Chromatography. A built-in multiplexor even allows for monitoring of up to four sample streams with customizable settings for each stream.

  • Portable Spectrum Analyzer

    LP Technologies

    LPT-3000 Portable Spectrum AnalyzerThe LP Technologies LPT-3000 Spectrum Analyzer is a fully synthesized RF Spectrum Analyzer featuring simple user controls which allow the novice or the seasoned expert to use the LPT-3000 right out of box. The LPT3000 provides you with a powerful RF test and measurement tool for CDMA and WCDMA RF systems, broadcast RF systems, EMI/EMC. The features include 6.4 color display, centronics printer, internal memory, USB host, built in CDMA measurement (ACP, Channel Power and Occupied bandwidth). The LPT 3000 Spectrum Analyzer gives educational institutions, mobile and communication system manufactures and RF product service centers a quality RF test instrument at an unbelievably affordable price.

  • Power Quality Analyzer

    PQM-703 - Sonel S.A.

    Power quality analyzer PQM- 703 is a technically advanced product that allows for comprehensive measurements of the quality of electricity , analysis and recording of power network parameters, for frequencies 50/60 Hz in accordance with European standard EN 50160. PQM -703 is another representative of a well, known family of analyzers line PQM- 70x . In relation to the PQM -702 has new functions like recording of transients with max. sampling frequency 10 MHz (rapid changes in voltage) and control signals. Minimal transient capturing time is 650 ns. It is intended for a very wide range of users who need to control the quality of power with a mobile device , which fulfills the requirements of a multi-sheet standard IEC 61000 for class A analyzers. This applies to measurement accuracy, measurement methods, and synchronization of time with a standard signal. The last condition is met with a built-in GPS module with an internal antenna. If the analyzer is installed inside, it is possible to use an additional antenna with a 10m-long wire. If the antenna is situated outside, GPS signal will be attainable without any problems and used for the synchronization of an internal clock.

  • 3 Phase Power Analyzer

    VPA-60080 - Veer Electronics

    VEER Power Analyzer VPA-60080 is result of continuous R & D activities. It is an accurate Instrument to test 3 phase & 1 phase electrical Machines due to high sampling rate & simultaneous measurement of parameters. It has no adjustable components inside so, accuracy remains long time. We provide Free Software VEER POWER ANALYZER TOOL with VPA-60080 to communicate with computer which is capable to collect all parameters from VPA-60080 & generates test report. You can see parameters in different view like Digital, Analog, Graphical etc in real time. You can record test data in real time to eliminates Human error in Testing.

  • CMAS Analyzers and Field Monitors

    Corr Instruments, llc

    Backed by at least one of the 8 corrosion sensor patents wholly owned by Corr Instruments, our nanoCorr analyzers and field monitors are widely used for online and real-time localized and general corrosion monitoring. These ultra-high precision instruments measure extremely low currents in the pico-ampere levels, which can be translated into a corrosion rate as low as a few nanometers per year, in some applications (PDF). Our analyzers and monitors are based on the patented coupled multielectrode array sensor (CMAS) technology which measures the flow of electrons from corroding electrodes to one or more cathodes.

  • Frequency Response Analyzers

    Venable Instruments

    Venable Instruments has been focused on one goal: bringing the most versatile, full-featured frequency response analyzers to customers in industries where precise testing and measurement tools for power supply design is critical. Over 37 years of continual research and development has created the widest range of scalable frequency response analyzers to meet your company's current requirements, while providing a cost-effective growth path for increased testing functionality. Venable is a proven leader in aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, computer technology, academia, government research applications and virtually any industry requiring the highest standards in power supply and stability testing for repeatable and accurate results.

  • Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzer

    S3101 - Digital Communication Technologies Ltd

    S3101 is a new Cable and Antenna Analyzer that boosts your troubleshooting and testing speed while optimizing usability. Utilizing the latest advancements in technology, the S3101 has been optimized for field conditions, ease of use, and efficient sweep management capabilities. It delivers 8 hours of continuous battery operation, the most ever offered in a handheld cable and antenna analyzer. With its large outdoor viewable 7” LCD touch screen display, new intuitive GUI, and classic mode, the S3101 is not only easy to use, but also significantly increases a user’s efficiency in the field.

