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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • 8k Multi-Channel Analyzer

    N957 - CAEN

    The Mod. N957 is a 8k Multi-Channel (MCA) with USB port, housed in a 1-unit wide standard NIM module. The multichannel analyzer performs the essential function of collecting the data and producing output, in the form of converted value of input peaks. The input pulses can be those produced by a standard spectroscopy amplifier. They can be Gaussian, semi-Gaussian or square waves, unipolar (positive) or bipolar, in a range from 0 to 10 V, with a rise time greater than 0.1 µs. The trigger can be made “on signal” (Auto Gate mode) or “external” (External Gate mode). In the first case a discriminator, with a settable threshold, enables the conversion. In the second case, an external gate is fed to the module, via front panel GATE In connector.The input channel has one peak amplitude stretcher, the output of which is digitised by a 13 bit fast (0.8 ms) ADC featuring a sliding scale technique, to improve the differential non-linearity.Converted waveforms are stored into a 64 KSamples buffer memory. The unit hosts an USB2.0 port (also compatible with USB 1.1), which permits a simple control and data-acquisition via PC.

  • Power Quality Analyzer

    MEWOI Electronics Co.,ltd

    Power quality analyzer is a product carefully developed by our company and specially designed for field test of three phases, multi-functional and intelligent, man-machine operation and concise and comprehensive test instrument. It is easy to use, large LCD screen display, high resolution, interface in both Chinese and English, shock-proof shell structure and so on. Can simultaneously measure the 4-channel current (ABC three phase and neutral wire current), 4-channel voltage (ABC three-phase voltage and neutral line voltage to ground), the peak value of current voltage, maximum/minimum value over a period, three-phase imbalance factor, short-time voltage flicker, transformer K factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor and displacement power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, total harmonic distortion and harmonic, etc; Display real-time waveform, harmonic ratio bar charts of current voltage; Dynamically capture instantaneous change of voltage current, monitoring starting current, monitoring the power parameters and generate the alarm list, generate the trend chart for a long time record test data.

  • Vector Network Analyzer

    ZNBT - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    Four-port R&S®ZNBT8 base unit, upgradeable to 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 portsEight-port R&S®ZNBT20 base unit, upgradeable to 12, 16, 20 or 24 portsFrequency range from 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz (R&S®ZNBT8) or from 100 kHz to 20 GHz (R&S®ZNBT20)Up to 24 fully phase‑coherent receiversWide dynamic range of up to 140 dBShort sweep times, e.g. 2.1 ms (R&S®ZNBT8) and 2.5 ms (R&S®ZNBT20) for a sweep across 201 pointsWide power sweep range of 100 dBHigh power handling capacityIF bandwidths from 1 Hz to 10 MHzHigh temperature stability of 0.01 dB/°KMore than 100 traces and channelsSimple configuration of multiport measurementsManual and automatic calibration methods optimized for multiport applicationsStatus informationCompatible with all vector network analyzers from the R&S®ZVA/R&S®ZVT and R&S®ZNx families

  • HTTP Live Streaming Analyzer

    Mividi, Inc.

    Simulates up to 200 simultaneous HLS services. Monitors video services in all sessions. Detailed HLS protocol and MPEG layer analysis. Auto-alarm, error logging and report generation.

  • Humidity Controllers and Analyzers

    Omega Engineering, Inc

    Maintain a steady environment with RH/temperature sensors and controllers.

  • Medical Safety Analyzer

    Rigel 266 Plus - Seward Medical

    The Rigel 266 Plus is a highly compact, easy-to-use medical electrical safety analyser, designed to test in accordance with IEC/EN 60601-1, MDA DB9801, and AS/NZ 3200.

  • IP Performance Analyzers

    NuDOG-101 - Omnicor

    NuDOG-101 is a handheld device with two 10/100Mbps ports for Ethernet testing. The main functions of NuDOG-101 include multi-streams generation, TAP/Loopback test, and NIC emulation.

  • IP Performance Analyzers

    NuDOG-301T - Omnicor

    NuDOG-301 is a handheld device with two Gigabit ports for Ethernet testing. The main functions of NuDOG-301 include multi-streams generation, TAP/Loopback test, and NIC emulation.

  • IP Performance Analyzers

    LB-100 - Omnicor

    In general, to perform a loopback test requires two test ports on both packet generator and DUT/NUT for transmission and receiving of test packets. It may not be available to do the loopback test in real network environment if the network under test is located far away from the packet generator with only one linked network cable.

  • IP Performance Analyzers

    NuBAR-1000 - Omnicor

    NuBAR-1000 is an ideal Ethernet tester for testing and troubleshooting potential problems of data transmission and bandwidth in the field. NuBAR-1000 works by pair with roles of Lord and Servant. Without extra standby personnel at the other test site, two NuBAR-1000 negotiate with each other automatically, start bi-directional symmetric / asymmetric wirespeed transmission, synchronize the test result and store result at Lord NuBAR-1000.

  • Jerone Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzers

    Arizona Instrument LLC

    Detect hydrogen sulfide gas in air at levels as low as 3 parts per billion (ppb). Sensitive enough to ensure compliance with odor and other ordinances, durable and convenient enough for frequent use.

  • JETCAL®1 Performance Analyzer

    BH112PA Series - Howell Instruments, Inc.

    The BH112PA-77 provides unique troubleshootingcapability of uninstalled engines (in the test cell)and on-wing Trimming/Functional Check for GeneralElectric J85 series turbojet afterburning engines.

  • Laboratory Gas Analyzer

    MAX300-CAT - Extrel CMS, LLC

    The MAX300-CAT is a high-sensitivity, quantitative gasanalyzer for catalysis, reaction monitoring, and environmental research. This powerful quadrupole system performs high precision quantitative analysis of every component in a gas or vapor mixture, and can beequipped for the fully-automated sampling of 61+ gas channels.

  • Landing Page Analyzer

    Unbounce Marketing Solutions Inc.

    Unbounce’s landing page and conversion marketing platform allows marketers to quickly create, launch and test high-converting landing pages and website overlays without developers. Build landing pages fast, get more conversions. Whether you’re a newbie landing page creator or a pro, Unbounce gives you the tools to not only build custom landing pages, but also get more conversions on your website.

  • Logic Analyzer Cable


    The logic analyser cable plugs in to the AUX port of the SmartScope, providing 8 shielded probe pins for each of the digital inputs, as well as the external trigger input. Each digital probe has its own ground connector and embeds a small passive filter close to the header, allowing for digital probing without signal cross-talk on the cable