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  • Testing module

    PD 294.1 - Metra Blansko a.s.

    The testing module is intended for a quick indicative verification of functionality of the instruments PU 294 DELTA and following types. The module can be used to verify the revision instruments according to CSN 33 1600, CSN 33 1610 from other producers. The module connected to a revision instrument simulates the measured appliance. The testing module PD 294 complies with CSN EN 61010-1. If used correctly, both the operator's safety and that of the module itself are guaranteed. The module meets the requirements for electro-magnetic compatibility according to CSN EN 61326 it does not influence the function of test instrument.

  • Miniature EMI/RFI Shielding gasket

    1400 - Holland Shielding Systems B.V.

    This is a very small EMI/RFI-shielding gasket, used for EMI/RFI shielding on for example on PCB's, smartphones and other applications where little space is available.Miniature EMI/RFI shield (1400 serie Miniature shield)This EMI/RFI gasket can be produced in such small widths that the height exceeds the width. It has a sufficient electromagnetic damping.Application- on PCB's or printed circuit board's- other products where there is very little space available and low compression force is required.- EM, RF, LF, HF, EMI, RFI shieldingThe material is a highly electrically conductive foam with or without a electrically conductive self-adhesive strip at the bottom. The electrically conductive foam can be compressed by even more than 50 % of its original height.The smallest width is 1 mm and the maximum height is 6 mm. Roll length of 1 until 1000 meters. (Depending on width and height of the EMI gasket)

  • Navigation Testing

    Transcom Instruments

    With the formal operation of autonomous Beidou satellite navigation system, Beidou navigation related products in the civilian and military markets are playing an increasingly important role. Beidou navigation related products quality as the life of the Beidou navigation industry, not only relates to the national defense security and national economic development, and the national sovereignty, security and national dignity has an important impact, but also related to the vital interests of the people. Compass navigation related to the test instrument and test system, is the main tool for the production of the compass compass product quality. A remote instrument can provide a comprehensive satellite navigation test equipment and services, including satellite navigation signal simulation source, RDSS terminal closed-loop testing system, satellite navigation system interference signal source, navigation signal acquisition and playback system and complex electromagnetic environment terminal anti jamming performance test system, etc..

  • Near Field Probes 30 MHz up to 3 GHz

    RF2 set - Langer EMV-Technik GmbH

    The RF2 near field probe set consists of 4 passive near field probes for measurements in the development phase of the magnetic field in the range from 30 MHz to 3 GHz on electronic assemblies. The probe heads of the RF2 set allow the step by step localization of interference sources of the RF magnetic field on assemblies. From greater distances the electromagnetic interference can be detected by RF-R 400-1 and RF-R 50-1 probes. The RF-B 3-2 and RF-U 5-2 probes with their higher resolution can more precisely detect the interference sources. Field orientation and field distribution on an electronic assembly can be detected through a trained special use of the near field probe. The near field probes are small and handy. They have a sheath current attenuation and are electrically shielded. They can be connected to a spectrum analyzer or an oscilloscope with a 50 Ω input. They do not have an internal terminating resistance.

  • Near Field Probes 30 MHz up to 3 GHz

    RF6 set - Langer EMV-Technik GmbH

    The RF6 near field probe set consists of 2 passive magnetic field probes and 2 passive E field probes for measurements in the development phase of the E-field and magnetic field in the range from 30 MHz to 3 GHz on electronic assemblies. The probe heads of the RF6 set allow a step by step localization of interference sources of the RF magnetic field and RF-E-field on an assembly. From a larger distance the electromagnetic interference is detected by RF-R 50-1 for the magnetic field and by RF-E 02 for the E-field. The RF-B 3-2 and RF-E 10 probes with their higher resolution can more presicely detect the interference sources of the magnetic field and the E-field. Field orientation and field distribution on an electronic assembly can be detected by special guidiance of the near field probe. The near field probes are small and handy. They have a sheath current attenuation and are electrically shielded. They can be connected to a spectrum analyzer or an oscilloscope with a 50 Ω input. They do not have an internal terminating resistance.

