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register the presence of a stimuli.

See Also: Metal Detectors, Particle Detectors, Sensors, Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers

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  • Industrial X-Ray

    Teledyne DALSA

    Teledyne DALSA offers powerful, innovative CCD and CMOS X-Ray detectors combining industry-leading performance with cutting-edge features for industrial and scientific applications such as NDT (non destructive testing) in evaluation, troubleshooting, research, and quality control.

  • Hydrogen Gas Detector

    SBS Storage Battery Systems, LLC

    Installing an SBS hydrogen detector allows the user to monitor for dangerous levels of hydrogen. In addition, when hydrogen is determined to be present, the SBS hydrogen detectors can operate equipment such as exhaust fans and build alarms/SCADA systems.

  • Data Loggers

    Ludlum Measurements, Inc.

    Digital Readout Meter• 5-Decade, Auto Ranging• Stores 1000 Data Points• Supports GM, Proportional & Scintillator Detectors• Ratemeter/Scaler Modes• Supports 16 Detector Setups• DTC & Adjustable Window• RS-232 Port

  • EMI-Receivers

    Schwarzbeck Mess Elektronik

    EMI-Receiver acc. CISPR 16-1-19 kHz - 30 MHz5 Detectors: Quasipeak, Peak, Average, CAV, CRMSAttenuator with 1 dB stepsProtected InputAutomatic Calibration w. built-in Pulse GeneratorGPIB-Interface.

  • Triple Channel Transmissive Optical Sensor

    TCUT1630X01 - Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

    The TCUT1630X01 is a compact transmissive sensor that includes an infrared emitter and three phototransistor detectors, located face-to-face in a surface-mount package. The tall dome design supports an additional transistor and additional mechanical room for vertical signal encoding.

  • Volumetric Flow Detector

    FP Series - Ono Sokki

    FP series Volumetric Flow Detectors can measure volumetric flow rate of gasoline, light oil, kerosene, standard petroleum oils, methanol, ethanol or gasohol in combination with the digital flow meter.

  • Wireless Gas Detection

    ConneXt - Honeywell Analytics, Inc.

    ConneXt Safety Solutions combine wireless portable gas detectors and other safety devices with real-time monitoring software, so vital safety data is no longer limited to the worker using the device.

  • EMI Measurement Application, Multi-Touch UI

    N6141C - Keysight Technologies

    Built-in CISPR and MIL-STD compliant bandwidths, detectors and band presetsAutomated testing to regulatory Limit Lines with user-selected marginsAmplitude correction for antennas, LISNs, cables, preampsBuilt-in report generation

  • Light Analysis

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Welcome to Thorlabs; below you will find links to detectors and instrumentation that measure the various properties of light, a subset of our entire line of photonics products. Thorlabs offers an extensive selection of instruments that measure the properties of light. Our versatile power and energy meters can be used with over 25 different sensors in order to make NIST-traceable power and energy measurements. If the convenience of a meter is not desired, our selection of detectors includes basic photodiodes (uncalibrated and calibrated), photodetectors (biased, amplified, and avalanche), CCD and CMOS arrays, position detectors, integrating spheres, and photomultiplier tubes. The Beam Characterization category contains beam profilers (camera and scanning slit), a wavefront sensor, spectrometers, and interferometers, while the Polarimetery link leads to a selection of instruments used to measure and control the polarization of light.


    AMS Technologies AG

    Dual sandwich detectors or two color detectors are mostly employed for remote temperature measurements. The temperature is measured by taking the ratio of radiation intensities of two adjacent wavelengths and comparing them with the standard black body radiation curves. The advantages of optical remote measurement have definitely made these devices the perfect match for this type of measurements. They are independent of emissivity and unaffected by contaminants in the field of view or moving targets. In addition, measurements of targets out of the direct line of sight and the ability to function from outside RF/EMI interference or vacuum areas are possible. They also have the advantages of overcoming obstructed target views, blockages from sight tubes, channels or screens, atmospheric smoke, steam, or dust, dirty windows as well as targets smaller than field of view and/or moving within the field of view. These detectors can also be used in applications where wide wavelength range of detection is needed.

