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  • Corona Camera

    CoroCAM 504 - Ox Creek Energy Associates Inc

    The CoroCAM 504 is no longer in production, replaced by the more capable CoroCAM 7.A unique Daylight corona camera with color visible and solar-blind ultraviolet for specialized applications such as electrical corona and arcing detection and imaging. The CoroCAM 504 also has the patented feature using the on-screen menu to remove the solar-blind filter from the UV detector optical path which increases the UV sensitivity in low-light environments, such as generator winding inspection. This is the most sensitive corona camera available!

  • Corona Treaters

    Electro-Technic Products, Inc.

    Electro-Technic's surface treaters include a handheld model (BD-20AC) and a production line model (BD-80C). Our handheld model (BD-20AC) is suited for a manual operator to treat small surfaces to increase bonding or adhesion in lab/test environments. Customers looking for a production-scale corona treater can opt for our BD-80 model which features continous operation and can be customized to come with a conveyer belt and a mounting stand.

  • Corona Camera

    Scope T&M Pvt, Ltd.

    ULIRvision Gas infrared camera TG series are patented product, enable to scan and diagnose SF6 leaks even in small amounts in the electrical substations and equipment’s. As the SF6 is perfect dielectric to quench the arcs so it is widely used in gas Insulated Substations, Circuit Breakers and other switchgears but it has significant impact on global climate change. ULRIvision SF6 leak detector spots and detects gas leakage accurately with vivid thermal video images from ground level whether leakage is at nearby or from meters away.

  • Corona Technology Course on DVD

    Ox Creek Energy Associates Inc

    The Corona Technology Course addresses the present need for the dissemination of high voltage predictive maintenance and forensic knowledge about the causes of corona, flashover and arcing conditions in the high voltage industrial and electric utility environment. The course will be 2 days in length.

  • UVSee Corona Camera

    Zhejiang ULIRvisionTechnology Co., LTD

    Non Destructive Testing equipment, which detects, pinpoints and documents flash-arc corona and arcing partial discharge camera. Being with high sensitivity, it is a power tool to detect UV emission in full daylight with high signals from faraway and nearby sources.

  • Airborne Corona Detection

    DayCor® Rom - Ofil Ltd.

    DayCor® ROM, ROMpact Corona detection solutions for high speed airborne inspections and remote detection with outstandingly sensitivity and precision. ROM & ROMpact are light in weight, simple to install and configured for gyro stabilized payloads of sizes and mounts locations that match most known helicopters and UAVs. Optional combinations of IR-UV-HD multisystem per customer’s preferences. Features include: Digital video recording and storing; intercom voice annotation recording; rapid zoom; auto focus of the UV and visible channels; UV events counter, GPS data; control & display unit; auto tracking, multilingual localized report software.

  • Corona Discharge Checker

    MK-720 - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    MK-720 enables finding of insulation deterioration on insulators, disconnectors, and circuit breakers, at hot-line condition!

  • CoroCAM 7 Professional Corona Camera

    CoroCAM 7 - Ox Creek Energy Associates Inc

    CoroCAM 7 is a Daylight or Lowlight Corona camera for transmission, substation, laboratory, R&D and more handheld or tripod mounted applications.

  • CoroCAM 8 Corona on thermal or visible.

    CoroCAM 8 - Ox Creek Energy Associates Inc

    The MultiCAM toured, demonstrating and being exhibited at shows across North America since July of 2007, getting user feedback and exhibiting world-class technology. The CoroCAM 8 Family of Corona on Thermal or Visible cameras isnow available. The objective being best possible understanding of problems found in reliability inspection. Developing this type of camera combination is to save time and get the complete picture/understanding of the problem in one viewing and record the test results with GPS coordinates on the image. The intuitive on-screen menu controls each camera. There are multiple display and video output and recording means.

  • Van Mounted Corona / Arc Detection Systems

    DayCor® Ranger - Ofil Ltd.

    A comfortable and safe to operate corona inspection system mounted on a vehicle roof and remotely controlled from inside the vehicle. Fits lengthy and long distances inspections. System is controlled through a precise pan and tilt unit and a monitor that displays in real time the camera’s output. Shock absorbers protect the imaging unit when driving in harsh terrain. Ranger can easily be mounted and dismounted on most vehicle makes. Features include: rapid optical zoom; auto focus; UV events counter; video and stills capture and playback; full remote control; saved preset inspection angles.

  • Receiver and PowerBeam 300

    Corona Kit - CTRL Systems, Inc.

    The UL101 Corona Kit includes the UL101 Receiver and PowerBeam 300. The kit was designed for quick, safe inspection of power distribution and transmission but can be used for any airborne application.

  • Impulse Winding Tester

    TH2883-5 - Tonghui Electronic Co., Ltd.

    TH2883 series adopts a new patent technology---high-fidelity corona extraction technology, developed by Tonghui. Coronas extracted through this method reflect the real coronas generated in the process of winding test without any lose. A traditional method for corona detection in other products is to calculate the waveform-sampling area by integral methods.

  • Railway UV Inspection System

    DayCor® Rail - Ofil Ltd.

    A fully automatic precise corona detection system customized for electrical trains, trams and street cars, dedicated to generate reports of the detected corona and arcing with integrated geographical position data and corona severity. Endures speeds of up to 200 km/h. The detected Corona is automatically recorded and processed into reports. It is stored in a DVD-video movie format with positioning, date & time indications. Reports are multilingual and localized. Features include: Rugged, automatic stand alone operation, automatic report generation, corona counting, GPS

  • Offline Partial Discharge Tester

    PPM-97 Corona Probe - Iris Power LP

    The Iris Power PPM-97 Corona Probe supplements on-line partial discharge measurements by more precisely locating the partial discharge to a particular slot and position, with the motor or generator winding energized by an external high voltage AC source. This offline test provides a method of testing the quality of bonding between the ground wall insulation layers in the slot sections of new resin-rich and individually VPI'd coils/bars, and the adequacy of slot resin fill in global VPI windings.