  • EMC Test Software

    Wavecontrol, S.L.

    EMC Test software flexibility without complexity!! RadiMation® from DARE!! Instruments combines immunity and emission testing, conducted as well as radiated tests, in one integrated package for use throughout the test facility. Instead of automizing just a few (electromagnetic compatibility) EMC tests, the user of RadiMation® can perform complete tests. RadiMation® is working closely with EMC-accredited laboratories. The heart of this package is a closed loop system which is optimized so that measurements can be performed quickly and accurately. This package can be driven by any brand of EMC test equipment, it supports all standards such as civil, automotive, military, aerospace and the test results can be easily exported. Tests are performed regularly, can be defined and implemented in series without the intervention of an engineer. All these properties together with the control of the device under test (EUT) and the automatic generation of a fully automated EMC test report is a reality.

  • EM Explorer

    EM Explorer

    EM Explorer is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) solver for scattering problems of periodic structures illuminated by arbitrary incident fields including planewaves, Gaussian beams and focused Hi-NA beams. It can simulate both complex dielectric and complex magnetic materials including left-handed materials (LHM) that have a negative refractive index. EM Explorer is largely based on the same method of Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD). Therefore it inherits most of FDTD's advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include simple & robust numerical algorithm, versatility for nearly any geometries, and good scalability of computing resources as a function of simulation volume size. The disadvantages are numerical dispersion and stability constraint due to the finite difference (FD) approximation to Maxwell's equations and explicit time marching algorithm.

  • EMI Receivers and EMC Precompliance Analyzers

    Keysight Technologies

    Meeting electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliance regulations is a critical step in bringing products to market quickly. Wherever you are in the product development cycle, Keysight has an EMI measurement solution for you.To avoid costly delays that can result from failed compliance testing, Keysight's EMI measurement application on X-Series signal analyzers allows you to perform pre-compliance measurements and diagnostic evaluation of your designs--so you can find and fix problems before they enter the test chamber.In EMC compliance testing, your success depends on moving products through the test queue quickly and efficiently. Conduct full standards-compliant testing in accordance with CISPR and MIL-STD with the upgradeable N9038A MXE EMI receiver. For a complete EMI test solution, Keysight Solutions Partners provide a single point of contact for you to combine the MXE with chambers, antennas, software, value-added integration, probes, and more.

  • Band-Limited Gaussian Noise Source

    NIS100 Series - Sample Technology

    There is a common type of background signal in a complex electromagnetic environment - noise signal in the electronics, communications is almost everywhere. Tubes, shot noise the transistor, the current through the resistor thermal noise generated by the noise inside the receiver, and they are formed in the process of communication transmission, an antenna system, a communication channel there are a great variety of noise signals. When we assess or measure the electronic device, often need to generate the noise signal is used to simulate the noise performance of the device, in electronic countermeasures need to generate more noise signal to form a variety of noise signals. The most common of these noise signals is white noise. Thus, simulated close to ideal white noise signal noise performance will provide the technical basis for authentic styling and practical equipment.

  • Inductive Proximity Sensor

    IQG - SICK Sensor Intelligence

    The new IQG inductive proximity sensor can be mounted in a matter of seconds, offers flexible adjustment options, and is easy to monitor. The innovative push-lock system enables mounting without tools in one second flat and makes replacing sensors child''s play. Thanks to the rotating sensor head, the IQG can be adapted to suit a whole range of applications. The four corner LEDs enable straightforward sensor status monitoring, whatever the mounting position. With state-of-the-art ASIC technology and SICK''s many years of experience behind it, the proximity sensor features an extensive ambient temperature range, excellent resistance to shocks and vibrations, plus electromagnetic compatibility. Even in extremely harsh environments with severe weather conditions, it operates reliably at all times.

  • High voltage detector

    TAG-8000 - Wuhan Huatian Electric Power Automation Co., Ltd.

