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  • EMF Field Tester

    EMF 701 - Tecpel Co., Ltd.

    Range in guass:0.1m to 199.9m gauss. Range in Telsa:0.01 ~ 19.99 Tesla. Band width:30Hz to 300Hz. A cost effective, handheld meter provides the user with quick, reliable and easy way to measure electromagnetic field (EMF) 

  • Paperboard/ Package Tester

    Dongguan Kejian Instrument Co., Ltd.

    Electromagnetic type vibration tester is used widly in national defense,aerospace, communication,electron,car,household appliances industry.This tester is used to find early stage stoppage, simulate actual working condition and structure strength testing.

  • Concrete Moisture Meter

    Model KM 917 - KUSAM-MECO

    This is precision instrument adopting HF electromagnetic waves to measure the moisture content ratio without damaging the object under test. It can be set depending on different building material to raise its measurement accuracy.

  • EMI Site Survey

    Keystone Compliance

    An EMI site survey is an independent assessment of the potential Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) risks that might interfere with an implantable electrical device such as a pacemaker or defibrillator. The assessment should be completed by a qualified and accredited independent test lab such as Keystone Compliance and in collaboration with the employer, manufacturer of the device, patient and physician. A site survey is conducted by taking various electromagnetic measurements throughout the facility. Keystone Compliance uses a broad range of industry-accepted standards and specifications to determine which electromagnetic fields exist. Following completion of the on-site survey, Keystone Compliance provides the customers with a detailed site survey report that will help identify EMI sources and zones with the potential to interact with an implantable electrical device. This information should then be shared with the physician and employer to develop an action plan to reduce potential negative effects to the patient’s health.

  • EMF Measurements/EM Measurements/Electromagnetic Radiation

    Holland Shielding Systems B.V.

    Electromagnetic fields cause interference in electronic devices and may affect the health of people close to where the fields are generated. It is important to recognize this at an early stage in a construction process, for instance at a future construction location or while construction is already underway, so that budgets are not exceeded. By means of field-strength measurements one can chart the existing electromagnetic fields and radiation emitted by GSM, UMTS antennas and transformer spaces, to mention a few examples. These measurements can help determine the best location in the new building for rooms where sensitive measurements are to take place, e.g. in hospitals or nano laboratories. And last but not least, field-strength measurements can detect sources of interference and can be part of a scheduled check of existing screened spaces and Faraday cages.

  • Virtual Receiver/Exciter Generalized Simulator

    VREX - FishEye Software, Inc.

    Electromagnetic sensors include a “front-end” that generates and receives the electromagnetic waves through a subsystem known as a Receiver/EXciter (REX). They also include a “back-end” that performs signal and data processing, typically implemented in software. These separate subsystems must be designed and developed separately, then integrated together. The development of the overall sensor is slowed and complicated by the problems that show up for the first time at integration testing. This is due in large part to the interdependencies of these subsystems that cannot be effectively tested during development. Later, software patches, configuration upgrades, waveform changes, and technology refresh become substantially more expensive because they can only be verified by traveling to the operational site to connect with the actual front-end hardware.

  • Laboratory EM current meter / water level and wave height meter

    JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    ACM2-RS and ACM3-RS are 2-D and 3-D electro-magnetic current meters for laboratory experiments. The models provide digital output, a high-speed sampling rate and insusceptibility to electro-magnetic noise. ACH-600RS is a highly sensitive capacitance water level meters. With the new system, a maximum of four different sensors can be connected to the compact interface unit, enabling simultaneous recording on a personal computer. Additionally, the system can provide analog output as well as necessary. While conventional water level and wave height meters cannot be used near velocity sensors, our instrument can be as near as 5 cm without increasing noise, due to its special isolated circuit. The result is an innovative system that is capable of achieving highly accurate data.

  • ADS Core, Layout, Harmonic Balance, Momentum G2 Bundled

    W2205BP - Keysight Technologies

    The ADS Core, Layout, Harmonic Balance, Momentum G2 Bundle is a bundle of ADS products that contains circuit and electromagnetic simulation technologies perfect for complete front-to-back MMIC design as well as to RF Board design and Communication Systems design. Learn more aboutMMIC Design.

  • Multiphysics Simulation

    Multiphysics - Altair Hyperworks

    Altair Smart Multiphysics enables best-in-class solutions for solving complex multidisciplinary and multiphysics analysis and design problems involving combinations of physical phenomena including structures, fluids, temperature, multibody systems, acoustics, controls, hydraulics and electromagnetics. All solutions are intended to be used in the design of complex products, and are, therefore, tightly integrated with multidisciplinary optimization.

  • Multiphysics Simulator

    COMSOL, Inc.

    The COMSOL Multiphysics simulation environment facilitatesall steps in the modeling process defining your geometry, specifying your physics, meshing, solving and then post-processing your results. Model set up is quick, thanks to a number of predefined modeling interfaces for applications ranging from fluid flow and heat transfer to structural mechanics and electromagnetic analyses.

  • Relay Test Kit

    Three Phase Relay Test Kit - Scope T&M Pvt, Ltd.

    SCOPE along with PONOVO Power Co ltd provides the all numerical relay test kit which can test various type of relays from Numerical to Electromagnetic relays.The Kit is software controlled through ethernet port which make it more relaible.This windows based software is easy to use.Advance software can be made available optionally.

  • Cable / Pipe / Fault Locator

    8831 - Rycom Instruments, Inc.

    The 8831 cable, pipe, and fault locator is a rugged active and passive locator designed to last through years of tough field use. Low frequency electromagnetic fields generated by the 8831 are virtually confined to their conductor, greatly reducing the risk of interference and ghosting in crowded areas.

  • PD Surveyor with RFI & EMI Diagnostics

    PDS200 - Doble Engineering

    The Doble PDS200 is a combination survey tool that uses radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference diagnostics to find signs of partial discharge.This hand-held instrument is an ideal tool for a condition based maintenance program, allowing you to quickly find insulation defects in motors, generators, transformers, cable terminations and additional substation components.

  • Overhead Line Fault Passage Indicater

    Pathfinder 360 Alpha - Bowden Bros Ltd.

    Pathfinder 360 Alpha is an inductive overhead line Fault Passage Indicator, designed to be installed on the pole 3 metres below the conductors, that senses out of balance of electro-magnetic field in a single or 3 phase, solidly earthed HV network at between 6 to 36KV (or equivalent voltages).

  • Pipeline & Cable Locator

    ST-6140 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Our Pipeline & Cable Locators scan the ground and use radio frequency signal tolocate Pipe & Cable. The Pipeline & Cable Locator consists of two basic units: adirectional radio frequency transmitter and a receiver. We utilize the principle ofelectromagnetism .The electromagnetic method is a well-test and most popularmethod in underground utility survey function : to det