  • Inline Beverage Analyzer

    Anton Paar GmbH

    The inline beverage analysis systems are the result of more than 40 years of experience in inline and laboratory beverage analysis, based on thousands of samples covering the production of beer, wine, cider, FABs, juice, soft drinks, diet drinks, tea, and other beverages. Anton Paar is the leading manufacturer of inline beverage analyzers with custom-made solutions for all beverage applications, ready-to-use without time-consuming on-site adjustment. These beverage analyzers can be fully connected to your laboratory equipment to ensure in-spec production and complete traceability. First-class instruments for continuous, accurate, and safe measurements of important quality parameters, such as °Brix, %Diet concentration, CO2, alcohol, sugar inversion, extract, etc. during the whole production process.

  • Multi-Protocol Analyzer / Generator

    780E - Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata

    The Quantum Data 780E Multi-Protocol Analyzer / Generator is a handheld digital video generator and analyzer that enables you to run tests on various digital video devices and network distribution devices on site or in the R&D lab. The 780E instrument provides a 7 inch color touch screen for operation and for viewing status of outgoing and incoming video and audio. The 780E is equipped with DisplayPort, HDMI and HDBaseT interfaces. Each digital interface is supported by both an output port and an input port to allow testing of digital video sources, displays, audio devices and distribution devices. Testing hybrid converter devices supporting DisplayPort, HDMI, HDBaseT distribution networks is a key application of the 780E as well.

  • Portable Power Quality Analyzer

    PDA 1252 - Electro Industries/GaugeTech

    The PDA 1252 is a portable power quality analyzer designed to monitor, isolate and troubleshoot power system disturbances. Using our advanced analysis software, the Communicator EXT application, view real time data presented in a simple and powerful format. Maximize the Communicator EXT application's power with the optional AiReports to generate disturbance solutions and advanced power reports. The unit is ideal for load surveys, program, monitoring transformer banks and indoor/outdoor electrical monitoring. The PDA 1252 Power Quality Analyzer is mounted in its own watertight carrying case and uses watertight connectors to connect voltage and current leads. Based on the Nexus 1252 platform, the PDA 1252 is easy to use and operate.

  • Vector Network Analyzer Extenders

    VNAX - Virginia Diodes, Inc.

    VDI''s VNA Extenders deliver high performance network analyzer frequency extension into the THz range. Models cover 50 GHz to 1,100GHz with additional bands in development. VDI modules come in a variety of form factors and configurations including our original Standard-size Modules and new Mini Modules that reduce volume up to 75%. In addition to our full Transceiver (TxRx) modules, VDI also offers Transmit-Reference (TxRef) modules and Receive only (Rx) modules that deliver optimized performance for specific applications. These modules combine high test port power and exceptional dynamic range to deliver industry leading performance. They are compatible with most network analyzers and can be integrated into probe stations and antenna chambers.

  • 6.2GHz Spectrum Analyzer

    PSA-6000 - ED CO., LTD

    The Model PSA-6000 Spectrum Analyzer is a fully synthesized RF Spectrum Analyzer featuring simpleuser controls which allow the novice or the seasoned expert to use the PSA-6000 right out of box. The PSA-6000 provides you with a powerful RF test and measurement tool for CDMA and WCDMA RFsystems, broadcast RF systems, ISM Band, Wireless LAN applications, EMI/EMC.The features include 6.4"color display, centronics printer, internal memory, USB host, built in CDMAmeasurement(ACP,Channel Power and Occupied Bandwidth). The PSA-6000 Spectrum Analyzergives educational institutions, mobile and communication system manufactures and RF product servicecenters a quality RF test instrument at an unbelievably affordable price.

  • Total Sulfur Analyzer

    Model T108 - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model T108 Total Sulfur analyzer is designed to measure mixed sulfur impurities, collectively referred to as Total Sulfides, in air or carbon dioxide gas. Since there is no scrubber in the system, the instrument reading is the sum of the oxidized sulfur compounds and SO2.The Model T108 consists of a modified Model T100 SO2 analyzer with special software and a Model 501TS high temperature thermal oxidizer. Sulfur compounds are heated as they pass through the converter and oxidized into SO2. When analyzing CO2, which generally contains no oxygen, approximately 6% O2 is added to the sample before entering the converter. This dilution is corrected in the calibration procedure.