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  • Real-Time TETRA Monitoring & Fault Detection System

    Syntech Systems Ltd.

    TETRA Active is a cost-effective, automated solution for assessing how a TETRA network functions from the end-user’s perspective. TETRA Active puts you in control by providing near real-time information about your network including any service affecting events. Data reported covers call, terminal and base station information & behaviour including signal quality failures, frequency re-use and cell registration & reselection performance.

  • Preset Break-Over Wrenches

    MMTB - Mountz Inc.

    The MMTB is miniature preset production torque wrench with a fixed head. The versatile wrench is available with different head configuration options, like open, box, flare, hex key and ratchet head. MMTB models are design to have one permanent head style attached to it. When the MMTB torque wrench achieves torque, the head breaks-over preventing the operator from overtorquing the fastener. To Order Call (408) 292-2214

  • Battery Testers

    Clore Automotive

    When diagnosing a starting system issue, it is important to pinpoint the exact source of the problem to avoid warranty/replacement of the wrong part, reduce vehicle comebacks and maintain customer satisfaction. BA Series testers provide the detailed data needed to make the right call. Model Nos. BA5 and BA7 are economical enough to be used as triage testers at busy repair facilities. Put them in the hands of every tech in the shop and watch efficiency skyrocket.

  • Electronic Data Logging

    Karlan Digital Ltd.

    Although our Karlan Monolog PC software is first choice for data logging, viewing and printing, sometimes it’s not practical or impossible to use a PC. Situations like this call for our KCU-6L. This is a combined control unit and 10 year data logger. It is supplied with PC software for downloading and storing logged data in a format that goes straight into our Karlan Monolog PC software suite. For more information, please contact us

  • Engine Dynamometers

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Taylor’s engine dynamometers deliver the best overall value by driving productivity, ensuring uptime and bringing you rapid return on investment. We offer a variety of engine dynos including hydraulic (water brake), eddy current, AC, portable and small engine dynos. We even offer mobile test centers and engine dynamometer accessories. Search below to find what you’re looking for, or give us a call today.

  • Intrinsically Safe Magnetic Speed Sensors

    SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    Intrinsically safe magnetic speed sensors or Variable Reluctance sensors (VRS) are applicable for reading gear teeth, key slots or keystocks in various hazardous environments. These non-powered or passive variable reluctance sensors are rated Intrinsically Safe for use in areas that call for sensors that limit the energy of any possible sparks and limit the surface temperature. Intrinsically safe magnetic sensors are also available in male and female conduit-mount body styles.

  • Power Quality Measurement & Digital Fault Recording

    KoCoS Messtechnik AG

    In view of the growing number of factors with a disturbing influence on power systems and the ever increasing sensitivity of devices and installations on the consumer side, simple monitoring criteria such as undervoltage or overcurrent are no longer adequate. Reliable registration of all the relevant processes within the electrical power system calls for constant observation of a wide variety of derived parameters, such as individual harmonic content, system unbalance and interharmonics, and the swift identification of even slight deviations from the norm.

  • QoE & QoS Video Quality Monitors

    Sentry - Tektronix, Inc.

    Sentry® is a comprehensive video and audio quality monitoring solution for advanced video networks. It enables video service providers to deliver services with optimum quality while reducing operational expenditures. Sentry identifies anomalies in the network at the IP and MPEG layers as well as in Quality of Experience (QoE), identifying issues including frozen video, tiling/macroblocking and audio disruptions or audio-level issues, which represent the bulk of trouble calls from subscribers.

  • Ultrasound Detector/Recorder

    D500X - Pettersson Elektronik AB

    The D500X is an ultrasound recording unit intended for long-term, unattended recording of bat calls. In contrast to time expansion bat detectors, the D500X records full-spectrum ultrasound in real time with virtually no gaps between recordings. The recorder is equipped with four slots for CF cards, which typically makes it possible to leave the unit in the field for more than a month. The triggering system allows the device to automatically start recording as a sound is detected.

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

    TR7730 - Test Research, Inc.

    TRI's innovative 3D AOI solution, the TR7730 brings together 2D and 3D technologies for unique inspection coverage. The combination delivers exceptional resolution and high measurement range of up to 25mm together with high dynamic range for very reflective or opaque black components, lifted leads, switches, connectors and other atypical parts. With TRI's new color algorithm, the TR7730 delivers highly accurate inspection results with greatly reduced false calls.

  • Nemo Walker Air

    Keysight Technologies

    Nemo Walker Air provides you with the best real-time measurement and benchmarking. Nemo Walker Air's extensive application testing features offer full application-level metrics on-voice calls, voice quality, FTP/HTTP data transfers, Iperf, HTML browsing, YouTube streaming, Facebook testing, LinkedIn testing, Twitter testing, Instagram testing, email testing, SMS & MMS messaging, and ping. Versatile Indoor Benchmarking for all wireless technologies

  • Satellite Communications

    Honeywell Aerospace

    Our satellite communications solutions offer passengers and flight crew reliable voice, fax and high speed data communications throughout the world. Our multi-channel satellite communications systems offer 2 to 7 classic Inmarsat (Aero H, H+ and I) connection to the ground providing simultaneous, independent voice calls, faxes and/or modem transmissions worldwide. These systems provide first-call connection with the clarity and uninterrupted signal of a digital office telephone.

  • UXM Wireless Test Set

    E7515A - Keysight Technologies

    The UXM is a highly-integrated signaling test set created for functional and RF design validation in the 4.5G era and beyond. It provides the integrated capabilities you need to test the newest designs, delivering LTE-Advanced Pro data rates up to 1 Gbps now and handling more complex requirements later. When the team counts on you to know when a new chipset or UE will pass, count on the UXM to help you make a clear call.

  • Proactive Downstream Spectrum Analysis

    SpectraVizion - ZCorum

    SpectraVizion is an innovative, software-based diagnostics tool that leverages new advancements in remote spectrum capture, allowing cable operators to address downstream spectrum impairments proactively, before subscribers call in with service complaints. “Troubleshooting downstream spectrum issues has always been a reactive process for cable operators,” said Arthur Skinner, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for ZCorum. “Often they’re not aware they have an issue until a customer calls, and that’s when they then send a technician to the home with a hand-held meter to start a search for the problem.” SpectraVizion takes the guesswork out of problem identification and location by presenting on a simple dashboard a list of devices that are experiencing common downstream issues like Standing Waves, FM Noise, Suck-outs, Roll-off and Tilt. The tool leverages the spectrum data available from cable modems and set-top boxes that support full band capture, and advanced detection algorithms automatically identify devices experiencing downstream impairments. The operator can click on any device in the list to view a capture of the full spectrum from that day, or up to 30 days in the past.

  • Control-coupling Analysis

    VerOLink - Verocel, Inc.

    VerOLink (Verify Object Linking) is a verification tool that helps satisfy the control coupling objective. Control coupling provides a measure of the correctness of the integration of many independently compiled object files linked to form a single executable image. Even if all requirements based tests are performed on the integrated executable image and the coverage is measured at the object code level without instrumenting the code, the possibility still exists that the linker could have linked a function call incorrectly.