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  • Hydrostatic Test Chambers

    Hydraulic Technology, Inc.

    Test chambers are available to protect personnel during proof or burst testing. A few samples are pictured below. Chambers are manufactured in polished stainless steel with a clear polycarbonate door(s) for visibility during testing. Fluid port(s) are provided inside the enclosure, while all controls remain outside the enclosure for operator safety. In a hurry? Choose from our selection of Quick Ship Test Systems. basic units can ship within 24 hours or less and chamber systems within 2-3 days. we normally stock test chambers with nominal working area dimensions of either 24" wide x 24" deep x 15" high, 36" x 36" x 15", 48" x 24" x 15" or 72" x 24" x 12" with the door opening from the top. specify individual parameters at our customization page. Need a different size or configuration? No problem, simply specify dimensions and features that more accurately meet your particular requirements and we will be pleased to accommodate you. To customize a system to fit your particular application, please visit our customization page or give us a call at (916) 645-3317.

  • Multi Interface USB Adapter

    SUB-20 - Dimax

    SUB-20 is a versatile and efficient bridge device providing simple interconnect between PC (USB host) and different HW devices and systems via popular interfaces such as I2C, SPI, MDIO, RS232, RS485, SMBus, ModBus, IR and others. It is also a full "any to any" converter between all supported interfaces and I/O features. SUB-20 is a powerful I/O controller with 32 GPIO, 8 Analog Inputs, PWM Outputs, Edge DEtectors, LCD, Leds and push buttons.SUB-20 system includes SW package containing driver, API Library, GUI and Command Line based applications, C,C++,C#,, MATLAB, LabView sample code and documentation. SUB-20 can be used with PC 64/32 bit running Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8, MacOS, Unix/Linux and DOS.Working with SUB-20 does not require deep knowledge of low layers of the specific interface. All you need to do is to call right API function at the right place. And this is really very easy as API functions are well documented and "exampled". API set is relatively small but comprehensive.SUB-20 is equipped with status Leds, optional LCD and buttons. All this guarantee fast and comfortable development, field debugging and maintenance of applications including option of standalone operation.

  • Variable Resistors/Potentiometers

    CTS Valpey Corp.

    When a design calls for a variable resistance, CTS can supply a solution in the form of a wide variety of rotary and slide-action variable resistors / potentiometers. Our rotary potentiometers are available in various sizes ranging from 9mm square to 24mm in diameter, while slide-action potentiometers are available with travel from 10 to 60 mm. CTS rotary potentiometers can be constructed using conductive plastic, traditional carbon, or wire-wound elements. Our conductive-plastic potentiometers feature a standard 2% linearity and 2 million life cycles with a standard resistance tolerance of 10%. Our conductive-plastic rotary potentiometers handle as much as 0.25 W power in operating temperatures of -40 to +125C. CTS wire-wound rotary potentiometers offer standard linearity of 3% with 2% available upon request, and a resistance tolerance down to 5%. Our wire-wound rotary potentiometers come with a 5 Watt power rating in operating temperatures of -30 to +105C. Standard wire-wound rotary potentiometers are designed for 10,000 life cycles, although models built for 50,000 and 100,000 cycles are available upon request. For those in need of slide-action potentiometers, we offer a range of carbon composition pots with standard features such as 10,000 life cycles, linear and audio resistance tapers, and available with tolerance of 10%.

  • Satellite Interception system

    Shoghi Communications Ltd.

    Shoghi has designed and developed various solutions to passively intercept traffic (Voice, Fax and Data) from Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite (GMPCS) and point to point satellite communication networks.All solutions are fully integrated monitoring and analysis platform which enables acquisition, processing, storing and analysis of Voice, Fax, Data and High speed IP traffic.To challenge the various monitoring scenarios Shoghi has designed both tactical and strategic solutions equipped with automatic post processing, decoding demodulation and decryption of intercepted Voice, Fax, Data and High speed IP traffic.Our GMPCS Satellite monitoring solutions are capable of intercepting Voice, SMS, Fax and Data traffic along with Call Related Information and Geo-location from Thuraya-2, Thuraya-3, ISAT Phone Pro, Iridium satellite networks.The point to point satellite communication monitoring systems are capable of intercepting traffic including Voice, Fax and Data from C and Ku-band satellite carriers from Intelsat, Eutelsat, Arabsat, Turksat etc. The Satellite Monitoring system can also process and decode GSM traffic on satellite and decode high speed IP traffic online.1.Satellite Monitoring Solutions:2.Satellite Carrier Analysis System3.C/Ku Band Satellite Monitoring4.DCME Analysis System5.GSM Abis Link Monitoring Module6.IP Link over Satellite Monitoring7.Satellite Carrier Reconnaissance and Analysis System8.VSAT Monitoring System9.Satellite Terminal Geolocation System

