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  • RF Amplifiers Bias Controllers

    Analog Devices Inc.

    RF amplifier bias controllers generate a regulated drain voltage and actively adjusts the gate voltage of an external amplifier to achieve constant bias current. It can be used to bias any enhancement and depletion type amplifier operating in Class-A regime with drain voltages (VDRAIN) as specified. These devices achieve excellent bias stability over supply, temperature and process variations, and eliminates the required calibration procedures used to prevent RF performance degradation due to such variations.

  • Three-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Testers

    TRT series - IBEKO Power AB

    The TRT is a true three-phase, fully automatic test set, specially designed for a turns ratio, a phase shift, and an excitation current measurement of power, distribution, and instrument transformers. The TRT determines the transformer turns ratio by accurately measuring voltages across the unloaded transformer windings. As a test result it displays the ratio of these voltages. This ratio of voltages can also be automatically rescaled to match the physical ratio of a number of turns on a transformer high and low voltage side.

  • Coil Testers & Power Supplies

    POB Series - IBEKO Power AB

    Coil testers and power supply units, models POB30 and POB40 are ideal for commissioning and maintenance testing of circuit breakers. The station supply is not available. The POB series are power supply units implementing the latest power electronics technology. They are developed for use in switchyards, power and industrial environment. In addition to providing current and voltage for breaker testing, they can measure certain coil parameters.

  • Circuit Breaker Analyzers & Timers

    IBEKO Power AB

    Circuit Breaker Analyzer & Timer (CAT) series are standalone or PC controlled digital instruments for circuit breakers’ condition assessment. They enable simultaneous measurements of up to 12 main contacts (4 breaks per a phase) including pre-insertion resistors and 6 auxiliary contacts. CAT series instruments record graphs of both, the open and close coil currents and displacements of the HV and MV circuit breaker moving parts. The main contact channels can also measure the resistance value of the pre-insertion resistors (if present in the circuit breaker).

  • Battery Charger

    BAC25A - IBEKO Power AB

    Battery charger BAC25A is a portable universal battery charger. It can be used for charging Lead-Acid and Ni-Cd batteries. BAC25A is intended to support the main charger in order to charge battery much faster. They can also be used to quickly recharge a battery following a discharge test . Using two charging modes it provides the safely regulation of charging procedure. As a result achieving both fast recharge and low risk of overcharge. This device generates current up to 25 A.

  • Tap Changer Analyzer & Winding Ohmmeters

    RMO-T Series - IBEKO Power AB

    The Tap Changer Analyzers & Winding Ohmmeters RMO-T series are designed for winding resistance measurement of inductive objects, and for a tap changer analysis. The RMO-T instruments are based on the state of the art technology, using the most advanced switch mode technology available today. The RMO-T instruments are accurate (0,1%), powerful (up to 100 A) and lightweight (7,5 – 15,5 kg). They generate a true DC ripple free current with automatically regulated measurement and discharging circuit.

  • Automatic Battery

    BATLV1600 - Lifasa - International Capacitors, SA

    LIFASA automatic capacitor banks are used for centralized compensation of power factor in low voltage instalations. These equipments are supplied completely assembled and ready for use: it is only necessary to connect it to the mains with cablesof adequate cross section, and to supply the operation signal from suitable current transformer. FML capacitors and swichgear inside metal cabinet. Floor mounting.

  • Relay Test Kit

    Single Phase Relay Test Kit - Scope T&M Pvt, Ltd.

    SCOPE along with PONOVO Power Co ltd provides solution of single-phase relay test kit is based on offering diversified features which make the relay test kit powerful, easy-to-use and multi-functional. T200A is a relay test kit based on PWM technology.The single phase relay tester has numerous powerful features like Aux DC, low current high VA output. Kit can deliver 2000VA at 20A.

  • Hot Wire Ignition Tester


    The HWI test indicates a materials resistance to ignition when exposed to abnormally high temperatures resulting from a component failure such as a conductor carrying far more than its rated current. HWI performance is expressed as the mean number of seconds required to ignite a specimen when wrapped with an energized non-chrome resistive wire that dissipates a specified level of energy.

  • High Temperature Operating Life

    7000 Series - Reltech Limited

    With ever decreasing geometries, the way we perform HTOL requires careful consideration. In lower geometry device leakage currents are not only higher but vary greatly. Temperature control at DUT level – required to achieve correct junction temperature at every DUT. For higher geometries, HTOL can be performed in a more traditional way but with devices consuming more power, the ambient temperatures required varies greatly. Multiple temperature zones are required – multi zones system or multiple smaller HTOL systems.

  • Power Module Test Cells

    SPEA S.p.A.

    SPEA’s Power Module Test Cells are the complete industrial equipment oriented to the production test requirements of IGBT semiconductor power modules for consumer, transportation, energy production, industrial applications.SPEA’s Power Module Test Cells provide a turnkey solution for the automated handling, contacting and testing of these products, with the capability to force and measure the very high current (up to 1000 A) and voltage (up to 2500 V) values required for a complete, reliable test.


    SERIES-70 - Test Connections Inc.

    ElectricalMAXIMUM CURRENT: 5 amps continuousat working travel, non-inductiveRESISTANCE: At 35mA test current70 18 mOhms mean73 60 mOhms mean74 40 mOhms meanMaterials and FinishesPLUNGER: Heat treated beryllium copperor steel hardened to 55-60RC70 24Kt gold plated over nickel73 24Kt gold plated over nickel74 Rhodium plated over nickelBARREL: Nickel silver70 24Kt gold plated ID and OD over nickel73 No Finish74 24Kt gold plated ID and OD over nickel

  • Camera Module Tester

    Evolusys Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

    * Lens Focusing plus Far Field Sharpness Testing - CTF/MTF/SFR * Near Field Sharpness Testing - CTF/MTF/SFR * Flat Field Grey Image Testing - Optical center, Defect pixels, particles, blemish, shading, color shading, color ratio, SNR, etc. * Dark Field Image Testing - Hot pixels, dynamic range, SNR, etc. * Current Measurement - Active, standby

  • Glide Slope Test Panel

    LG-6 - LinAire Engineering, Inc

    The panel has a 3 1/2 digit meter to monitor the following: DC voltage, DC current, FLAG voltage and DEVIATION voltage (UP and DOWN). The panel provides 2 of 5 and 11 wire codes for remote tune units. The FLAG and DEVIATION load selector switches from 1 to 5 one thousand ohm loads across the circuits. Tip jacks are provided for access to the flag and deviation lines. A frequency pairing chart is printed on the panel face for easy reference.

  • Becker Transponder Test Fixture

    TA-3400 - Tech-Aid Products

    This transponder test fixture is specific to the requirements for testing Becker Avionics Transponders and provides interface connectors for both the panel mount and remote systems. The panel also provides switches to implement Gillham code altitude as well as separate interfaces for an external parallel or serial encoder. The panel will interface with the RMU 5000 or standard control head. This fixture also comes with voltage and current meters along with an internal dimming source. This panel comes in the standard 19 inch rack width and measures 12 inches in depth.