    TAG-8000 High voltage detector up to 110 kV AC, used in power lines, phase tests and phase sequence tests for substations, with functions of phase testing, phase sequence testing, electrical inspection. With strong anti-interference ability, in line with (EMC ) standards, adapt to a variety of electromagnetic interference occasions. High voltage phase signal will be taken out by the collector, discharge directly after treatment. Received by instrument and compare the phase, and identify the results. This product is wireless transmission, safe, reliable, fast and accurate, adapt to a variety of phase testing occasions. Its main advantage is without the wire which connect two grids (power source) , distance up to 200M and could trough enclosure or partition plate, improve the safety, without the limitation by terrain and the structure of the equipment , easy to operate, only need one person to operate and one person to supervise.


    402K - Greenlee Communications

    Designed specifically for the CATV industry, this kit allows you to tone through splitters, directional couplers and traps. Simple to use, the 402K provides accurate results and will eliminate long delays trying to figure out non-tagged or mis-tagged cable drops. Kit includes one transmitter, one receiver, one male F-to-F connector adapter cable, one male F-to-alligator clip adapter cable and a carrying case (700C). Transmitter and receiver are equipped with female F-connectors. Three methods of signal reception: electrostatic pickup for non-terminated cables, electromagnetic pickup for terminated or shorted cables and direct connection when identifying in the presence of passive devices. In continuity mode, provides both audible tone and LED display. Identifies the presence ofAC or DC voltage on the cable under test. Four selectable tone outputs for multiple line identification.

  • Conductive Foam

    5770 - Holland Shielding Systems B.V.

    Structure with foam as its intermediate layer, offering a suitable material for EMI shielding and absorbing GasketThis conductive foam is made of polyurethane foam plated with copper and nickel. Compression is 25% to 75%. It will return nearly to nominal height when released. It is coated with conductive polyurethane to protect the foam from the environment and to prevent burrs when cutting. The conductivity is excellent in all directions X, Y and Z. It is flame retardant and RoHS compliant.The conductive foam is characterized by:-Availability in thicknesses of - 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm (Other sizes on request).- Excellent electric conductivity throughout the surface across the thickness- Excellent electromagnetic shielding effect- High workability for adhesion- Easy die cutting, kiss cutting and slitting- Size - Sheet Type: Max 450 x 450 mm (Other sizes on request).Applications:- Mobile phone- Noise filter core- Cable tray- Shielded rooms

  • Coating Thickness Guage

    VA8042 - Shanghai Yi Hua V&A Instrument Co., Ltd. CO.,LTD

    By electromagnetic method, the meter can measure the coating thickness non-destructively, including paint, spray-plastic, rubber, enamel, or chrome plate, copperizing, aluminium plating on steel, iron, non-austenitic stainless steel. Four digitals LCD display, differentiating upto m. System calibrating by user-self.Pocket shell, convenient for engineering locale .Thickness unit "m" or "mil " optional.Micro-controller controls, high accuracy .Coupling state display.Shut down manually or automatically.Low battery voltage indication.SpecificationsDigital display4 digitals.Measurement range0~1200m.Resolution 1m .Accuracy (3%H+2m).Measurement rate0.5 second.Display unitsm or mil.Critical thickness of metallic base1mm.Minimum thickness of metallic base0.2mm.Minimum curvature radiusprotruding 1.5mm, concave 6mm.Probe diameter13mm.Power supply: AAA 1.5V*3 .

  • Actuator in VHDL-AMS with SystemVision

    Infolytica Corp.

    Modeling an electromagnetic actuator in a systems context is sometimes required to accurately simulate the dynamic interaction between drive circuit, actuator, and load. Co-simulation, where a systems simulator and MagNet run parallel transient solves, is one method that can be used. An alternative approach, Response Surface Modeling (RSM), creates a functionally equivalent model of the actuator by performing a large number of static analyses at different currents and positions. Presented here is an example of an RSM embedded in a VHDL-AMS model of the actuator, used in conjunction with the SystemVision system simulator from Mentor Graphics. The procedure is automated with the System Model Generator which drives MagNet to execute its static solver and then generates the VHDL-AMS code which implements the RSM. VHDL-AMS is an IEEE standard (1076.1) supported by many circuit and system simulators.