  • Fire Suppression/Detection

    Dexter Research Center, Inc.

    Dexter's sensitive yet rugged fire detectors, or fire sensors, serve as the foundation of US combat fire suppression systems on combat aircraft and ground vehicles ranging from the HUMVEE to the Abraham's Tank.  Our fire sensors consume low energy, making them the premier safety component on battery-powered as well as hot-wired systems.  We like to call them "the eye that never sleeps."  How fast are they?  Fast enough to race the fire caused by a rocket hitting a fuel tank and win, triggering fire suppression on the spot to help protect soldier and pilot alike. Rugged missions require rugged equipment.  Intensive MIL-STD-883H testing performed by Trialon Corporation, an independent testing facility, confirm that Dexter Research's silicon-based temperature sensor detectors meet the same rugged requirements of 1,000G's for mechanical shock and 30G's in random vibration for which our thin-film detectors are famous.  Download Dexter's report here (PDF).

  • FLIM Upgrades for Olympus

    FV1000 - Becker & Hickl GmbH

    *Two Fully Parallel TCSPC FLIM Channels*Compact bh Simple-Tau or Power-Tau System*Two HPM-100-40 GaAsP Hybrid Detectors*Optional: HPM-100-06 Hybrid Detectors, IRF Width < 20 ps FWHM*Optional: HPM-100-50 Hybrid Detectors for NIR FLIM*Optional: Multi-Wavelength FLIM*Excitation by bh ps Diode Lasers*Excellent Time Resolution: Electrical IRF Width 6.5 ps FWHM*Time Channel Width Down to 813 fs*Megapixel FLIM, Up to 2048 x 2048 Pixels at 256 Time Channels*Simultaneous FLIM/PLIM*Detection Wavelength Range from 360 nm to 900 nm*Excitation by Ti:Sa Laser, OPO, or by bh ps Diode Lasers*Systems for Multiphoton FLIM and Confocal FLIM*Systems are Modular: More FLIM Channels can be Added

  • Security/Detection

    Dexter Research Center, Inc.

    If your design challenge is to create the best motion sensor or motion detector - fire sensor or fire detector, smoke sensor or smoke detector - you've come to the right company.  Dexter's sensor technologies are at multiple fronts today, reducing the threat of combat on land, sea and air.  Yet the industry leading advantages of Dexter sensors - low cost, high sensitivity, low energy consumption and long life - make them the perfect motion sensor for home, office and facility applications. Dexter thin-film and silicon detectors can target precise threats, whether defined by movement, temperature or body mass.  Intensive MIL-STD-883H testing performed by Trialon Corporation, an independent testing facility, confirm that Dexter Research's silicon-based temperature sensor detectors meet the same rugged requirements of 1,000G's for mechanical shock and 30G's in random vibration for which our thin-film detectors are famous.  Download Dexter's report here (PDF).

  • Laser Pyroelectric Energy Sensors

    Ophir Photonics

    Pyroelectric sensors for measuring repetitively pulsed energy at up to 25 kHz. These sensors use a pyroelectric crystal that generates an electric charge proportional to the heat absorbed. The response time of the pyroelectric sensor depends on the time it takes for the heat to enter the crystal and heat it up. For metallic type pyro detectors, this time is tens of μs and thus the metallic type can run at a high repetition rate. For the BF and BB type, the response time is milliseconds with a correspondingly lower repetition rate. Ophir pyroelectric detectors have unique and proprietary circuitry that allow them to measure long pulses as well as short pulses and work at a high duty cycle, i.e. where the pulse width is as much as 30% of the total cycle time.

  • Smoke and Heat Detector Tester


    estifire is the world's first multi-stimulus detector tester for smoke, heat and CO fire detectors. It enables faster and more efficient testing of both single and multi-sensor detectors. There are two models available Testifire 1000 for testing smoke and heat and Testifire 2000 for testing smoke, heat and CO. Testifire is the result of several years of technological development and as a result is by far the most advanced tester available. Testifire is UL certified and is approved by leading detector manufacturers from around the world.Read more at the dedicated Testifire website or select from the products below alternatively view our wider range of kits including access poles and removal tools.