  • Telephone Line Tester

    ST230E - Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd

    Products Overview:ST230F Telephone Line Tester is one portable and intelligent line fault tester, which adopts advanced technologies such as intelligent CPU, IC & surface mounted technology (SMT) technology. It integrates various kinds of functions such as telephone, line performance test and safety test to be the one.1.Telephone line fault checking2.Monitor, ISDN/ADSL identification3.Hand free function(two speak ways, loudspeaker)4.Calling number displaying5.One Key override lockout function Data lockout override function6.Tone/pulse transfer function7.High DC voltage indication 8.High AC voltage alarm9.Low voltage self-checking, automatic power off and energy-save design10.Memory key(10 groups of 18 digits)10. Telephone functions(Dialing, Receiving, Redial)11. Caller telephone number display12. Telephone number storage and dial function 13. Mute function14. Tester test (AC V & DC V test, Insulation test, Open line test, Earth insulation)15. Call user & talk16. Check wire pairsTechnical specificationDC V testRange (V)0-260Error±5%Insulation impedance testRange (MΩ): 0~10Range (MΩ): 10~30Error: ≤±5% ±0.1 MΩ Error: ≤±10% ±0.5MΩGeneral specificationsRing distance (Km)≤ 2Open resolution (Km)≤ 2Monitoring resistance (MΩ)≥1Temperature (C)-10~55Weight (kg)0.5Dimension (mm)232x73x95Battery11.1V, 620mAH Li-ion chargeable batteryRelative humidity10%~95%Environment noise (dB)≤60Atmospheric pressure (Kpa)86~106

  • 2WD Dynamometers

    MD-500-SE XL - Mustang Dynamometer

    The 500 series dynamometer has a larger big brother – the MD-500-SE XL! The 500-SE is an excellent 2WD performance dynamometer and the XL model expands on these traits by adding in a much wider 98-inch outer track and a HUGE mechanical flywheel to increase the mechanical inertia of the dyno to about 2,000-lbs. This additional inertia helps reduce the duty cycle burden on the eddy current PAU and even allows for pulls to be done in a pinch in inertia-only mode. The XL handles vehicles like diesels and Ford Raptors where the 500 is a bit too narrow for these types of applications. The MD-500 XL’s multiple upgrade paths allows for an AWD upgrade in the future and enables it to accept a second eddy current PAU for increased loading capability. We’ve seen this dyno handle almost 2,000-hp to the wheels on power sweeps so don’t be fooled by the 1,500-hp peak measurement specification. If your tires will hook you can measure as much power as you are laying to the rollers. The large K250 eddy current PAU has plenty of torque for testing and tuning anything from your local diesel pickup crowd and local LS guys to classic carb stuff and front wheel drive cars. The 500-XL is great product at a great price with tons of range. It is also easy to install – buy the aboveground kit with the 16-ft ramps and have this dyno set up and ready to roll in your shop in a half a day! if you want to know more call us! We are always happy to answer questions.

  • Proactively Identify, Isolate, & Troubleshoot Network & Service Issues

    VisionWorks - Spirent Communications plc

    Provides carriers the intelligence required to detect, isolate and address network and service issues before customers are impacted. It combines active test agents and intelligent analytics to provide actionable results to network operations teams and automated systems. The platform provides visibility for Mobile, Wi-Fi, IMS and Diameter networks. Landslide EDGE and CORE active test agents can be thought of as simulated users and devices. They perform control events such as connecting, establishing bearers and executing handovers to generate key KPIs like call setup time and handover performance. The simulated users also consume voice, video and data services to generate both QoS (Loss, Latency, Jitter etc.) and QoE (Voice and Video Quality). Landslide EDGE and CORE combines these simulated users with complete protocol stacks allowing them to be connected on almost any interface to provide an end-to-end view of the network and when necessary isolate faults down to the protocol and interface level.