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Design For Test

test facilitated in a product's design.

See Also: DFT

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  • Design for Test

    Test Coach Corporation

    Test Coach offers Design for Test (DFT) consulting to assist customers with design review of prototype boards prior to release for production. Design for Test analysis is extremely important in ensuring that an assembly will achieve the highest possible test coverage. For ICT, this DFT will review the board to confirm that the bed-of-nails test fixture can be fabricated to test an assembly without sacrificing test coverage. As with ICT, Flying Probe benefits from DFT analysis by reviewing test point access and mechanical challenges that may affect the potential test coverage. Completing a DFT enables Test Coach to make recommendations to our customers that may be implemented on boards during the design phase which will allow for the most comprehensive coverage at time of test.

  • Design, Test & Manufacturing Journal

    Electronic Product Test & Design

    UK monthly magazine for electronic design test and manufacturing engineers. Technical journal for electronics design engineers covers every area of electronics in all important industry sectors. Regular supplements include Distribution, Test and Outsourcing.

  • Design for Test Service

    Testing House, Inc.

    Design For Test (DFT) is a technique used to implement certain testability features into a product. Testing House can provide an analysis of the CAD data for testability of your circuit board. Access to a board can be very difficult as boards get smaller and designs get more densely populated. We can work with your design engineer to improve testability and maintain an effective in-circuit test. When access to the board is limited and boundary scan devices are present, we can provide the customer a list of key nodes that will require access in order to provide a very effective test. Our analysis will provide a list of all the accessible test points and an explanation for any nodes declared inaccessible.


    Dynamic Research and Testing Laboratories, Inc

    Field failure is not an option. IEC Electronics knows the criticality of life-saving and mission critical products performing in the field. Dependable products require an expert approach to design throughout the development and manufacturing process. IEC Electronics possesses the engineering know-how and advanced capabilities to provide value-added engineering services for product design and custom functional test design to ensure your end product performs every time all the time.PRODUCT DESIGN

  • Test System & Component Design

    Digalog Systems Inc.

    Working closely and continuously with your own engineering team, Digalog will design and build the test system or test tools that exactly fit your needs and budget. If it can be done completely with COTS components, that's what we'll do. If not or if we determine that a custom solution would actually be the more cost-effective, we'll put our four decades of experience to work and create exactly what you need.

  • Custom Test Design

    Materials Evaluation and Engineering

    Some problems require solutions beyond the standard test methods and procedures routinely performed at MEE. Replicating the suspected cause of failure on an exemplar part can provide valuable information about the likelihood of that failure case. Likewise, intentionally causing component failures in a variety of ways can provide insight into possible failure scenarios. Wondering how (or if) a design or part can be tested? Give us a call – the engineers and technicians at MEE enjoy the hands-on experience of designing customized testing plans for your unique challenges.


    DMC, Inc.

    Automated test systems may be as simple as a laptop with a DAQ module or a stand-alone controller, but they typically require a mix of off-the-shelf and custom hardware. All that hardware is integrated and wired into a test stand. Portable or mobile test stands are ideal for in-the-field research and development and servicing of multiple laboratories or manufacturing lines. Test stand access to the front panels of hardware and subcomponents allows manual configuration of non-automated settings. Quick disconnects, cable harnesses, and easy access to probes provides efficient setup and tear-down. Expandable or modular rack mount and card base systems facilitate future needs. Ergonomic considerations include keyboard and display placement, along with number of monintors. Safety is always crucial with proper E-stop placement and keeping dangerous elements away from users.

  • In-Circuit Test Fixture Design Services

    Acculogic, Inc.

    An integral part of board test is the test fixture. Innovations in board technology may manifest themselves as challenges in test fixture design. Utilizing a creative & systematic design philosophy, Acculogic consistently delivers state of the art solutions for the most complex test interface problems.

  • RF Design Verification and Conformance Test Systems

    GS-8800 Series - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight GS-8800 is a series of scalable test systems built on the 8960 (E5515 series) wireless communications test set, covering cellular device design verification, conformance, and manufacturing test needs.

  • Application Design, Development, Test & Management Software

    eggPlant - TestPlant

    The eggPlant range is a set of tools which supports the design, development, test and management of software applications for mainframe, desktop and mobile use in any technology platform environment. The tools are relevant in agile, mobile, web and DevOps deployments. eggPlant use improves and reports on the quality and responsiveness of software systems, reduces time to market and lowers costs by introducing process automation.

  • Design and Manufacture Specialized Test Equipment Plant Systems

    Camp Creek Technologies, Inc.

    Camp Creek Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of electronic equipment for the power industry. The company was founded in 2004 by Glen Singletary following 30 years of experience in the power industry, working for Duke Energy. Most of those years were in or in support of Instrumentation and Control at McGuire Nuclear Station.

  • R&D Design Validation (DVT) Automated Test System

    Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    Design verification and validation tests push the specs beyond production testing. Chroma's automated DVT systems help design engineers meet their initial or modified design requirements, specifications, and regulations. Our expertise in power conversion test enables us to design and deliver high performance turnkey automated test systems backed by a global customer support system. While we are integrating your automated test system, we can also fabricate custom test fixtures simultaneously at our design facility in Southern California.

  • Intusoft Test Designer


    Test Designer is today's only complete design simulation and verification system for analog, mixed-signal and mixed-systems design, which also features full fault and test synthesis capability. For the first time ever, engineers can efficiently design, simulate and test complex analog and mixed-signal circuitry in the design cycle

  • Dummy Test Wafers/Chips

    Walts Co., Ltd

    Advanced Dummy Test Wafers/Chips available with over 35 different chip designs and choices of 11 different material configurations as well as kits complete with test vehicles. Custom-make test production of TEG wafer/glass (TEG=Test Element Group). Design and provide custom-make test kit.

  • Custom Engineering

    Ball Systems, Inc.

    From concept to design to rapid prototyping and through to production, the cross-disciplinary strengths of our technical teams at Ball Systems can assist with your most challenging design, production, and/or test problems. We are a fully integrated service provider. Electrical Design, RF Design, Software Design, Mechanical Design, Systems Engineering