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  • Industrial-quality rack-mount aluminum enclosures

    ProtoBox - Digalog Development Elements

    ProtoBoxes fit standard 19" racks, in heights ranging from 2U to 6U (1U = 1.75") and depths from 3" to 18". An important feature for electronic applications is that when fully assembled, each ProtoBox maintains full electrical continuity among front, rear, top, bottom and side panels and the internal sub-plate, as well as bare-metal continuity to the mounting rack. This ensures positive grounding and optimum shielding performance for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) purposes.


    FluoTemp GT-HT-ST - AMS Technologies AG

    The FluoTemp GT-HT temperature converter offers high accuracy, reliability and enhanced diagnostics in high temperature and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) environments. The FluoTemp GT-HT features a robust aluminum enclosure to allow highly accurate measurements ranging from -80C to +450C with accuracy of +/- 0.05C. The FluoTemp GT-HT is well suited for high EMI applications in wide range of industries such as Semiconductor, Power and Life Sciences where precision and accuracy are critical.

  • HDMI Over Fiber Transmitter and Reciever


    QuestTel''''s HDMI Transmitter and Reciever singlemode extender over fiber optic cable integrates HDbitT technology in one standalone kit, it allows you to transport HDMI 4KX2K - 25/30Hz signal up to 20km from the source device to destination display using SC connectors.This HDMI extender supports IR back transmission function. It features with low signal loss and tolerance for electromagnetic interference.

  • Honeycomb Ventilation panels

    9500 - Holland Shielding Systems B.V.

    Honeycomb vents are used to shield openings for heating and ventilation against undesirable electromagnetic waves.The aluminium honeycomb vent panels are supplied in rigid aluminium frames, pre-drilled or with fasteners made to your specifications or flow drilled thread holes.If a very high shielding level is required, the use of cross-cell honeycombs is recommended. These are made from two pieces of 6.35 mm or 12.7 mm thick honeycomb within a single frame. The shielding performance will improve slightly at the expense of increased air flow resistance.

  • Household Telemetry Tester

    YDB-88 - Shanghai Folife Electric Co., Ltd.

    Remote test voltage range: 12-220V/AC; Measuring loop resistance range: 0-100M Ω; Telemetry frequency range: 10Hz-1KHz; Household Telemetry Tester, without contact, electrical equipment, which can be remote test of the electrical equipment electrical on-off, electric circuit, electric blankets and other breakage and break position; measurement of electrical equipment, wire and circuit switching; measurement of computer, television and other electrical equipment electromagnetic radiation.


    EEFI RR MKII - Bowden Bros Ltd.

    The EEFI RR MKII was developed to meet the very stringent needs of one of our UK clients who demanded a very high degree of immunity from electro-magnetic fields induced into the C/T surrounding the HV cable. HV Cable Insulation test equipment was prone to trip standard EFIs, so a higher degree of protection was required. A plug in battery makes for easy battery change after a predicted 10 year life.

  • Impulse Radiating Antennas

    HIRA180 - montena technology sa

    The HIRA180 is an ultra-wideband radiating antenna for high intensity pulses, similar to the IRA antenna but using a ground plane as an electromagnetic mirror. This antenna produces a very narrow beam in the bore sight direction. The antenna can be oriented in every direction. The advantage of this construction compared to a full paraboloidal reflector antenna (IRA) is a better ruggedness, a broader frequency range and an improved return loss. Connected to a 30 kV / 130 ps pulse generator, the antenna can theoretically produce 15 kV/m at a distance of 10 m.

  • RF Safety Monitors

    FieldSense 2.0 - LBA Group, Inc

    FieldSense 2.0™ personal RF safety monitors from LBA Technology are an effective and economical means to monitor the strength of electromagnetic (RF) fields from wireless cell phone towers, microwave ovens, television stations, and other common workplace RF sources between 380 and 2,700 MHz, E-field and H-field (sensed as a plane wave). The Personal RF Monitor is essential RF safety equipment in complying with FCC, OSHA, Canadian and other workplace rf safety requirements.

  • RF Signal Detector

    Cunyi - Zhuhai City Cunyi Electronics Co. Ltd

    Cunyi RF Signal Detector is specially applied in wireless candid-camera, wireless eavesdropper (wireless wiretapper), detecting your working environment and building to see if there exists the strong electromagnetic radiation. Cunyi RF Signal Detector is the unique anti candid-camera product that implement the Intelligent Signal Recognition in industry so far, it can detect which is the more obscure wireless candid-camera signal in 5.8GHz, and it possesses a great deal of outstanding advantages that other products could not possess.

  • Quick Scanning Moisture Meter

    L601-3 - Wagner Electronics

    The rugged L601-3 is specifically designed for the demanding environment of the sawmill or wood products manufacturing plant where quick-scanning of lumber is a must. The L601-3''s "Wood-Friendly" electromagnetic waves penetrate beyond the surface into the wood to a depth of 1" and provides an instant averaged reading of the board''s moisture content in a 2.5" x 2.5" x1" scanning area.

  • Radiation (EMF, Nuclear, RF)

    Sper Scientific

    Sper Scientific radiation meters measure EMF, Nuclear, and Microwave radiation levels. Whether you are, measuring the RF strength of Wi-Fi and LAN network, or the electromagnetic field emissions from electrical power lines and transmission equipment, computers, HVAC, audio/video, and other electrical appliances. Our meters are small and light enough to go anywhere, yet sensitive enough to detect minuscule amounts of gamma, beta or X-rays.

  • Preamplifier

    2721 - Georg Fischer Signet

    Pre-amplification is required to protect the output signal of pH and ORP electrodes from a wide variety of electromagnetic interferences common in industrial environments. Signet 2721 is used if remote pre-amplification is required (e.g. tank temperature >80oC) or connecting another manufacturer's electrode to the Signet 5700 or 8750 instrument. The Signet 2721 should be used with special order sensors built with cables (Signet models 277X-HT or 277X-1-HT).

  • Post-LVS RLCk Extraction

    Exalto - Helic, Inc.

    Exalto is a powerful post-LVS RLCk extraction software that enables IC design engineers to accurately predict electromagnetic coupling effects during the sign-off phase. Exalto can capture unknown crosstalk among different blocks in the design hierarchy by extracting lumped-element parasitics and generating an accurate model for electrical, magnetic and substrate coupling. Exalto interfaces with most LVS tools and can complement the RC extraction tool of your choice.

  • Power Line Meter

    Alpha Lab, Inc.

    The Line EMI Meter measures electromagnetic interference in a single-phase AC power line. It plugs into a wall outlet (mains socket) and requires no battery. It immediately displays total line noise in millivolts (range 1999 mV, resolution 1 mV) in the frequency range 10 KHz 10 MHz (the frequency limits at which sensitivity is of the maximum sensitivity). A speaker plays the sound of the EMI, amplitude demodulated, in order to identify the EMI source (such as an AM or shortwave radio station vs. a motor vs. an electric arc).

  • Rebar Locators

    Qualitest International Inc.

    This category of products comprises the range of instruments used to locate and determine size and depth of steel reinforcing bar in concrete. The first type most widely used utilizes a low frequency electromagnetic field to locate ferrous objects within a structure. The second and latest technology utilizes Ground Penetrating radar to locate steel and other objects within a structure.