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elemental component of knowledge able to be processed.

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  • Software (data acquisition, data logger)

    Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    These systems feature flexible analog and digital I/O, a variety of communications options and support for many common programming tools. They are used in research, test and manufacturing in a wide variety of industries and applications.

  • Data Loggers

    Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company

    Watlow offers a range of products for time-stamped data collection of critical process data, from Windows®-based software to embedded data loggers. Data loggers reduce labor, increase accuracy and help companies comply with regulatory requirements by automating data collection. These products make it easy to add data acquisition to existing processes, make data available to analytical software in spreadsheet compatible files, allow data to be grouped in user-defined batches and incorporate operator comments and other information into reports. Software solutions record data directly on a computer and data from embedded data loggers is transferred to a computer via universal serial bus (USB), secure digital (SD) card or flash drive.

  • Data Acquisition

    Orbital ATK

    Delivered data may include raw or calculated data channels. Custom processing and signal conditioning and filtering are available, and plots, reports and other test artifacts can be delivered in addition to the test data. Data is delivered via secure, encrypted, online data exchange service or transfer of physical media.

  • Data Logger

    Rebel CT Family - Influx Technology

    The Rebel CT4 compact data logger is a modular and configurable pocket sized data logger ideal for applications which require vehicle network data. It is expanded to include GPS, accelerometer, Wi-Fi and GPRS.

  • Data Logger

    TTX - TTTech Computertechnik AG

    State-of-the-Art Technology for Vehicle Testing and Validation With the TTXDataLoggerThrough its innovative concept, TTXDataLogger sets new standards for safeguarding of communication and troubleshooting in automobile networks. The unit meets criteria for an automotive data logger such as ease of use as well as flexibility by means of a wide range of interfaces and powerful features packed in a robust hardware suitable for automotive environments. This data logger provides the availability of recorded data of all current bus systems that are synchronized by a central time stamp and information via CCP and XCP. The parallel recording of data according to pre-defined triggers as well as online data visualization complete data logger requirements for use in the entire vehicle.

  • Data Loggers


    For acquiring temperature, pressure or fill levels, use the highly precise long-time data recording devices of the MSX-ilog series by ADDI-DATA. The compact, portable and interference-free systems are ideal for acquiring data at different locations in your installation. Data is automatically converted to physical values and can be calculated via the onboard µ-processor. The integrated web server allows easy configuration, monitoring and data export. Further features: Onboard data saving, internal clock, low consumption and Ethernet interface, data thus being available on the company network for evaluation and statistical purposes.

  • Data Acquisition

    Apogee Labs

    Apogee Labs offers a variety of modular chassis types used for the gathering of various data and video sources for use in data transport and recording applications.

  • Data Logger

    UCAM-60 Series - Kyowa Instruments

    The data logger UCAM-60B is an all-in-one measuring instrument developed in full pursuit of easier fieldmeasurement.The UCAM-65B is a compact online data logger fullycontrolled through the PC.

  • Data Logger

    Rebel 100 - Influx Technology

    Embed the Rebel100 into the vehicle electronics and capture ‘on event’ diagnostic data. With a wide range power supply, IP67 enclosure and robust data storage solution the Rebel100 is suitable for use in harsh environments. Configurable as a continuous black box data logger with user definable pre and post-event triggers.

  • Data Transmission

    Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

    Whenever data needs to be communicated without contact, optical devices for data transmission are the right choice. The optical data transceivers are used primarily in plant engineering, especially in applications where industrial networks such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet or Ethernet etc. are connected to system components which are moved.

  • Data Bus

    Data Device Corporation

    As the leading global supplier of data bus components, cards, and software solutions for the military, civil, and aerospace markets, DDC's data bus networking solutions encompass the full range of data interface protocols to support the real-time processing demands of field-critical data networking between systems and subsystems on military vehicles. These products, along with our traditional MIL-STD-1553 solutions, represent a wide and flexible array of performance and cost solutions, enabling DDC to support multi-generational programs.

  • Data Conditioning

    ION Geophysical Corp.

    ION pre-processing gives our clients the confidence to focus on model interpretation, knowing that the surveys, data quality, and imaging quality have all been harmonized and migrated to a common standard. Customized data conditioning workflows and agile compute infrastructure enable ION to pre-process large data sets rapidly and accurately, making data conditioning a time-effective enhancement for amplitude-compliant migrated images.

  • Data Logger


    The DeltaTrak FlashLink Mini Multi-Use Data Logger is ideal for customers looking for a low cost temperature data logger that can be programmed and reused. The FlashLink Mini Multi-Use data logger can be used in production and processing areas, or anywhere that tracking of temperature sensitive commodities or environmental conditions is needed. The data logger's sensor operates within a range of -40°C (-40°F) to 66°C (150°F).

  • Data Loggers

    Amplicon Ltd.

    Our extensive data logger range includes loggers that can be used to monitor and record temperature, volts, mA and other process signals. We can supply a single, dual or multi-channel data logger with up to 120 input channels. These range from a portable battery powered data logger to a bench top mains powered data logger suitable for integration into 19" test racks.

  • Data Loggers,

    Chipkin Automation Systems

    Reported – Current values and status are displayedTrended – A set of recent readings are displayed on a rendered chart. The number of sample and other parameters are configurable.Logged – Data is time stamped and appended to log files on a FIFO basisArchived – Real time data is appended to archive files which are zipped to save space. Many configurable parameters.Served to the Web – Using JSON, HTTP , data push services are provided. Data can be pushed from site to www.Served to the Enterprise – Using XML and other enterprise protocols.Provide Visualization – Complex web based GUI is provided. Objects can be animated with live data.